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Published by Simone de Vlaming on December 19, 2020

Today’s post is a guest post written by Lydia from Skincare Top List. Good day, my beloved ladies! Before heading to today’s makeup must-haves topic, let me share with you a story about my first crush. It sounds interesting, right? We confided in each other so much. Inch by inch, we realized that there was a special feeling between us. 

However, being more gorgeous was a problem frightening off me since I totally did not know where to start with makeup. And when he suddenly sent me a piece of paper to ask for a date right after our Chemistry class, my confidence disappeared, which invisibly steered my hand to check the “No” box. I was scared of not getting ready with a charming look since I had nothing to do with my face. 

I think some girls might be in my shoes these days, knowing nothing about what to bring to always be gorgeous. Therefore, I would like to share with you how I tailor it with 10 makeup must-haves that I always carry along with to get ready for every situation in your life. 

Must-Haves To Always Be Prepared!

Before typing those words for today’s topic, I had spent an hour creating the picture below to show you what’s in my makeup bag with 10 essential beauty products in a nutshell. I would like to split my content into 2 parts. The first part including 7 makeup must-haves is to answer the question: “What do you need for makeup?” and the second one is for “What item should you bring in your travel bag to help remove sand from your skin?” Let’s check them out!


What Should I Have In My Makeup Bag?

1. Face Primer 

By following my makeup order, the first important thing you need for makeup that I always check whether it is already in my makeup bag or not before leaving home is my face primer To be frank, if you have oily skin, spending a few bucks for a primer is to show how you really care for your skin since it performs as a barrier between your natural skin with an “artificial” one.

Moreover, prepping your canvas with a primer layer helps your makeup not to slide off or start being greasy at midday. It not only performs as a makeup must-have, but it also enhances skin healing and protects my skin from being endangered by the other makeup steps.

2. Foundation 

The following friend that stays close to me is a foundation. It is an essential beauty product for my blemish-prone skin since it not only provides a flawless finish but it also works as a face moisturizer to keep my facial skin breath. According to my personal experience, primers for oily skin tend not to fully diminish my blemishes much compared to the gimmick claimed onto their packages.

However, I find it acceptable since I love the beauty of cosmetics diversity and variety, and how they harmoniously support it. Therefore, accepting a small flaw of my primer is not a big thing at all. 

3. Concealer 

Next, another makeup stuff in my secret pocket is a concealer. Sometimes, when you are struggling with a tough project, a suddenly decided trip mostly happens to refresh yourself. However, sometimes, both my primer and foundation cannot make the situation less bad as well. It is quite common for me since I understand how stress badly affects my skin. The hero that can turn my face’s mood on is a concealer.  

4. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the utmost makeup stuff that we are highly recommended to carry along with regardless of going to work or traveling. To stick with my motto “Ultra lightweight and versatility”, what do you need for makeup is sunscreen for my top-to-toe protection. I suggest getting a sunscreen with SPF 45 and broad-spectrum protection.

Better,  a non-comedogenic sunscreen infused with helioplex can protect your skin from both UVB and UVA. Additionally, I love applying sunscreen much as it can be a face moisturizer to keep my skin smooth and water-resistant quite well. 

5. Drying powder 

The next product in my makeup must-haves list that I would like to share with you is a drying powder. For the others, it might be optional, but for me, it is a life-saver for my greasy hair. Besides my oily facial skin, my scalp is oiler than that, and it especially overproduces sebum at the fringe roots.

Some people suggest that I use dry shampoo, but it is not economic when only my fringe is easily greasy. If you have not had a primer yet, this drying powder is the best option to complete your makeup order with a matte finish look that can last for long hours.

6. Lipstick

Stepping to my 6th item, I have to admit that I cannot leave my home without wearing lipstick even though the current situation allows us to stay lipstick-free. However, in case you have a chance to remove the mask, why do you have to choose to be pale due to no lipstick? Girls, for the sake of enhancing your positive mood throughout tiring working days, please wear lipstick! Need some inspiration? Check out The 5 Best Nude Lipsticks.

What do you need for makeup is to arm yourself with lipstick which should be lightweight, long-lasting, and in your favorite color? At the end of the day, you still can feel your lips comfortable, and it is not difficult to remove with a little bit of micellar water. 

7. Eyeliner

The last makeup stuff in my to-go bag is eyeliner. Thanks to my beautiful mama, I inherit her big eyes and good eyebrow shapes. Therefore, having eyeliner is considered optional for me. Yet, during stressful days, my eyes cannot avoid a dull, sleepy look as well.

Hence, the same as lipstick, I feel “naked” not to wear eyebrows and eyeliners before leaving home. Moreover, I prefer having an eyeliner that can touch up my brows as well since I do not need to check whether their colors oppose each other. 

What item should you bring in your travel bag to help remove sand from your skin?

10 Must Haves In Your Beauty To Go Bag

8 & 9. Hair Shampoo and Conditioner

Now, it’s time to end your day in a bathtub with warm water and a few rose petals. Let’s clean your scalp first. I rarely use little tubs of hair shampoo and conditioner given by the hotels since they cause my hair dryness and frizz. Therefore, not to worsen my following day, I prefer using my own ones. Hair shampoo and conditioner are the most essential beauty products that I would like to recommend to all people. As my hair is color and keratin-treated, I prefer using products being formulated as sodium- and sulfate-free.

My advice for you is not to overdo hair products. The recommended amount of shampoo and conditioner you should apply is a size of raspberry and blackberry respectively. Further, it should be the size of hazelnut if it comes to oil-based shampoos.

10. Face and Body Cleanser

I would be a bit different from the other girls to wash my hair first then my face since I want to wash off any leftover shampoo and conditioner on my face. And I prefer having a cleanser for both face and body. About the versatility, I think that you can relate to me that there are some days you accidentally sleep with your makeup on, so this cleanser can perfectly perform as a remover. Additionally, to make your travel bag lightweight, you only need this cleanser for your entire body wash. 

Tips for you:

Finally yet important, my advice for any makeup beginners to keep your Doraemon secret pocket in your bag is to make it ultra-lightweight. It is possible to prepare 10 makeup must-haves whose total weight is less than 1kg. Additionally, it would be safer to carry liquid makeup products in your bag if it is protected by a disc top cap.

Final Thoughts

The main reason that I choose those 10 essential beauty products to be always in my to-go bag is not only because I want to be ready for any sudden issues but I also care more about hygiene. I can ask for my colleague’s perfume but it should be weird to borrow her lipstick or facial cleanser.

Moreover, although it is easy for people to get those essential beauty products in a convenient store, as our key is to stay flawless regardless of any sudden things, appropriateness is a thing we cannot simply buy just in a second of a swipe of your credit card.

Therefore, if you already have your own to-go bag with must-haves makeup stuff, it is well-done, my girls! If you have not tailored one, now it is your turn: I challenge you to make a to-go bag with 10 makeup must-haves and share with me in the comment box below. I hope that my sharing is helpful for you to accomplish the challenge. 

Thank you so much, Lydia, for this guest post! Please check out Lydia’s social media accounts and give her a follow.

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