20 Amazing Nail Colors for Winter

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Last year, I had my first acrylics set and even though I gave my nails a break, I’m already looking around for nail colors for winter, because I really want to get a new set of acrylics. Whether you have your own beautiful nails or, just like me, wearing acrylics, I’m sharing 20 amazing nails for winter so you can go and do your nails right away! 


One of the things I like most about getting acrylics is that you go to the salon and you have a ton of nail colors you can choose from. Then someone is going to pamper you for like 1,5 hours and you’ll walk out with gorgeous nails. The cherry on top of the cake: they’ll stay on perfectly for 3.5 á 4 weeks! I’m not here to sell acrylics and I know there are a couple of cons too, but if you’re doubting about getting them: please just try it! Make sure you go to a good salon though. 

When you’re not into acrylics or you just want to paint yourself, I would recommend trying out ORLY. They sell tons of stunning colors, are vegan and cruelty-free! They even launch new color collections 6+ times per year which I think is awesome.

Nails for Winter

Anyway, back to the topic of this blog post. I’m sharing my favorite 20 amazing nail colors for winter so you’ll have some inspiration the next time you’ll do your nails or get your nails done. Let me know in the comments which color/design is your favorite!  

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20 Amazing Nail Colors for Winter

20 Amazing Nail Colors for Winter

1. Dark Grey

I love this one for winter since it matches my sweaters and it’s just a stunning color. If you live in the UK or the Netherlands (or some other countries) it’ll probably remind you of the winter weather as well lol. 

20 Amazing Nail Colors for Winter

2. Light grey with silver

The combination of light grey with the silver glitters is stunning! I love how these are also perfect nails for Christmas but if you love a little sparkle, like me, at any time of the year it’s perfect for winter too. 

20 Amazing Nail Colors for Winter

3. Light blue, denim blue, and winter decorations

If you have a nail salon that also does cute designs, I think this one is so cute for winter! The little snowflakes and the sweater texture on the nails in combination with the light blue and denim blue is everything.

20 Amazing Nail Colors for Winter

4. Taupe/Beige

I mean, a neutral nail is always a good idea. This is a stunning taupe/beige kind of color that looks perfectly natural. The last nail has a cute glitter detail design on it, which I think makes it more festive. 

20 Amazing Nail Colors for Winter

5. Soft pink/white ombre

Maybe all those glittery looks and vibrant colors aren’t your things, then I think you’ll like this nail design. It’s a soft pink/white ombre nail. It’s very minimalistic and cute, love it! 

20 Amazing Nail Colors for Winter

6. Matte Mauve

I love shiny nail polish but a matte one is catching my attention a lot lately. I love a mauve nail color so much and the matte makes it even more perfect. I definitely would wear this during wintertime (and all year round lol). 

20 Amazing Nail Colors for Winter

7. Deep burgundy

I’m obsessed with this color. It looks so luxurious, chic, perfectly shiny. This is literally a go-to winter shade to me. 

20 Amazing Nail Colors for Winter

8. Black with a little rose gold glitter

Black during the winter is something I always like, but I’m too scared to wear it myself. The touch of rose gold glitters makes it a lot more wearable for me. Either way, I love how a black nail looks during the winter. 

20 Amazing Nail Colors for Winter

9. Brownish/Orangy

Not even sure how I need to describe this color, but I really love how it looks. It’s perfect this time of the year since it’s a cute color for Thanksgiving. 

20 Amazing Nail Colors for Winter

10. Soft true pink with snowflakes

This is so cute! It’s very girly-girly but it’s such a cute design. The pink matches the white snowflakes so good!

20 Amazing Nail Colors for Winter

11. Black

As I said before, an all-black nail is always a good idea during winter. I love how it looks and I think you’re a badass woman if you pull this off this winter!

20 Amazing Nail Colors for Winter

12. Purple

I’m obsessed with purple lately. I see myself grabbing more purple makeup, clothes and also nail polishes. This is an absolute favorite of mine. 

20 Amazing Nail Colors for Winter

13. Deep purple

I love a deep burgundy but a deep purple is also very very stunning. I love how this is giving me winter vibes. 

20 Amazing Nail Colors for Winter

14. Kobalt

Such a gorgeous, vibrant nail color! I truly think this is such an amazing color for winter. I love how these are also matte. Very stunning! 

20 Amazing Nail Colors for Winter

15. Dark blue

This is a beautiful dark blue, kinda denim blue also. I love how it looks! I would definitely wear this during the winter, it’s so gorgeous. 

20 Amazing Nail Colors for Winter

16. Green, glittery, and Taupe

If you’re looking for a cute design for winter, I would really recommend this one. The green is so gorgeous, love the silver glitters and the one taupe nail with details. Very winter but very glamorous too! 

20 Amazing Nail Colors for Winter

17. Burgundy ombré

Ugh, so pretty! It’s a burgundy nail polish with an ombré effect and some soft glitters. This looks so cute! 

20 Amazing Nail Colors for Winter

18. Blue Metallic and Glitter

This screams Cinderella to me, what do you think?! I really think this is so cute and fits winter very well too. Plus you look like a cute Disney Princess too!

20 Amazing Nail Colors for Winter

19. Red with Glitters

I mean, I think this is just a perfect and classic, with a modern vibe to it due the matte red and glitters, look for winter. The glitters make it a bit more special and Christmas like, which I adore. 

20 Amazing Nail Colors for Winter

20. Red

Last but not least, a classic red nail. This one is just so perfect for winter I couldn’t let this pass in this tread. I love a classic red nail! 

20 Amazing Nail Colors for Winter

What are your favorite nail colors for winter? Let me know in the comments! 

See you next time loves, 

xoxo Simone 


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    omg I kept scrolling and thinking “this is my fave” no “this is my fave” lol! But DAMN that cobalt blue ???

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    Oh I think that green, glittery, and taupe one is my fave! I also reallllllly like that deep purple and the deep burgundy. I love when it’s winter because then the darker colors are more common lol.