20 Stunning Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks

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Valentine’s Day is coming up and you might want to do a special Valentine’s Day makeup look for a date. Then you’re here at the right place! I’ve gathered 20 stunning Valentine’s Day makeup looks for you as inspiration. Let me know if you’re going to recreate a look!

Even though a lot of people think Valentine’s Day is just a commercial day, I think it’s a good moment to give your loved ones some extra appreciation. I know, it’s something you should give (almost) every day but we have to admit it, we sometimes forget to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us. 

It’s normal to get caught up in the daily routines and take your loved ones for granted. Even though you don’t actually take them for granted, you love them a lot! So make sure to tell your friends, family, partner, colleagues or whoever is special to you, you love them and appreciate them. 🙂 If you love to participate in Valentine’s Day, take them on a date, send them a card, gift them flowers or chocolate, just go for that cute gift! Show them you love them. 🙂

But let’s not forget another important person in your life: yourself. It’s totally fine to treat yourself this day too. And one of the things that make me happy is to create a special makeup look. It’s my moment to relax and afterward, I’m so happy with the way my makeup looks. If this is something you love to do too and you want to do a little extra because it’s almost Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing a couple of cute Valentine’s Day makeup looks inspiration. 

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20 Stunning Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks

I think I’m going for a soft pink look with a black winged liner. Or maybe a simple eye look and red lips. But I also love to play around with a burgundy liner. So many options! 

If you need some Valentine Nail Designs inspiration then click on the link to see the inspiration I’ve gathered for your nails as well! 

Which look are you going to recreate? 


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  1. 2.1.20

    I absolutely love the eyeshadow looks with the little heart shaped cut outs — they’re beyond adorable!

  2. 2.5.20

    Wow so many stunning looks – my favorite is def the one with the rose gold winged liner!

  3. 2.12.20
    Melody Jacobs said: