My thoughts about the new KKW x Mario collection

I wanted to switch things up a little bit today and discuss this new collaboration between KKW Beauty and Mario Dedivanovic. As we all know, Kim Kardashian West is the owner of KKW Beauty and she started working with make-up artist Mario ten years ago. Because it’s their 10 year anniversary April 5th, they decided to create a collection together!

The collection contains a 10 pan palette, a lipstick and two lipglosses. The shades were created based on some of Mario’s and Kim’s best work together. I was really excited when they announced their collab but to be honest I wasn’t really a big fan of the palette. I feel like it’s a pretty simple palette which I probably already own.  I felt that the blue color didn’t really fit in the colorscheme. But I have to admit this palette starts growing on me the past couple of days. When I saw some swatches I was actually shook!


These swatches are from Desi Perkins and are futured on the KKW Beauty Instagram page. LOOK AT THAT! These are pretty pigmented! I love brownish shades, I’m literally living for a palette with brownish colors. I love me some metallics as well. But to be honest I’m still doubting if I should buy this palette. I’m so curios what you guys think about this palette, so please leave me a comment below!



Picure from Trendmood on Instagram

The lipglosses and lipstick are definitely on my wishlist, because I love nude lips. I’ve been eyeing at Kim’s lips for the past months because I loved the color so I’m going to try and buy them!


The prices for the products are $45 for the palette, $20 for the lipstick and $18 for the lipglosses ($18 for each gloss). I don’t feel like that’s extremely expensive. Kylie Cosmetics for example is slightly cheaper as to the prices of the lipstick and lipglosses. Her products retail for $17 and $15.

Release Date

The products will be available on April 5th, no time announced yet.

Please let me know in the comments if you are going to buy some of the products? Do you think I should buy all the products to review them? Love to hear from you!


See you next time loves,

Faded Fall (2)



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