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NYX Cosmetics: Lipsticks and Lip pencils


This is my first time ever trying out NYX Cosmetics products! I wanted to try their products for a while now but I never actually bought something. I’ve asked on Twitter (if you don’t follow me there, you should!) what you would like to see and you’ve voted for NYX products. Let’s go and review them!

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Tuesdays Tips: Ultra Blotted Lips

Kylie Cosmetics

About 2 years ago I never wore lipstick. I just didn’t like it and felt that everyone was watching me if I wore something on my lips. In the mean time, I’m never leaving the house without any lipstick so you can definitely change haha! But back to my point, I can imagine that there are more girls out there who don’t like wearing lipstick or maybe are afraid of wearing one because other people’s opinions. That’s why I’m writing this Tuesdays Tips!

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