What’s on my wishlist?

While you are reading this, I’ll be staying in NYC! For the first time ever and for the first time ever in the USA. I’m super excited! Since we don’t have a Sephora in the Netherlands anymore, I have to visit Sephora in NYC and this blog post is about what’s on my wishlist!

Huda Beauty 

I really want to try products from Huda Beauty so I’ll be definitely buying some of them. I’m not really sure what I want exactly because I want to see the products in store. But I’ve heard really good things about the Desert Dusk palette which is probably going home with me! I’m interested in their lip products as well so I’m going to swatch them in store to see which one I like. Can’t wait!


I want to try products from Tarte for so long! Their Tartelette Toasted eyeshadow palette is on my wishlist since forever. Their H2O Lip gloss looks super pretty as well so I might get some. I can’t wait to see their products in store and swatch them. I might find some products I don’t know yet or which I really want to try out.

Kat von D

Thankfully I already own some products, because I’ve been to Sephora in Spain and they had some products. Still can’t wait to maybe try their concealer or other products I don’t have yet. I love this brand and I do think the packaging is stunning so I will definitely check them out at Sephora.

Too Faced 

Since a short time, this brand is available in my country but I still don’t own much from them (only the Better than Sex mascara which I bought in Spain as well). I really want to change that haha! I would really want to try their Born This Way Foundation and the White Peach eyeshadow palette. I might leave with a lipstick and a primer as well lol.


I own a highlighter from BECCA which I love very much so I’m curious about other products. Hopefully, I can try some products which I can bring home with me. I don’t know yet if I will but knowing myself I can probably find something haha.

I’m literally curious about every brand and everything they’ll have there so I might bring home even more which I don’t know yet! I can’t wait to finally be in Sephora and especially in New York! It has been my dream to go to NYC/USA since I was little so it’s a dream come through!

I’m thinking about filming a shoplog when I’m home but I’m not sure yet. If you would like that, please let me know!

I’m sorry this is a short blog post but I didn’t have much time anymore to write a full-length blog post. This will be better when I’m back home!

See you next time loves,

Faded Fall (2)



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