5 Curly Commandments for Lucious, Soft Curls

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Since I don’t have curly hair, I thought it would be a good idea to ask my fellow bloggers with curly hair to help me out. I’ve found two beautiful women who wanted to help me out with this post. I’m so happy and grateful that they want to share their tips with you. I decided to split the post into two separate blog posts, so today we’re starting off with 5 Curly Commandments for Lucious, Soft Curls and the second post is about styling your curly hair, which is following very soon.

First of all, thank you so much, Audrey, for taking the time and write this informative post for my audience. I’m very grateful for your hard work! Please make sure to check out Audrey’s links and give her a follow. 

5 Curly Commandments for Lucious, Soft Curls ⋆ Beautymone

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5 Curly Commandments for Lucious, Soft Curls

5 Curly Commandments for Luscious, Soft Curls

Curls are often misunderstood. A love/hate relationship with the process of acquiring beautiful curls may be due to the mystique behind caring after them. A major portion of learning to care for your curls is knowing your curl pattern, porosity level, moisture method, and maintenance. Have a look at these below curlmandments to see how much knowledge you are currently putting into practice autonomously.

Curlmandment 1:  Learn the curl pattern

5 Curly Commandments for Lucious, Soft Curls ⋆ Beautymone
Curlmandment 1:  Learn the curl pattern

You do not need to become a hair guru or anything to properly care for your special locks. The more knowledge you have about your curl pattern will make the care process feel more ritualistic and less like a task. Curl patterns begin at 2A run the gamut all the way through 4C. Though each curl is different in aesthetic they essentially need the same things, in different quantities, molecular size, & ingredient.

*Major Key Alert!* You may have more than one hair pattern on your head. You’re not mutant. This is perfectly normal regardless of your apparent nationality.

Curlmandment 2: Know The Porosity

5 Curly Commandments for Lucious, Soft Curls ⋆ Beautymone
Curlmandment 2: Know The Porosity

Learning your porosity level will teach you so much about the needs of your hair on a molecular level. Getting just a wee bit scientific over your hair will save you literally thousands of hours and currency on “trendy” products and methods that would never work. Porosity is described as the hairs’ ability to absorb and retain moisture. These porosity levels of our hair strands are categorized into three levels: low, medium, and high.

Low Porosity hair strands have tightly bound scales that overlap one another & lay flat. Molecularly speaking this makes low porosity strands resistant water and feeling a bit dry.

Medium Porosity hair strands are more balanced in the lay of its scales. This porosity level is significantly easier to keep hydrated  and shiny making is seemingly lower in maintenance.

High porosity hair strands have scales that are wider in spacing, sometimes with gaping and holes within its shaft. It absorbs and releases moisture quickly, leaving the consistently feeling quite frizzy and tangled. An easy way to test out your own hair porosity at home is using ‘The Float Method’ pictured. 

Curlmandment 3: Master Thine Moisture Methods

5 Curly Commandments for Lucious, Soft Curls ⋆ Beautymone
Curlmandment 3: Master Thine Moisture Methods

Once you know your hair pattern and porosity level, next comes moisture. The thing about moisturizing curly hair is consistency and method. 

*Major Key Alert!*  Your hair needs are different than your scalp needs. Healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp. The scalp is skin just like your face and body. You can modify what you use to keep your facial skin healthy and glowing to be more scalp friendly.

For the purpose of this post, we are going to focus closely on the needs of your actual hair strands. Water alone cannot provide the moisture needed to nourish hair, however, it is a key component that should be the first or second ingredient in any product used on curly hair. Curly hair thrives when styled using a unique combination of water-based, cream-based, oil-based, and/or gel products. You may see these application methods referred to as LOC (liquid, oil, cream), LCO (liquid, cream, oil), or LCG (liquid, cream, gel).

When it comes to thicker, more dry hair, moisturizing your hair in a wet to soaking wet state aids in trapping water inside the hair shaft as you begin to apply the product. This will ensure you achieve a more hydrated style. Finer hair strands often need lighter weight products than thicker strands such as grapeseed oil over jojoba oil.

All curly strands should stray away from products with multiple forms of alcohol. Products with multiple combinations of alcohol will prove to be counterintuitive towards achieving hydration. Not all alcohols are naughty as they are helpful for air-drying the hair, but we must be mindful of the quantity.

Curlmandment 4: Maintain The Mane

5 Curly Commandments for Lucious, Soft Curls ⋆ Beautymone
Curlmandment 4: Maintain The Mane

Now that your well-moisturized curls are swinging hither and yon, it’s time to keep this look going. Maintenance is broken into two sectors: daily and long-term maintenance. This curlmandment will focus on the daily sector.

Naturally, you are not going to go through the entire shampoo, conditioner, and chosen product application method every day. You will need to refresh your curls either every other day to every three days depending on your hair type and porosity level.

2A through 3C hair textures may mist hair with water, apply hair milk or cream soufflé, and add light-to-medium glazing of oil to the ends of the hair to refresh the curls and make them pop. 4A through 4C may wish to rehydrate with a moisture-rich product that is milkier or jelly (think aloe) than that of plain water. Should 4-hair type honey so choose to use water, ensure that it is lightly mist over the hair. Aim for just enough to prime the hair for product absorption and not enough to become dampened.

Finish the look off with a glazing cream and seal with a gentle amount of a medium-to-dense oil. For holding power and calmed frizz on all hair types, ensure your gelée, gel, or mousse is infused with a suitable oil or cream to ensure touchable curls without the crunch. Remember beauties, crunch equals dry and dry is a no-go. Common moisture sealants that mix well withhold powered products are grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, castor oil, flaxseed gel, and whipped shea butter.

Curlmandment 5: Long Live The Curly Coif

5 Curly Commandments for Lucious, Soft Curls ⋆ Beautymone
Curlmandment 5: Long Live The Curly Coif

The final steps to keeping beautiful, soft curly hair lie in how your hair is treated when it’s not the star of the show. Consider the fabrication of your tops and pillowcases. Assuredly, the nape of the neck frizz doesn’t come from nowhere. That super cute polyester jumper and those poly-cotton pillowcases are often aiding in the moisture-stripping of curly hair and breakage.  Yikes! Silk and satin are the best choices for bedding and cross-over well into the closet sector with blouses and button-ups.

Speaking of bedding, twisting your hair into cute space buns, twists, or piggy tails will considerably calm breakage and the dreaded ‘bed head’. Consider soft-spun cotton tops and cashmere jumpers whenever possible. Combs and brushes should be wide-toothed and natural bristled whenever possible if used at all. Pro-tip! Rub a bit of your favorite sealant (oil or gelée) onto your brush or comb to ensure the glide through the hair is supremely smooth.

Conclusively, I am certain you have heard it before, but I will say it anyway. Your hair is not bad or unruly, it just has a different path to beautiful. No two curl patterns are the same even within a shared bloodline. You’re a beautiful, blessed curly babe!

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  1. 1.18.20
    Lellalee said:

    Thank you for this post Audrey! What an education. I never knew a thing about porosity levels before and I didn’t consider the material of my pillow covers before. Great post, thank you for sharing!!!! xxx

    • 1.20.20

      Audrey put a lot of effort into this post and it shows! Very happy she wanted to help me out on this one 🙂

  2. 1.18.20
    katelyn | embark to explore said:

    I love this post! My hair is slightly wavy on my top layers, and dead straight on the bottom layers. I can’t just leave it because half of it is wavy and cute and other half is weirdly straight (and flicks out at the ends!) so i always have to straighten it or curl it! I love the science behind the porosity of the hair! I never knew about this ‘hack’!
    Great post babe!

  3. 1.18.20

    I have heard silk pillow covers are very healthy for hair! Also, I must test and see about my porosity level. It looks remarkably simple.

  4. 1.18.20
    Georgia said:

    Absolutely love the detail in Audrey’s post! I’m definitely going to try the porosity test.
    Thank you for thinking of us curly haired ladies and including advice on your site 🙂


    • 1.20.20

      I’m all for including everyone ❤️ I’m so happy you and Audrey both wanted to share tips and tricks!

  5. 1.24.20

    Aw Audrey is so amazing! ❤️ Looking at this, I think I have 2B curls for sure! I need to treat them better lol