5 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

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It’s spooky season! That means Halloween is coming up and you want to dress cute. You might already figure out what your outfit is going to look like but you struggle with your makeup? Or you just need some Halloween inspiration? In today’s blog post, I’m going to share 5 easy Halloween Makeup ideas. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely not a pro in creating Halloween looks. If you see some MUA’s creating the most beautiful (and terrifying) Halloween art, yeah well that’s not me lol. That’s totally fine though! But if you’re just like me, those looks aren’t easy to recreate and you might be looking for something easier to create. That’s why I’m sharing 5 easy Halloween makeup ideas which everyone can recreate! 

5 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

5 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

1. Maleficent

5 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

The things you need to look like Maleficent is a bright red lipstick, brow pencil, black eyeshadow and a dark contour shade (you can even use a close to black or black eyeshadow shade for this). 

Maleficient isn’t wearing a lot of eyeshadow but the crease and lower lash line are both accentuated with black eyeshadow. You just need some black shadow and put in in the crease and blend it out. Do the same thing on your lower lash line. I would personally like to accentuate this through a pop of highlight in the tear duct. 

Next step is doing the brows. This step isn’t necessary but I personally like to create a very sharp looking brow with this look. 

Then we go in for an intense contour. You can go as crazy as you like and go for a close to black shadow or just go for a contour shade darker then you normally would. Or just apply a ton of your normal contour shade lol.

The last step is to apply the bright red lipstick. I would recommend applying a bright red matte liquid lipstick, overline the lips a bit with the lipstick or a matching lip liner and top it off with a little bit off gloss in the center of the lips to have that same effect like the pictures above.  

I just told you the necessary steps for this look, but you can apply highlighter, lashes, etc. to this look if you want too! I’m keeping it as simple as possible so everyone can create this look but you’re free to add whatever you would like! 

2. Cleopatra

5 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

This picture was my own inspiration while trying to create a look something like this. I’m definitely not that good in doing my makeup so please don’t Judge. I really think a Cleopatra look is pretty easy to recreate and to still look fabulous as f*ck. The most important things you need are some blue or green eyeshadow, golden shimmer/metallic eyeshadow, and a black liner. 

What I did is, I picked up my Blue Blood palette by Jeffree Star Cosmetics and started to blend the blue shade in my crease. I then used my Colourpop I Think I Love You palette and started to cut the crease with the yellow metallic shade. On top of the metallic shade, I’ve put Kylie Cosmetics Eye Glaze in the shade Ocean Child to accentuate the yellow and got that extra glittery look. 

The next thing I did was creating a wing liner and put on some Morphe lashes. After that, I used the blue shade and the yellow shade again to line the lower lash line.  

My look is pretty simple. It’s, of course, possible to create something more dramatic like the picture above to really get that Cleopatra look. 

5 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas
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3. Cat

5 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

If you’re someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, I think this look is perfect for you! The only thing you need is a black liner and/or black liquid lipstick to create this look. Draw a little nose, some nose hairs and accentuate your lower lash line with a black liner. Finish this look off with a black top lip and you’re done. 

I would personally also create a brownish/orangy eye look to top this look off but that’s a personal preference. I think a smokey eye would look very good too! You can definitely play around with this cat look. 

4. IT

5 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

I don’t think you’ll be original when you decide to be IT for Halloween lol but you can definitely create the easy IT look if you’re looking for something simple. Actually, the only thing you need is a red liner, glitters, lipstick, whatever you got that is red and possible to take off afterward lol. Draw the lines on your face, make your nose red and fill in the lips with a red liquid lipstick and that’s it. 

I really love the look this girl made with this IT look. Just a more simple eye to let you focus on the IT vibes. 

5. Devil vs Angel

5 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Last but not least, the Devil vs Angel look. I think this is my personal favorite (even though I love all these looks!). It’s definitely not necessary to go all out as James Charles did in the picture above. If you’re able to recreate his look, I would say: go for it! To make it easier, I would say: use a red eyeshadow shade on one side and light shade (could be white, light blue, light beige or light pink) for the other side. Draw a little red horn above your Devil look shade and draw a little yellow circle above the Angel look side. Done! 

As you can tell, James used a yellow highlighter on his Devil side and a more pinkish highlighter on the Angel side. This is something you can do too if you like some highlighter. Of course, you can play around with whatever you like to add to this look! 

I hope these 5 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas helped you a bit to figure out which Halloween look you want to go for! The thing I like most about these looks is that you can play around yourself to add things such as highlighter etc. or just keep it as simple as possible! 

My Halloween Must-Haves: 

Hope to see you next time loves, 

xoxo Simone


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    They are spooky!! But nice 🙂

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  2. 10.1.19
    sarahsarsby said:

    YESSS love your Cleopatra look. My friend (who’s a makeup artist) did a great job of making me up as Cleopatra a few years ago but I had this down to try for Halloween this year myself. I’ve done a cat so many times in the past because it’s easy to create and you can just wear black 🙂 love Halloween for all the different makeup looks!

    • 10.2.19

      Thank you so much!! I like the easiest Halloween looks the most, since I’m not the best at doing makeup and most of the time I just like to wear something simple instead of a whole costume lol.