Stay Sane During Cyber Weekend With These 5 Helpful Tips

November 23, 2020

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I don’t know about you but Cyber Weekend (which turns into a Cyber Week at this point since more and more stores start earlier) gives me a lot of stress. I’ll get tons of emails with great Black Friday deals, as well as Cyber Monday deals. Even though I absolutely love this time of the year (because who doesn’t love a good discount?) it has an impact on my mental health. In order to stay sane, I found some tips which help me to navigate through the Cyber Weekend, and in today’s post, I’m sharing these 5 tips with you.

5 Tips To Navigate Through Cyber Weekend Deals To Prevent Stress

How To Deal With Cyber Weekend Like A Pro

1. Make a list. In my opinion, this one is the most important tip of them all. If you go into the Black Friday sales with your eyes open and a list clearly written of the kinds of things you’re looking for, it’s a lot harder to get overwhelmed and distracted by stuff you don’t actually want. If you have specific shops you love to shop from, make a wish-list and wait until their discount goes live so you only buy what you’ve previously fallen in love with. Download my free checklist through the button below!

2. Only buy what you need.  It’s happened to the best of us, but do you really need that glittery eyeshadow palette you’ll probably only wear during Christmas dinner because it’s 60% off? Do you really need another lipstick because it’s half price and would look great on Instagram?

I still struggle with this, I feel like I need everything when there’s a discount but if I take the time and ask myself why I need to add it to my basket, I sometimes don’t even have a reason except for ‘it’s 50% off’. So it’s important to ask yourself if you really need it and if you have a really good answer go ahead and click ‘proceed to checkout’. Otherwise, you might want need to pass.

3. Is it a real bargain? Be aware that so many stores just jump on the bandwagon and act like they have a huge discount, meanwhile it might just be old stock or they upped their prices before Black Friday to make it seem like a deal but you’re actually just paying the normal price. If it’s genuinely a saving that you wouldn’t get otherwise (for example, Natasha Denona did a buy one get one free on her $120 palettes last year, which never happens), or it’s a discount off an item you were buying anyway, go for it! If not, perhaps leave it.

4. Do not use a credit card. Unless it really is an ultimate bargain you really can’t do without, spend only what you have available in cash or on your bank account already. Credit cards are tricky because you can easily spend way more money than you actually have and you don’t have to worry about it right now. But it’ll get you into trouble if you spend money you actually don’t have. Remember that your long term financial situation is more important.

5. Don’t be afraid to return. Once the initial rush of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are gone, you may notice that you’ve bought this that you thought you needed but you realize you actually don’t. If you are questioning what you bought and why: send it back. Return policies are there for a reason.

If you’re still feeling anxious and overwhelmed, you might want to do a Social Media Detox in order to skip all those sale advertisements. Unfollow brands you don’t want to buy from, even if it’s just for the Cyber Weekend, and/or unsubscribe from their newsletter.

How are you dealing with this overwhelming amount of Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales? Let me know in the comments and we might learn new ways to stay sane from each other!

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  • Amanda

    November 23, 2020 at 6:43 pm

    Every year I feel this overwhelming urge to shop black Friday/cyber week deals, even if there is nothing that I actually need. It’s even tricker because I don’t want to buy something for myself that someone may have already purchased for me as a gift. These are great tips to keep in mind, specifically making a list and not using a credit card.

    xoxo Amanda |

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