These Are The 6 Things Happy People Do

December 2, 2020

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It’s more than normal to have happier days than others, especially given everything going on in 2020. Even happy people aren’t always 100% happy and that’s okay! However, we can try our bests to make our lives as happy as possible. To help create positive energy and happiness in everyday life, we’re taking a look at the habits genuinely happy people typically have in common. By acknowledging this and then practicing it ourselves, we learn how to land on the happier side of life. Learn the 6 things that happy people do.

6 Things Happy People Do

These Are The 6 Things Happy People Do

Happy people focus on their health. Taking care of our mind and body is an important part of actually feeling happy. Managing your stress levels makes you less grumpy and negative too. Taking care of your mind and body isn’t only working out, it’s also smiling/laughing, engaging with others, and taking time to wind down.

Happy people have healthy coping strategies. This way they can see the good in a stressful situation or challenging time. By learning how to seek lessons after challenging situations gives people a renewed appreciation for life and makes it easier to cope with it. Unhealthy coping strategies could be using drugs, alcohol, or online shopping (I’m guilty). It makes you happy for a couple of minutes, but not in the long run. We want to avoid that and create healthy coping strategies in order to prevent those high highs and lowest lows.

Happy people practice gratitude. When you’re constantly noticing all the blessings and great things/people in your life, it is basically impossible to be unhappy. Being grateful helps you to see the world a lot more positive. Need a little help with the positivity part? I wrote a blog post about how to be more positive.

Happy people stay present. It actually makes sense if you think about it: if you’re thinking about your past, you might be feeling depressed or thinking about old pains, and when you think about your future, you probably feel anxious. Which leaves the present as the one and only moment we need to pay attention to. That’s also a reason why happy people practice mindfulness.

Happy people have fun. Having fun is such a huge part of being happy. Enjoying time with friends and family, do the hobbies you love, and just enjoy the little things will increase your happiness hormones. Moreover, dwelling on your mistakes will decrease your happiness, so make sure to learn and grow from your mistakes and find fun in such a situation!

Happy people put themselves first. Putting your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health first is a must. Being balanced and feeling good about yourself and your life helps so you’re able to can take care of others second. Because when you’re happy, you have so much more to give.

What is something you could improve to become happier? Let me know in the comments!

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  • The Newbury Girl

    December 5, 2020 at 6:31 am

    I’m so guilty of using unhealthy coping mechanisms (hello online shopping lol), as well as catastraphizing about the future. But slowly working on some of the healthy habits that lead to a happier life.

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