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About Beautymone

“My blog is an expression of who I am, what I love, and what inspires me…”

My name is Simone de Vlaming, 23 years old woman living in The Netherlands. I discovered my passion for makeup a couple of years ago and decided to start this blog in February 2018. It’s been the best decision ever!

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One of the reasons why I studied Human Resources, is I like to help people and give them honest advice. I’m very focused on other people’s health, growth and happiness. The purpose of my blog is to combine my passion for helping people, giving them advice and contribute to their happiness with my huge passion for everything beauty-related. My biggest goal with this beauty blog is to give people honest thoughts, reviews, swatches and much more, so they can leave my blog with new beauty-related knowledge and a satisfied feeling.

I want my readers to truly trust me and never feel lied to. I want you to feel happy and satisfied while reading my blog posts and I hope you would like to connect with me, just as much as I like to connect with you.

My blog is an expression of who I am and what I love to do most: talking about beauty & give people my advice.

Thank you for being on my blog, supporting me and connecting with me!

xoxo Simone

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