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    1. I always need to adjust a bit too when it comes to ABH, blending the shadows feel a bit different than other palettes. I actually think this is definitely one of my favorite ABH palettes! I also love Soft Glam and Sultry a lot!

  1. Great post! I love how in-depth it is and how you mentioned a bit of her backstory! The colours look fabulous and who doesn’t love all pink? Gorgeous photos too as usual! X

    – Katelyn

  2. Amazing review and I really appreciate the backstory as I didn’t really know who Amrezy was/what she was known for. This palette is so stunning, the packaging and the shades are just beautiful! ?

  3. If the palette is anything like the highlighter, then I know it will be absolutely unreal. I saw this and really wanted to get this but I just know I don’t need it and have a lot of the shades in my other palettes. That blue is absolutely stunning, though, I’ve got to say! I love the ABH eyeshadow formula and I actually quite like that the shadows are powdery, I sometimes find the shades easier to manipulate and blend when I’m building colours.

    Also, side note, I love all these little extras you’re adding to your blog. I’m so envious of your theme and how your blog looks! It’s so dynamic and interesting

  4. It looks so pretty! I have almost all the palettes and she looks too similar to a mix of the ones I have… I love it but I won’t get it

  5. I loved reading your review! The palette looks gorgeous! I especially love how the packaging and the mirror match, I love anything pink and glittery like that! I didn’t know anything about Amrezy either, so I loved learning more about her background too! Thanks for sharing, I loved this! 🙂


  6. Ultimately I skipped out on this one, bc it reminds me so much of MR and SG … but I do love the mirror. It is super girl and fun!

  7. This palette is SO gorgeous and I am on the fence about purchasing due to the fall out. I own Soft Glam and Norvina (which I absolutely LOVE, gag) so maybe I’ll bite the bullet and give this one a go!