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I’m very excited to add the first Bali Body review to my blog! This is my first time using their products, I have been using them for a couple of weeks now and I’m going to give you my thoughts in this Bali Body BB Cream and Shimmering Body Oil Review!  

Bali Body Information

If you don’t know Bali Body just yet, I’ll tell you a little bit about the brand. It’s an Australian brand and all its products are made in its hometown Melbourne. They’re vegan and cruelty-free, which I think is so awesome. They’re shipping worldwide AND have an international/European website as well, so it’s saving us, International/European babes, a lot of extra charges! And if that isn’t enough, they offer free shipping too! How amazing!! 

Bali Body is your brand if you’re looking for self-tanning products (check out the Ultra Dark Self Tanning Mousse or the Gradual Face Tan Moisturizer), tanning oils, suncare, and skincare. They use natural & naturally derived ingredients.  

Shimmering Body Oil and BB Cream

2 Products From Bali Body Review: Bb Cream And Shimmering Body Oil

Bali Body kindly sent two products to me so I could test them out. Thank you so much for this gift! The products I’ve got are the Bali Body Shimmering Body Oil and the BB Cream SPF 15 in Fair. 

First of all, the products arrived very quickly and in super luxurious and cute packaging. Moreover, the product packaging itself is very luxurious too. It’s very clean and simple, but at the same time so stunning and chic. I have been testing out both products for a couple of weeks so I could give you a good review on them. Are they worth buying? Let’s have a closer look!

Bali Body BB Cream SPF 15 in Fair

2 Products From Bali Body Review: Bb Cream And Shimmering Body Oil - Bali Body Bb Cream Spf 15

The BB cream is available in 4 different shades: Fair, Natural, Tan, and Dark. This is stated on the website: 

From the inside out

Bali Body BB cream provides a flawless natural looking complexion.

It’s lightweight, easy to apply and provides the perfect base. Our tinted face cream combines your foundation, sunscreen, anti- ageing & moisturiser all in one!

Enriched with green tea & ginseng for their rejuvenating properties, hyaluronic acid & marine collagen to help renew skin. Lighter than a foundation but with more coverage & benefits than a tinted moisturiser, our BB Cream is ideal for all skin types.

SPF 15 UVA and UVB Broad spectrum. Paraben free & 100% vegan friendly.

I love how this BB Cream contains SPF 15, so I’m still protected against the sun but also wearing makeup. I have been trying out the best way to apply it and I prefer using my fingers. 

Bali Body Review

Swatches & Wear Test

Bali Body Bb Cream Spf 15 Fair
Bali Body Bb Cream Spf 15 Fair

Here is the Bali Body BB Cream on my hand. In the first picture, you see just a little dot of product and in the second picture, it’s all rubbed into my skin. As you can see, it’s a little darker when it is rubbed into the skin than when it just came out of the bottle. It’s very easy to apply, it’s very creamy and it feels so hydrating. It gives a natural glow immediately which I really like.

As you can tell it has good coverage as well. It’s a BB cream so don’t expect it to be full coverage.  I don’t think this product has a smell to it, which is fine because it’s directly on the face and you don’t want an overwhelming smell. 

Bali Body Bb Cream Spf 15 Fair

So in the picture above I’m wearing the BB Cream. The moment I took this picture, I was in my most heavy thesis week with a lot of stress and my skin wasn’t feeling it at all. It had a lot of red spots and some pimples. However, this BB cream does a great job covering it! It still looks very natural to me. Moreover, I was scared it was a little too dark for me but I feel like it matches your skin tone. 

The most important thing: I’ve been wearing the BB cream ALL DAY in the picture above. It still looks amazing! I feel like my nose and my chin are showing a little bit of redness through the BB Cream but definitely nothing too crazy. My forehead is oily most of the time at the end of the day which will peek through foundation or powder but it’s still looking good here. Moreover, this BB cream gives you a dewy glow which looks very healthy and summery to me. I’m in love with this BB cream! 

The price is 28,95 euros. 

Bali Body Shimmering Body Oil

Bali Body Shimmering Body Oil

I love a good highlight on my face so why don’t cover my body in shimmering body oil? This was my exact thought when I tried this product. Shimmering body products are a must have for the summer, I love to wear a skirt or dress and cover my legs and arms in shimmers! 

This is what is stated on the website: 

A luxe multi-purpose hydrating body oil with a hint of bronze. This fast drying, lightweight oil will provide a sun-kissed glow with subtle hints of bronze and gold shimmer for a natural looking bronzed sheen.

I hate sticky body oils so I’m very picky when it comes to body lotion or body oils. 


Bali Body Shimmering Body Oil
Bali Body Shimmering Body Oil

When I saw the product color I thought it would be waaaaay too dark but when you start blending it into the skin, it ends up giving you a little bronzed look with a stunning glow. And the smell is actually amazing!! It’s a very hydrating oil and I feel it absorbs right away. The first couple of minutes it’s slightly sticky but when it’s fully absorbed it doesn’t stay sticky. If I can handle this oil, I think everyone will lol! It’s so pretty, I love how it makes you look a little bit more bronzed and glowy while it’s still hydrating and nice for the skin. You need to try this one if you love shimmering body oils! 

The smell and glow stay on very well! Even after washing my hands multiple times, I still have a glowy skin and the smell is still there. 

The price is 28,95 euros. 

Final Thoughts

I think the products are worth the money, look flawless in the bottle (just the packaging alone) and on the skin (the product itself). You can tell these products are high quality and a must have for summer (well actually all year round!). I’m definitely trying out their self-tanning products very soon! Would you like to see a review? Let me know in the comments!

If you’re not sure what to buy or where to start, or you just want to try out a bunch products at once and save some money, then check out their bundles over here

Are you planning on buying products from Bali Body? Let me know in the comments! 🙂 

Hope to see you next time loves, 

xoxo Simone 


  1. I have such a soft spot for Australian brands lol – so now I want to try this automatically. But, the body oil looks SO stunning – I’ve been loving this trend for summer. I’m so impressed how that blended out on the skin.

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