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  1. I don’t use self tanner, but I still enjoy this post anyway. I love how you tested everything on your feet! This stuff clearly works wonders, as evidenced by the before and after shots.

    xoxo Amanda | theaestheticedge.com

  2. LMAO I was chuckling when you described how you purposely applied the self tanner messily and then when I saw the photo! This really does look like it works quite well!

  3. I feel so stupid because I have Bali Body’s fake tan (which I need to review soon) but I didn’t think to get the remover lol. It did such an amazing job, though! I’m surprised by how well it worked but also somehow not surprised at all because Bali Body is awesome. I laughed so much at your messy application. You’re right, though, if it can remove messy fake tan, then removing a proper layer of fake tan must be a breeze. Great review!