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  1. I feel personally victimized by your hate towards the MAC Lipglasses haha I need to try the cream blushes, I don’t know why I haven’t but I think there was a shade I really liked so it’s going in the cart next since I also want a lip liner by them XD (to use with Kim KW since I’m trying to love it lol

  2. This was such a fun read ? Charlotte Tilbury – Fuck: cheek to chic blusher, It’s good but I like other blushers too. Marry: Flawless finish powder, it’s my all time favourite powder. Kill: legendary brows, it didn’t do a lot for my eyebrows ? Lottie x

  3. This was such a fab post to read! It was fun reading your opinions on your favourite and least favourite products from brands. Nudestix is on my radar and I seriously NEED to try the blushers because they look unreal.

    I also think the Magic Cream is overhyped. Whilst I liked it, it’s far too expensive for what it is and definitely isn’t as miraculous as Charlotte Tilbury claims it is. Glad to see you also like Tarte Shape Tape!