5 Beauty Books To Read When Staying Inside

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If you love makeup, you probably figured out already that this is the perfect time to start practicing (new) techniques or playing with different colors, etc. But while we have to stay inside, it’s also the perfect time to start reading some beauty books to learn new things. I’ve summed up 5 beauty books that are on my ‘to read’ list!

This is the perfect time to start reading books so why not try books which are beauty related? I mean, it’s a win-win situation right here. By reading a book, you’ll have a nice break from social media and you’re learning new techniques, tips and tricks, etc. which you can practice after reading as well. You won’t be bored when staying inside for sure! 

Sadly, I haven’t read any of these books myself yet but these are the books I’ve gathered while I was looking for new books to read. I thought it would be helpful to share the books that caught my attention so we can read the books together! 

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The 5 Best Beauty Books

The 5 Best Beauty Books

Face Forward – Kevyn Aucoin

I heard Tati Westbrook (GlamLifeGuru on Youtube before she changed it to Tati) talk about this book in one of her videos. This book is released in 2000 so it’s an oldie but I think it’s still a very precious book! In this book, contouring and bronzing got introduced to people for the first time and it explains exactly how to beautifully contour and bronze your face. 

Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success – Michelle Phan

If you’re new to the beauty community you might not know Michelle Phan. She’s one of the bigger beauty Youtubers but she left Youtube for a while. As of right now, she’s back on Youtube again! Anyways, I always loved watching her beauty videos and I would totally want to read her beauty book which got released in 2014. The book is full of tips about contouring, how to do a smokey eye, etc. but Michelle also covers the ‘influencer’ part of being a beauty blogger/Youtuber. I think that’s very interesting to read for my fellow beauty bloggers/YouTubers as well as for me! 

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Everyone from Beginner to Pro – Bobbi Brown

You might already know about the brand Bobbi Brown but the founder also wrote a book. I actually saw a couple of them when I browsed through the beauty books but this one seemed to be my favorite. I like how this is a manual for everyone, it doesn’t matter if you’re pro or just starting with makeup. Bobbi Brown’s twenty-five-plus years of makeup styling experience put into one complete, gorgeous book. Bobbi looks at everything from skincare basics to every aspect of facial makeup.

Beauty – Lauren Conrad

I loved watching The Hills and Lauren were my favorite. I knew she brought out a book a while ago but I somehow never got to read it. I’m still very interested in reading her book to see which tips she has to share.  Lauren covers everything you need to know to maximize your own beauty potential. From tips for creating a strong foundation and maintaining healthy skin and hair through diet, exercise, and all-around wellness to everyday makeup techniques and tricks of the trade for special-occasion looks

The Skincare Bible – Dr. Anjali Mahto

Dr. Anjali Mahto is one of the UK’s leading consultant dermatologists. Personally, I’ve never heard of her but she’s equipped with years of expertise, she sets out to cut through the noise and distinguish the nuggets from the nonsense. Tackling common complaints such as acne and dryness, rosacea and aging, The Skincare Bible is a definitive companion to your body’s biggest organ. Clear, concise and packed full of tips on the best products and routines, will help you discover what works for you and find confidence in your own skin. This is your expert guide to great skin – pure and simple. Sounds great, doesn’t it? 

Have you ever read one of these 5 books, if so, did you like it? If you haven’t read one already, are you going to? I would love to know so please leave a comment below! 🙂 


Hi there! Im Simone, 24-years-old born and raised Dutch girl still living in The Netherlands. I graduated in Human Resources and I have a huge passion for all things beauty. Im a dog mom to Bailey, USA obsessed, and lipstick hoarder.

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  1. 3.24.20

    I’ve heard about Kevin Aucoin’s book from Tati too, by the way, but I think it was Making Faces book. Haven’t had a chance to read it yet though. My current and absolute favorite beauty book is Your Beauty Mark by Dita Von Teese – I’ve received it as a gift recently and it’s the best beauty book I’ve ever read. Would highly recommend it to anyone interested in beauty, hair care, and skincare! I also own Makeup: The Ultimate Guide by Rae Morris, which didn’t find very helpful, and About Face by Scott Barnes – very disappointing, very few good tips, and some models look better on the ‘before’ shots. Maybe these two books just haven’t aged well, but Your Beauty Mark by Dita Von Teese is only a few years younger than those and it’s perfectly well-written and will always be relevant, in my opinion.

    • 3.28.20

      I was doubting between the two Kevin Aucoin books on which she mentioned and couldn’t find the video where she talked about it lol so I went for the one that interested me the most ? thank you so much for your recommendation, I’m definitely putting Your Beauty Mark on my to-read list!!

      • 3.28.20

        I remembered about it only after reading your post, it came to my mind that the name was somehow ambiguous and also related to gestures ? And I also couldn’t remember which video she talked about it in. Well, either way, I got now both books and they are both awesome – your post motivated me to get Making Faces, and I already had Face Forward. Thank you so much for mentioning them ♥

  2. 3.24.20

    Ugh I used to love that LC Beauty book and still do lmao! I (finally) recently purchased the Bobbi Brown one as well as Lisa Eldridge’s!

    I’m super interested in the Skincare Bible, too!

    • 3.28.20

      I really need to read LC’s book for sure! I need to read all of them, thankfully I have time for this now lol

  3. 3.24.20

    Oh and forgot to add: Face Forward by Kevin Aucoin is awesome!

  4. 3.24.20
    Mimi said:

    I want to read Kevin Aucoin book too, I love Tati and that sounds amazing. Also Bobbi Brown’s sounds great, I love her makeup philosophy

  5. 3.29.20
    Ana C said:

    Aw loved this, I think I’ll actually get one of these with my next paycheck – wohoo!

    Ana C, http://www.adreamersland.com