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  1. With summer right around the corner, bolder lipstick is sure going to be huge! I love a good and sexy red, but the one from Charlotte Tilbury is quite nice as well!

  2. Uncensored & Uncuffed are both on my wish list!! Everyone raves about the Fenty formula. My favorite bright liquid lippies are Holy Grail & Phoenix from Persona! ?

  3. I’m just like you in that I love nude/mauve lip colors the best. Every now and then I like a hot pink or fuchsia. A nice vibrant orange makes the cut sometimes as well. Since I review so many products, I also have plenty of purples, greens, blues, black, etc. but I’m definitely not daring enough to wear them! Thanks for sharing your top picks, they look wonderful.

    xoxo Amanda | theaestheticedge.com

  4. I love Uncuffed too, it’s such a gorgeous shade. I pretty much like all of the Fenty Beauty Lip Stunna Paints. I’ve tried Uncensored before and it’s such a gorgeous, true red shade. It always reminds me of the type of lipstick you’d see on the red carpet! Both of those Kylie Cosmetics shades are divine too. I always shy away from bright pinks as I don’t think they suit me, but I love them on other people! I love all of the shades you’ve picked in this list