Exciting Black Friday 2019 Makeup Shopping List

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I’m a sucker for a discount so you might get why I love Black Friday. It’s actually something we, in the Netherlands, didn’t have until a couple of years ago. A lot of American habits sweep across the ocean and find it’s way into our habits, which I think is so cool. So I’m able to shop with a discount in my own country but, of course, I’m going to take advantage of the US Black Friday 2019 sales too. I’ll show you what’s on my list!

I think I’m even more excited for Black Friday 2019 than for Christmas lol. I always make a list of things I want to get during Black Friday months in advance. Last year, I also wrote about the products that were on my Black Friday 2018 list. Moreover, Black Friday is a perfect moment to shop for gifts for friends and family.

This Thursday, my blog post full of Christmas gift ideas for Makeup lovers will go live and it has a cute surprise in it as well! So if you’re looking for inspiration what to buy for yourself or a makeup lover in your life, I recommend reading today’s post and Thursday’s post.

A couple of items that were on my Black Friday list went on sale before Black Friday, so I already bought them. I still include them on this list, so you get my full list and even more gift inspiration! 

Black Friday 2019 Makeup Shop List

Black Friday 2019 – Products I already bought

Fenty Beauty Flatlay - Exciting Black Friday 2019 Makeup Shop List @TheNewburyGirl
This picture is from The Newbury Girl. Please check out her blog for more stunning flat lays and don’t forget to check her Instagram account.

Half October/The end of October suddenly a couple of brands had great sales. I’m not sure what the reasons for these discounts where but I just had to take advantage of it. I think this is nice too because I now don’t have to pay for everything all at once on Black Friday lol. The products on my list, that I ended up buying already, are: 

Only the links to the LORAC website are affiliates links, all the other links are normal links and I’m not affiliated with the other brands listed above. The affiliate links mean that if you buy through my link, I’ll get a little commission and no extra costs for you. You’ll support me and Beautymone with our blogging journey. Want to know more about affiliates? Please check out my Affiliate Disclaimer

Black Friday 2019 – Products still on my Shop List

Exciting Black Friday 2019 Makeup Shop List

I have a couple of specific products I want to buy during Black Friday sales, but I also have some brands I know I want a couple of products from but not exactly which products yet. I will mention the products I want and also mention the brands I’m going to check out during Black Friday. Here we go: 

I have a couple of brands I’ll definitely check out during Black Friday and see if I can snatch something for a very good deal. Brands like NARS, Natasha Denona, Marc Jacobs Beauty, and Pat McGrath. 

What’s on your shopping list for Black Friday 2019? 

See you next time loves, 

xoxo Simone


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  1. 11.14.19

    You should totally consider the Cloud Paints from Glossier – they’re my fave makeup product from the brand!

    My BF ended up buying me the New Nude palette, but I will say it looks v similar to the Lorac Unzipped & the KKW Classic Blossom Palettes!

    • 11.15.19

      The Glossier Cloud Paints are now on my list! If you love them, I need to try them!

      I might have to skip the New Nude palette because I own both the other palettes you’ve mentioned! I need to stop buying very similar products lol

      • 11.16.19

        Lmao same – I’m hoping 2020 will be a year of dupe tons of dupe posts for me lol!