These Black Owned Businesses & Content Creators Deserve More Recognition

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I’ve compiled a list of Black Owned Businesses which are beauty related on my Instagram & Twitter and thought it should also be easy to find on my blog as well. Besides businesses, I will also share a couple of great content creators for you to check out! 

With everything going on in the world, I want to show my support to the black community. I cannot imagine how tough life as a black person must be, because I’m a white privileged woman. But I can listen and show my support.

I do this by sharing important information on my Instagram Stories as well as Twitter, I’m donating money to different organizations, I’m learning new things about racism and the black community, I’m discussing racism with family & friends, I’m signing petitions and I mourn about the people who lost their lives because they were black. 

Even though I’m and always have been anti-racism, I don’t think I have covered this enough on my blog. I have been testing products from black owned businesses on my blog before (see Juvia’s Place, Coloured Raine, and OUAI) but I’m committed to reviewing products from black owned beauty businesses more often in order to support the black community. 

A couple of days ago I asked my followers on Twitter as well as Instagram to help me compile a list of amazing black owned beauty businesses. I obviously did my own research as well to find brands I didn’t know yet & awesome content creators to support. 

Beauty Related Black Owned Businesses

These Black Owned Businesses & Content Creators Deserve More Recognition

* Disclaimer: none of these links are affiliate links, nor sponsorships or anything I could earn money from. 

Here are the links to the Instagram accounts and websites from all the brands. If you have any additions, please leave a comment here or beneath my Instagram post and I’ll add the brand(s). 

Amazing Black Content Creators

Here are some of my favorite beauty content creators I’ve found. I’m obsessed with the looks they create! 

*The pictures below aren’t mine, they belong to the creators tagged in the picture. I linked to their Instagram account if you want to show them your love!

Donate If You Can

If you want to support the black community in other ways, here are a couple of organizations to donate to: 

There are way more organizations you can donate too. Please check out the full list here

My friend Melissa from Rosy Melissa wrote a blog post about Awesome Black Content Creators and Travel Bloggers, which is also worth the read! 

Let me know in the comments which brand(s) you would like to see a review of on Beautymone in the future!


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  1. 6.6.20
    Alex said:

    Wow Simone this is awesome! My favourite brands are Juvias Place and September Rose! I can’t wait to try out more from both of them!!

    Alex x

    • 6.22.20

      Thank you so much lovely! I also love Juvias Place but I’ve never tried September Rose before, however, I’ve been spying them for a while now so I think it’s time to try their products!

  2. 6.6.20

    Wow what an informative post. I will be revisiting this for sure. Thank for posting all this useful information!!

    Allie of

  3. 6.7.20
    Lovely said:

    This is an amazing post! I support black owned businesses! They truly deserve more recognition


    • 6.22.20

      Thank you so much! Black-owned businesses do deserve more recognition and I hope that a lot of people realized this now. I’ll make sure to focus on buying more from them for sure!

  4. 6.8.20

    Wow, thank you for such a big list! Definitely going to revisit this page for info!

  5. 6.8.20
    Mimi said:

    I actually didn’t know most of these brands, I’ll have to see what I can get here. I’ll check the ig creators though.

    • 6.22.20

      I think most of the brands are based in the US but some of them are based in the UK which is fairly easy to get for me. I don’t know if this is the same for you? OPV Beauty is based in the UK for example!

  6. 6.9.20

    Thank you so much for your support! Xx

  7. 6.12.20
    Sarah said:

    I’m so happy to see you using your platform to share such an educational and supportive post. We need to see more of these blog posts in the blogosphere to uplift and support the black community. Even though I created my own list, you’ve listed so many other black-owned beauty brands that I’d not heard of before, so thank you so much for sharing them with us.

    I love the Juvia’s Place palette I own and the pigment is blinding. I need to get more products from Juvia’s Place for sure. Plus, there are loads of other black-owned beauty brands I need to purchase from. I can’t wait to explore these brands and try out their wonderful products

    • 6.22.20

      I totally agree! The black community needs our support. I saw your post (I’m so behind with commenting but prepare for comment spam soon lol) and loved it! I was actually surprised by the brands you summed up that I didn’t know about just yet. 🙂

  8. 6.13.20
    Amanda said:

    So many great brands! Thank you for using your blog as an outlet to raise awareness and take action, you rock!

    xoxo Amanda |