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Colourpop: Matte Lux Lipsticks

Colourpop Matte Lux

I already own a couple créme Lux lipsticks from Colourpop and I really like these so when I found out they would be coming out with matte lipsticks, I had to try them! Colourpop had a little sale so I ended up ordering 3 lipsticks for the price of 2. Let’s see if I like them!

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NYX Cosmetics: Lipsticks and Lip pencils


This is my first time ever trying out NYX Cosmetics products! I wanted to try their products for a while now but I never actually bought something. I’ve asked on Twitter (if you don’t follow me there, you should!) what you would like to see and you’ve voted for NYX products. Let’s go and review them!

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Kylie Cosmetics: The Original Wet Set

Kylie Cosmetics (5)

The original Wet Set from Kylie Cosmetics launched last summer 2017 and sold out immediately, so sadly I wasn’t able to get this. When everyone was super excited, I was even more sad that I missed out. I’ve always hoped that Kylie would bring the original Wet Set back, so when she announced that she was going to bring it back I was super enthusiastic! I had to get it this time and so I did.

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Colourpop: Luster Dust Loose Highlighters

Kylie Cosmetics (6)

I’m not really a loose highlighter girl to be honest. I’ve got myself some from Kylie Cosmetics and even though the colors are stunning, I see myself reaching for my normal powder highlighters. When Colourpop released the Luster Dust Loose Highlighters I wasn’t really excited but when they showed swatches, I was sold. I just had to try them and bought three of them: Gnomie, Strobe Globe and Sugar Trap.

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