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  1. eeeek just in time! I’m sold! I wanna buy both of these! I can feel myself spending like £100+ on CT right now! I just think its look so lux and the products seem sooo beautifully made and such high quality!
    I always love and trust your reviews girly, you’re my go-to girl for makeup advice, tips and recommendations! Love you!

  2. Ahhh Pillow Talk has been on my list to try for so long – the swatch looks super beautiful. Its great the formula looks matte but still feels comfortable. I really am excited to keep trying more from the brand and hopefully the full Pillow Talk range (particularly the blushes and eye quad).

    1. Pillow Talk is worth spending your money on for sure. Might be a good one to buy during the Spring Sale at Sephora? Totally not convincing you to buy something while we’re on a low buy lmao. I just got the Pillow Talk palette (the big one) and it made me even more obsessed with the whole Pillow Talk range. I’m pretty sure it’s not my last product from the range lol.

  3. They both look beautiful, I actually have the Pillow Talk lip liner and the shade is the perfect match for my lips so I’m definitely getting the lipstick too! The Dutchess looks pretty too but probably too warm for me

    1. I love the Pillow Talk lip liner too! This kinda convinced me to get the lipstick as well haha. The Duchess is definitely more of a warm-toned shade so I would skip that one if that’s not your thing. 🙂

  4. I love trying out different lipsticks! Ooooohooo I have this same Lipstick too! Her brand is so easy to use and even gift to others. The scent of the lipstick reminds me of chocolate hehe. I love the texture of the lipstick. They stay in for a while! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  5. I already own pillow talk which I love! But The Duchess lipstick now caught my attention! I love the more pink tone ? Have you seen the lipsticks called “Kidman’s Kiss” and “Dance floor Princess” ? I’ve been eyeing these for a hot minute! Hugs
    Xoxo Sina

  6. Dear Simone
    Can you Tell me where I can order the Lipstick THE DUCHESS? As far as I know this colour is discontinued at Charlotte Tilbury stores.
    Thank you for your reply.
    Violeta Reichmuth

  7. Thank you so much for this in-depth personal review. I hardly ever wear lipstick, but after reading your comments, I’m planning on trying Pillow Talk.