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  1. This palette is so cool and interesting. The design and packaging is gorgeous – I’m totally looking into this! Thanks for sharing x

  2. This is a gorgeous holder for singles! I like the thought of being able to store nearly all my singles in one place!

  3. I’m like you in that I have a bunch of single shades running around loose in my makeup bag. This is the perfect place to store them all. Although I have to admit, I would want to fill the entire thing up so there were no empty spaces. Which might not be so nice to my budget. Lol. I love the design and packaging though, and I will certainly never need to buy another case for shadows.

    1. Totally get you, I really want to fill in all the empty spaces like right now but that’s definitely not good for my budget lol. However, I just really love how much space I have with this organizer and I probably don’t need another organizer ever again (if I don’t fill it too quickly haha).

  4. I just received my book 2 days ago. It is super sturdy and absolutely stunning. However, mine has a really, really strong sweet chemical/glue smell to it. Is this normal? I’m actually hesitant to put my eyeshadows in it, as they may pick up that scent and then I will be using them on my sensitive eyes.

    1. Oh no! I don’t think that strong smell is 100% normal, I didn’t experience it when I just got it. I just smelled again and I don’t notice any chemical/glue smell. I would recommend sending an email to their customer service to make sure it’s okay to use it!

  5. Can someone please tell me whether KKW Beauty eyeshadow pans will fit into this organizer? Can’t seem to find their pan sizes anywhere. The only retailer that sells this in my country has a no returns policy and since 90% of my shadows are KKW I need to know before I purchase. Thank you!