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Like most of us, I grew up with Disney. Even though I’m getting older, I think I’ll always love Disney. The movies are awesome, now and then I’m still watching them. I think a lot of people can relate to this and I think Colourpop did an amazing job to collaborate with Disney! When they announced this collection, I knew I had to get some items!

Colourpop and Disney decided to do a full collection with several products, which really suits the Disney princesses. They’ve created an amazing collection, with super funny names and everything suits Disney and the princesses very well. Also, they’ve made incredible drawings of the princesses to put on the packaging. It’s just amazing!

The collection includes a palette, 6 Super Shock Shadows, 6 Lux Lipsticks, 3 Ultra Glossy Lips and 2 Super Shock Highlighters. It was possible to get the PR packaging, which I think is super awesome! I decided to go for the palette, Belle and Ariel Lux Lipsticks, Boo Ultra Glossy Lip and the 2 Super Shock Highlighters. However, I wasn’t able to get the highlighters! They sold out before I was able to grab these and I’m still sad! Anyway, I was able to get all other products I wanted and today I’ll be reviewing them!

It’s A Princess Thing palette

The carton packaging of this palette is gold and has all autographs from the princesses all over it. I think that’s really cute! The back also has the autographs on it, the shade names and ingredients.

Look at this packaging!! I think this is one of the cutest packagings I’ve ever seen. The princesses look so cute and it really has those magical Disney vibes which I really really love. The actual palette had the names on the back as well.

Here’s the inside! The colors are so stunning! I kinda do miss a mirror, but I do really like the autographs all over it so I get why they did it this way. I love that they’ve put the names on the inside of the palette as well. The color scheme looks very pretty, matching and has a princess vibe all over it!

Shade description

Chip: matte soft beige nude
Juju: matte warm rosy pink
Grumpy: matte dusty salmon
Triton: sand with a golden sheen
Abu: matte intense warm brown
Prince Charming: ivory pearl with a green duochrome
Ray: metallic champagne
Fairy Godmother: metallic bright coral
One Kiss?: metallic bright coppery gold
Thingamabob: vibrant metallic silver
Enchanted Rose: rich metallic rose
Poison Apple: metallic pinky violet
Magic Carpet: blackened plum
Beast: deep warm brown topped with gold glitter
Midnight Curfew: black sprinkled with silver glitter

These names are so cute, original and made me think about all the Disney movies I loved and still love watching!


The light wasn’t that good when I took the pictures, that’s why there is almost no difference between the pictures. However, the left picture is taken with natural light and the right picture is taken with a flashlight. From top to bottom: Chip, Juju, Grumpy, Triton, Abu, Prince Charming, Ray, Fairy Godmother, One Kiss?, Thingamabob, Enchanted Rose, Poison Apple, Magic Carpet, Beast, Midnight Curfew.

I almost didn’t have enough space on my arm for these swatches haha. Anyway, this is one of the reasons why I love Colourpop: This brand is so affordable but at the same time they always deliver great quality. The shadows all swatched perfectly, are very smooth, very pigmented, not patchy or powdery at all, I had no problems with fallout or kickback in the pan, the metallics are amazing, the mattes look great, what do you want more?

Ultra Glossy Lip ‘Boo’

Here’s the Ultra Glossy Lip in the shade Boo. The packaging is very cute but has no princesses on it. I don’t mind it though, it’s still very in theme. The actual lipgloss tube is gold and has golden stars, which I love.

This Ultra Glossy Lip is warm rose and I think it’s a perfect nude! It’s super nice on the lips, not sticky and the color is so pretty.

Hi-shine formula creates a see through glassy finish with a sheer tint of color. All shine, no shimmer. Enriched with jojoba oil to moisturize, nourish, and provide a cushiony feel for juicy, fuller-looking lips.

This is what is stated on the Colourpop site and I can’t agree more. It’s really moisturizing for the lips and it has no glitters in it. I would totally recommend this one!

Lux Lipsticks ‘Belle’ and ‘Ariel’

I HAD to get both of these lipsticks! Ariel is a super pretty peachy beige nude and Belle is a rosy berry. Belle is my favorite princess so I just had to get those lipsticks, even if I wouldn’t like the shade I had to get it haha. Ariel is my go-to shade so I had to make that one mine as well.

The packaging has the princess on the front, the name on the top and ingredients on the back.

Here’s a closer look at the actual packaging. The tube is gold and has the autographs on it. The back has the shade color and name on it. I just love this packaging! I think it looks very luxurious even though these lipsticks are only $7 each! Both shades look very pretty as well.

A close-up! As you can see I couldn’t wait to use Ariel so I already tried in on before shooting the pictures haha. The left one is Ariel and the right one is Belle. I feel like they’ve matched the shades so well to the princesses. Love it!


The top one is Ariel and the bottom one is Belle. How pretty are these shades? Ariel is a perfect nude to me, Belle is a little bit darker than I would normally wear but I don’t think it looks awful. I tried mixing Belle with another lipstick and the combination was awesome! So the Lux Lipsticks are easy to combine with other lipsticks as well.

The formula is very nice, these lipsticks last pretty long on my lips, doesn’t make my lips dry at all, easy to apply, very wearable and affordable. Even though I said this before, but if you haven’t tried Colourpop Lux Lipsticks you’re really missing out.

Product information

This collection is limited edition and right now it’s almost sold out. Colourpop is doing a restock soon so keep an eye out if you want to get some products! Here are the products and prices:

  • The PR bundle includes the palette, 4 Super Shock Shadows, all Lux Lipsticks, All Ultra Glossy Lips and retails for $120.
  • Another bundle includes the palette, 6 Super Shock Shadows, all Lux Lipsticks, All Ultra Glossy Lips and retails for $110.
  • 6 Super Shock Shadows which contain 2.1g / 0.074oz and costs $5 each.
  • 6 Lux Lipsticks which contain 3.5g / 0.12oz and costs $7 each.
  • 3 Ultra Glossy Lips which contain 3.0g / 0.11oz and costs $6 each.
  • 2 Super Shock Highlighters which contain 4.2g /0.15oz and costs $8 each.
  • The palette contains 15 x 1.0g / 0.035oz and costs $20.

Final Thoughts

The packaging of this collection is amazing, just like the quality. Colourpop is such an amazing, affordable brand. I love them deeply and I think they deserve all the love. The products in this collection are awesome. If you weren’t able to get some products or you want some after this review, keep an eye out on their social media for restocking news. I’m trying to get the highlighters next time!

Hope to see you soon loves,





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