Colourpop X Disney Midnight Masquerade,Colourpop X Disney Designer Collection

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Another Colourpop x Disney Designer Collection?! Yes, Colourpop and Disney did it again. This time it’s called Colourpop x Disney Midnight Masquerade. It contains new products, new packaging, and a couple of new Disney Princesses. Did we need another Colourpop x Disney Collection? Is it very special compared to the other two collections? I’ll share my thoughts on that and showing you swatches from a couple of products from this new collection. 

We already saw a Colourpop x Disney Princesses Collection and a Colourpop x Disney Villians Collection before. Now we get another collection. Once again, it’s about the Disney Princesses. But with a new packaging theme and a couple of other princesses. Also, the products are different than last time. Colourpop sells the products in the following way: 

  • Colourpop x Disney Midnight Masquerade PR collection – $191
  • Masquerade Magic – $166
  • Midnight Masquerade Palette – $22 
  • 8 different kits including a liquid lipstick and a blush or highlighter – $18 each
  • Single liquid lipsticks retail for $8 each
  • Single blush or highlighter retail for $10 each

Colourpop gives us a chance to buy the PR kit, which retails for $191 and includes all the products (the palette and all the sets). The Masquerade Magic kit includes all the products but it’s not in the PR box, that’s why it’s a bit cheaper. Then it’s possible to get the palette, liquid lipsticks, and blushes/highlighters as singles or in a set. The sets include a liquid lipstick and a blush or highlighter matching to the Princesses. As you can tell, there are tons of options to get the products you like and you’re not obligated to buy a whole set since it’s also available as singles. 

Colourpop x Disney Midnight Masquerade – The products I bought

Colourpop X Disney Midnight Masquerade Collection | Review &Amp; Swatches

The products I’ve bought from the Colourpop x Disney Midnight Masquerade Collection: 

  • A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes set aka Cinderella Bundle – $18 
  • Beauty And The Beast set aka Belle Bundle – $18 
  • Flynn Lux Liquid Lipstick – $8 
  • Court Of Miracles blush – $10

As you can tell, I bought two sets and two single products. I was very tempted to buy the palette as well, but since I’m not really using the palettes I bought from the previous Disney collections I decided I wouldn’t purchase it. 

The products I’ve bought aren’t really based on my favorite princesses, I went for the products I liked most. However, Belle happens to be one of my favorite princesses so I’m kinda happy I did like both her products so I could order the set lol. 

I did like other products as well but I decided I had to make a choice because I don’t need another couple of blushes and highlighters, so these were the items I ended up liking the most and I bought them. 

Packaging Closeup

Since this packaging is so special, I really want to share a closeup. The Disney Designers in collaboration with the Colourpop designers did a great job creating the packaging from this collection. They’re true artists and they deserve a little shout out! 

Colourpop X Disney Midnight Masquerade Collection | Review &Amp; Swatches
Colourpop X Disney Midnight Masquerade Collection | Review &Amp; Swatches
Colourpop X Disney Midnight Masquerade Collection | Review &Amp; Swatches
Colourpop X Disney Midnight Masquerade Collection | Review &Amp; Swatches

Colourpop x Disney Midnight Masquerade Swatches

Blushes & Highlighter

Colourpop X Disney Midnight Masquerade Collection | Review &Amp; Swatches
Colourpop X Disney Midnight Masquerade Collection | Review &Amp; Swatches

The first thing I noticed while swatching the products, is that the blushes had a lot of fallout. However, they still swatched well on my arm. I applied the blushes separate and together on my cheeks and I’m not sure how to feel about them. Especially the Court of Miracles blush had a lot of fallout, also on my face and it was way too pigmented even after I tapped off my brushes and didn’t even have a lot of product on my brush in the first place. The Belle blush does have less fallout and isn’t too much when I apply it on the face, but I have to apply it carefully. 

The highlighter is very beautiful and doesn’t have that much fallout. I would say this is a perfect highlighter for fair to light skin tone. Even on my pale face, this highlight was slightly too light. After blending it with a sponge and buff of some access with a brush, it looks very stunning on the face. 

Both the blush and highlighter are very pigmented as you can tell, so please be careful when applying these products because it can easily be too much. 

Lux Liquid Lipstick

Colourpop X Disney Midnight Masquerade Collection | Review &Amp; Swatches
Colourpop X Disney Midnight Masquerade Collection | Review &Amp; Swatches
Top to bottom: Prince Charming, Beast, and Flynn.

Colourpop launched their Lux Lipsticks a while ago and they’re available in different formulas. I did a review on their Matte Lux Lipstick formula a while back and really enjoyed it. If was curious to see how this Lux formula would be as a liquid lipstick formula. 

I have to say I was a bit confused when I swatched the three lipsticks. I definitely didn’t expect a sheer lipstick. But I did some research and saw on the Colourpop website that this lipstick is supposed to give a soft, diffused look. This is also stated on the website: 

lux liquid lip

a plush, velvet liquid lipstick with medium buildable coverage that creates a soft, diffused look. features an innovative whipped formula that contains a blend of antioxidant rich ingredients pomegranate, goji fruit and grape seed extract to nourish lips.

My fault! Colourpop is clear in saying it’s medium buildable coverage and supposed to give a soft diffused look. I can fully admit this is true. I love Colourpop’s Blotted Lips lipstick formula so I’m definitely not mad that this formula is also a bit sheerer. 

The formula is indeed very soft, the smell of the lipstick is very nice and I love how this gives you a ‘my lips but better’ vibe. Also, the formula doesn’t dry down and stays very velvety but it looks matte on the lips. I love how lightweight this formula is, you can barely tell that you’re wearing lipstick but the lips still feel hydrated. 

Final Thoughts

I’m having a few mixed feelings about this Colourpop x Disney Midnight Masquerade Collection. I’m just not over the moon? Maybe it’s because it’s already their third collection with Disney and I’m a bit bored? Or I’m just not 100% liking the blushes which make me feel a bit off? I don’t know, I’m just not that enthusiastic and I’m a bit regretting buying the products.

However, I have to mention that the products aren’t bad at all. The packaging is incredible and the overall quality of the products is just what you can expect from Colourpop. 

If you’re not sure what to buy, I would recommend buying a highlighter since that one is very consistent in its formula and is very blinding. If you will like this lipstick formula is depending on your own preferences. If you like a very pigmented lipstick, these Lux Liquid Lipsticks are not for you. If you like a more sheer lip, you will love these lipsticks! If you’re planning on buying a blush, I would recommend being careful when applying. Better to go in twice than putting way too much on your face at your first attempt lol. 

See you next time loves, 

xoxo Simone


  1. So interesting reading your thoughts on this collection because the blushes were my favorite items. I agree that they produce fallout and are highly pigmented but I like the creamy texture. I find they apply and blend the best once I’ve already set my face with powder.

    I purchased a different highlighter (Coronation) but I’m not sure that I love it. I think maybe it is too subtle and looks almost pink on my skin.

    I did get the palette and that’s the first review I have coming from the collection lol.

    1. What kind of brush do you use for applying these blushes? Maybe I can try another brush. Or I need to apply them with a very very light hand lol.

      I expected that highlighter to be stunning, sad to hear you’re not that happy with it!

      Can’t wait for your review on the palette ❤️

      1. I’ve found that the blushes produce less kick up the more I use them, too. I try to use a large, very fluffy brush. Sometimes I even use a “powder” brush that I’d normally use for setting powder!

  2. I’m actually looking at their site now because they have some offers going on and I wanted to get the sleeping beauty one as that’s my ultimate favourite but now looking at the Cinderella swatches of yours, I might get that one instead!

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