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  1. So interesting reading your thoughts on this collection because the blushes were my favorite items. I agree that they produce fallout and are highly pigmented but I like the creamy texture. I find they apply and blend the best once I’ve already set my face with powder.

    I purchased a different highlighter (Coronation) but I’m not sure that I love it. I think maybe it is too subtle and looks almost pink on my skin.

    I did get the palette and that’s the first review I have coming from the collection lol.

    1. What kind of brush do you use for applying these blushes? Maybe I can try another brush. Or I need to apply them with a very very light hand lol.

      I expected that highlighter to be stunning, sad to hear you’re not that happy with it!

      Can’t wait for your review on the palette ❤️

      1. I’ve found that the blushes produce less kick up the more I use them, too. I try to use a large, very fluffy brush. Sometimes I even use a “powder” brush that I’d normally use for setting powder!

  2. I’m actually looking at their site now because they have some offers going on and I wanted to get the sleeping beauty one as that’s my ultimate favourite but now looking at the Cinderella swatches of yours, I might get that one instead!