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It really was time for me to start decluttering my products. I have to admit I haven’t been looking after my skincare and haircare products for a while and it became a mess. So I started decluttering empty and old products I still had on my shelf. I have to admit I never felt so good after this declutter, I suddenly had space to store my new products and still have a clean looking shelf. Yes! Want some declutter inspiration? Then keep on reading!

I have been gathering skincare products, samples, and hair care products over the years. Most of the products I made empty but still let them lay on my shelf. Some products even dried out in the meantime. I know this is bad. In today’s blog post, I’m going to share how my decluttering empty and old products went, I’ll be sharing some tips and I’ll let you know which products were empty and which were dried out. 

Decluttering Empty and Old Products

Decluttering Empty and Old Products

Here’s a breakdown of all the products. I’ll be sorting them in two categories: emptied and dried out. 

Empty Products: 

  • Lady Speed Stick
  • Clinique 72 Hours Replenishing Hydrator Moisturizer 
  • Kylie Skin Vitamin C Serum 
  • Guhl Conditioner Spray
  • Kylie Cosmetics Concealer in the shade Ivory
  • Morphe Brow Pencil in the shade Latte
  • Garnier SkinActive cream 
  • Paula’s Choice Moisturizer + SPF
  • Sans Soucis Anti-Blemish Cream
  • Sans Soucis Anti-Blemish Stick 

Dried out Products: 

  • The Body Shop Seaweed Clay Mask
  • Douglas Face Cream Day
  • Lancome Teint Miracle 

As you can tell, most of the products are (thankfully) emptied. However, I didn’t like all of the products though. I’ve got a breakout from the Paula’s Choice Moisturizer and the Garnier SkinActive was too harsh for my skin which made my skin so dry. Sans Soucis Anti-Blemish products have been really good products for me, but I feel like my pimples are used to it and it doesn’t really work anymore? I’m trying other products now, but chances are that I’ll be repurchasing them in the future. 

My favorite products are definitely the Lady Speed Stick, which I bought in NYC. I used it until the last bit because I don’t think it’s easy to buy here. However, I really liked it and I’ll be repurchasing! Moreover, the Kylie Skin Vitamin C Serum has become a favorite of mine. I loved using it and I’m pretty sad it’s empty now. However, I’m trying some new brands and new serums now. I think chances are big that I’ll be repurchasing the Kylie Skin Serum. 

The Clinique Moisturizer and Kylie Cosmetics concealer both have been my favorites for so long and I’ve had multiple bottles emptied. Both definitely a repurchase! The Morphe brow pencil was a new product I’ve tried and really loved! I’m totally repurchasing it. 

Then we have 3 dried out products and I don’t know why. I remember liking The Body Shop Seaweed Clay Mask but I just, halfway through the bottle, stopped using it. In the meantime, I tried out and I can’t use it anymore so I’m throwing it out. The other two products are both samples and I just never used them lol. This is so bad, I know, but most of the times I just forget about the little samples I get when purchasing products. Both the products are expired for sure so I’m throwing them out too. Thankfully, I didn’t spend money on them though. 

Decluttering Tips

Decluttering Empty and Old Products
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I’m sharing a couple of tips to keep in mind when decluttering: 

  • Make sure to look at the expiration date of your products. You don’t want to use expired makeup, skincare or haircare. 
  • Be honest to yourself. Have you used all the products? Are there any products you just don’t like or you never reach for? Throw them out (or donate them if they’re not used and not expired). 
  • Take time to clean your products and your shelf before you put products back. 
  • It’s also a good moment to re-evaluate the way your products are organized. Do you like it this way? Do you need to put different products to the front? What’s easiest for you? Make sure all products are easily reached for because otherwise, chances are you won’t use them. 

That’s it for the decluttering empty and old products on my bathroom shelf!

I’ll be going through all my products and declutter more, so I decided to make this a Declutter Series. Please let me know if you would like to see more of my declutter & organize journey. 

Hope to see you next time loves, 

xoxo Simone 


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    I really like this post! Super useful & some hints I’ll definitely be putting into practice! Thank you xxx