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  1. Kat’s eyeliner is the best, it’s honestly one of my Holy Grails! I love these looks, you look so beautiful! Congrats on being an affiliate with KvD, you deserve it! I have not yet tried their mascara but I keep hearing good things about it, so I’m definitely going to try it. Is it any similar to Better Than Sex? Because that’s the one I’m addicted too! xx

    xoxo Olivia | http://www.oliviaandbeauty.com

    1. Thank you so much for your super sweet comment, I really appreciate it! I really love the Better Than Sex mascara as well and I think it’s pretty similar! The Better Than Sex mascara is a little drier than the KVD one, which I actually like about the KVD mascara. It applies a bit quicker/easier but gives me similar volumizing and length effects. 🙂

      1. My eyes tear a lot, so that’s why I love better than sex waterproof mascara so much! The only reason I haven’t tried Kat’s one yet is because I don’t think its waterproof and I know that no matter how lovely it is, it will probably smudge with my teary eyes. xo

  2. KvD Trooper liner was my HG for years, too! So I was devasted when I wasn’t purchasing from them for a period. Have you tried the Fenty Flyliner?? It’s very comparable (which makes sense) since Kendo manufactures both!

    I’m loving that intense cat liner look!

  3. I haven’t tried this liner yet, but I’ve heard SO many good things about it! Winged eyeliner is my go-to eye look, I absolutely love what it does to my eyes!


  4. I really connect with your statement of not being able to live without eyeliner and mascara since age 12! My best friend revealed to me in college that she was somewhat afraid of my eyeliner in high school. Yikes! I had no idea what I was doing back then, but now I cannot skip the eyeliner. I *always* do a wing. I refuse to try anything else. I guess you could say a wing is my signature. I won’t say that I’m perfect or a pro, but I think I’ve perfected it for myself. I love the KVD trooper liner! I live on the deluxe samples of those, so good! Your eyeliner looks great in this post, Simone.

    BTW loving your new blog design! I want that next post popup that you got going on in the right corner. I have not yet found anything like it for Elementor Pro 🙁

    xoxo Amanda | theaestheticedge.com

  5. Since quarantine, I have only been doing my liner and curling my lashes everyday. I have been so into winged eyeliner lately that I just had to read this post lol! You are really good at it, Simome. I love how your look turned out, especially the intense cat eye look.

    Thank you for sharing your tips. I definitely agree that it’s important to keep your eye shape in mind. I never used to do this before lol!

  6. Hi there, I have a very dry skin, I am using Kenzo – Power World (white and yellow box). It didn’t last longer than one hour,although it’s a EDP. I prefer strong scent, My favourite perfume is from Lancome, Miracle EDP. But I am 49 and maybe my PH balance of my skin is changed.

    1. Hi Marija! It does sound like your dry skin is the cause of your EDP not lasting long. Dry skin doesn’t hold perfume really well, as it kinda absorbs it. Have you tried moisturizing properly before spritzing on your perfume? You could also try to use some Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying your perfume to make the scent last longer. Vaseline forms a layer on the skin and prevents the perfume from getting absorbed quickly than if you were to spray it onto dry skin. Hope this helps, if not, feel free to let me know!