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  1. I agree that the Dose formula in these palettes is def powdery and produces kickback in the pan (and fallout on the face), but I don’t mind given how easy these shadows add to apply.

    I’m curious – do you have the friendcation palette? I wonder if the matte formula is different bc it is different from the formula in the iluvsarahii palette

    1. I don’t have the Friendcation palette sadly, have been thinking of purchasing it for at least 100 times lol but I didn’t. I don’t have the iluvsarahii palette either, is this one less powdery than this formula?

  2. This palette is stunning. I love brown shades for eye shadows as they work well for every occasion and they are perfect for every day. I just bought Huda beauty Obsessions mini Topaz palette as it has wearable shades for every day. xx

  3. I worry about the ingredients in this palette. I went to purchase it but looked at the ingredients list and the yellow and red dyes in it are flags for cancer. I really love the shades in this particular palette , but will have to pass for health reasons.
    I wish our products were better regulated in the USA.