2 Easy Ways To Style Your Curly Hair

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Looking for easy ways to style your curly hair? Look no further! Since I don’t have curly hair, I thought it would be a good idea to ask my fellow bloggers with curly hair to help me out. I’ve found two beautiful women who wanted to help me out with this post. I’m so happy and grateful that they want to share their tips with you. I decided to split the post into two separate blog posts and today is the second post: Georgia is sharing 2 Easy Ways To Style Your Curly Hair.

Last week, Audrey Elizabeth shared her 5 Curly Commandments for Lucious, Soft Curls. In addition to that post, Georgia will be sharing her 2 easy ways to style your curly hair in today’s post.

Let’s start off by introducing my lovely guest blogger of today: Georgia from BritVoyage.com. First of all, thank you so much, Georgia, for taking the time and write this informative post for my audience. I’m very grateful for your hard work! Please make sure to check out Georgia’s links and give her a follow. 

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2 Easy Ways To Style Your Curly Hair

Easy Ways To Style Your Curly Hair
2 Easy Ways To Style Your Curly Hair

I have curly hair – sort of. 

What I actually have is a barnet that is a horrific combination of thickness, curl, and frizz. I vividly remember the mortification I felt on my first day of a new secondary school at 12, when all the other girls had slick, straight hair, and I had a huge, blow-dried bouffant. My mum did tell me that I had hair like Farah Fawcett, that fashions always come in cycles, and it wouldn’t be long before the layered, shaggy style from the 70s would be back soon. I don’t know about you, but I’m still waiting!

I discovered the magic of hair straighteners a few months later. Now, about 15 years later, I still have the thickness, the curl, and the frizz, although it seems over a decade of straightening has trained my hair to ‘set’ a little better than it used to. 

Hair and beauty is definitely not my forte (probably why I went down the travel blogger route instead) so I don’t pretend to have a collection of secrets that will change your life, but I do have some ideas that you could try if you are as unfortunate as I am! 

If you want straight hair…

I wash my hair with a nourishing shampoo and conditioner, then towel dry it – patting, not rubbing, as it means my hair is less likely to frizz. Then I use a frizz reducing serum and a heat protection spray, before blow-drying. I use straighteners to style, so I don’t bother trying to blow dry like a professional, I just want hair that I can straighten.

Then, although it takes forever, I partition into really thin layers to straighten, which usually works well. The downside is that sometimes my top layer of hair doesn’t quite do what I want, and I have to accept it’s a half up/ half down day.

If you want curly hair…

I make sure I wash my hair the night before, using shampoo and conditioner, then lightly towel dry. At the moment, I avoid curling mousse products, but in the heat and humidity of summer, I use a blob of the stuff just after I’ve towel dried. Then I plait. 

For some reason, the only type of plaits I can do are Dutch braids, but any type of plaits will create a similar outcome. Spend the night with your hair in plaits, and the next day, you’ll have more defined ringlets. A light coat of hairspray usually keeps all the stray hairs in place, and also means that the curls are slightly more likely to set for longer. Sometimes, they even last three days. 

More often though, when I’m in a rush, I leave the plaits in for a day and always get a few compliments!

It’s taken me years to get a little control over my hair, and it has definitely come with its fair share of frustration and tears. Now, these little tricks have become my weekly routine. Fingers crossed they keep working!

Georgia – BritVoyage


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    i have wavy hair and I used to straighten them when i was younger. Now i just let them shine! love your tips !
    style frontier