First Time Trying Natasha Denona Products | Review

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I’ve been holding back from shopping Natasha Denona products since we all know that this is a pretty expensive brand. However, the products always look amazing and I have been wanting to try the brand for a long time. Now it’s finally time, I bought my first Natasha Denona products and I have tried them a while to give you guys my full thoughts. 

I’ve swatched a couple of Natasha Denona products during my trip to NYC last year. Even though everything swatched perfectly and I really liked the products, I couldn’t justify spending $48 (or even $129!) on an eyeshadow palette. Then Beautylish had a Natasha Denona sale and I decided to get 2 products: The Camel Eyeshadow palette and a Blush Duo. Before these products even arrived, the Sephora VIB sale kicked in (check out my huge haul here) and I couldn’t contain myself, so I got another Natasha Denona palette: The Mini Nude palette.  

Natasha Denona Products

Natasha Denona Products | Camel Palette, Blush Duo and Mini Nude palette.

As I said before, I got three different products all with discount. Here are the prices: 

  • Camel Palette – Normally $48, during the sale $38.40
  • Blush Duo 02 – Light Antique Rose – Normally $38, during the sale $30.40
  • Mini Nude palette – Normally $25, during the sale $21.25 

Total discount: $20.95


First Time Trying Natasha Denona Products | Review ⋆ Beautymone
Blush Duo 02 – Light Antique Rose

The blush compact was bigger than I expected, which is always a plus. The colors are very stunning. A lighter and a darker pink shade. I found out while using this duo, that I like mixing them together the most. It gives a perfect pinkish color to my cheeks. The pigment is great, it’s a bit softer on the arms than for example a shadow, but that’s good because you don’t want to have a super pigmented blush. It has the perfect payoff on the face and I overall really like this duo! 

Even though it’s pretty expensive, I do think it’s worth the money. I would even buy another blush duo in the future.

First Time Trying Natasha Denona Products | Review ⋆ Beautymone
Mini Nude Palette

All the shades in this palette swatched like butter. Very smooth and easy to apply to the arm but also to the eyes, which is the most important of course. I love the pigmentation of all colors in this palette. The top shade is my favorite, it’s so stunning! I’ve made so many lovely daily makeup looks and I’m obsessed! 

This palette has a warm undertone, where the Camel Palette is more cool-toned. 

First Time Trying Natasha Denona Products | Review ⋆ Beautymone
Camel Palette

Not really sure if my arm wasn’t feeling swatches or if it’s the actual shadow, but the top shade swatched patchy. I didn’t have this problem on my eyes though. All the other shades felt, just like the Mini Nude palette, like butter and apply very easy to my arm and eyes. I love how this palette is more cool-toned, for the days I don’t want a warm-toned look. I also love the shades and how well they blend together. 

Overall, I’m satisfied with the palette. However, I’m not sure if I think it’s worth the $48 you pay for it. For that money, you’ll be able to buy 12 pan palettes (for instance, the Norvina palette from ABH contains neutral cool-toned shades as well) with the same kind of colors you’ll get in this 5-pan palette. But I’m pretty sure I’ll be using this palette a lot. 

Final Thoughts

I think the blush duo and the Mini Nude palette are both definitely worth the money. When it comes to the Camel palette, I’m not sure. Even though I know I’ll use it a lot, I think there are more palettes on the market which you can get for the same prices with even more shades in it. 

After all, I would totally purchase Natasha Denona products again. I love the Sunrise palette and I really want to try a highlighter as well. 

Do you own any Natasha Denona products? Let me know in the comments! 

Hope to see you next time loves, 

xoxo Simone


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  1. 9.28.19
    Boss Babe Chronicles said:

    I love the Mini Nude Palette! I can only imagine how beautiful this will look at this time of the year!

  2. 9.28.19
    Kelly P. said:

    I haven’t tried anything from Natasha Denona. I do have a mini palette and I think I’ll be getting into it next month. I’m not sure I can do the $129 palettes, even on sale that’s a lot. I love hearing that you live the mini nude because I’ve been wanting it. Also really happy to hear that I could pass on the $48 palettes. I want the sunrise palette though because it’s beautiful and I absolutely live for sunrises. I’m obsessed with seeing sunrises new places everywhere we go. Thank you for an amazing review!!!

    • 10.2.19

      Thank you so much!! I also think $129 is just a lot for an eyeshadow palette, however I’m still so tempted to try one of the bigger palettes. The Sunrise palette is way more affordable and I love that one too so I’m probably going to buy that one lol.

  3. 9.29.19

    After a negative experience with the Mini Lila, I became very skeptical of the brand and really held back from trying any of her larger palettes or duos, both for face and eyes. However, I tried the Sunrise Palette and was blown away by the performance.

    I love how sheer and defused the colors in the blush duo, and 5-pan palettes looked in this post. I’ve heard that the Mini Nude is the best of the 5-pan minis from the brand, so it seems like that is def true based on your review. I love the undertones in the mini camel palette – they look almost grungy. I agree that $48.00 USD is def a lot for only 5 shadows but I do appreciate the ultra-curated color story. 🙂 TBH this makes me want to pick this up lol!

    • 9.29.19

      I can imagine that the mini Lila palette hold you back from buying! The Sunrise palette is so amazing though, I think I’ll probably end up buying that one…

      The tones in the Camel palette are pretty special though, I don’t think I have similar shades.

      • 9.30.19

        I will 100% own the Camel Palette one day lol. What do you think of the Biba or Safari Palettes? Those have tempted me too (and seem to get stellar reviews), but I’ve never purchased one of the large $100 USD+ palettes.

        • 9.30.19

          I’m actually in love with the Gold Palette and Biba Palette! I just can’t get myself to spend $100+ on a palette but I’m very tempted to buy one.. maybe one day with a huge discount lol

          • 9.30.19

            LOL with your shipping invention you’ll likely be able to get them heavily discounted b/c Sephora sometimes does special discounts on certain ND palettes during the VIB sales! Also, ND usually has a holiday sale!!

          • 9.30.19

            Ieeeh I’m so ready for the holidays lol! Ready to splurgeeee ?