FMK Rating 10 Beauty Brands Edition

January 5, 2021

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Have you ever heard about Fuck, Marry, Kill? The most popular version is to decide whether you want to fuck, marry, or “kill” a person, for example, a celebrity. Not literally, by the way. Today we’re doing the beauty brands edition! It’s basically a fun game where you have to choose your favorite product of a brand to marry, a product of a brand you could deal with for a short period of time, and one you don’t like at all.

Today’s post is a collaboration with The Newbury Girl and Blushy Darling. We thought it would be fun to do this challenge or tag, how you want to name it, together and so we decided to go over 10 beauty brands. 3 of them are the same (MAC, Fenty Beauty, and Charlotte Tilbury), the other 7 we picked ourselves.

We will pick a product we would marry, a product we would fuck and a product we would kill for each brand.

Fuck, Marry, Kill Beauty Brands Edition

1. MAC

  • Fuck: Glow Play Cream Blush
  • Marry: Matte Lipstick
  • Kill: Lipglass

The MAC Lipsticks are the OG and I love them a lot so I would marry them for sure. I also love their Cream Blushes but since I have to choose, I would fuck them because I have other cream blushes that could replace them. I would 100% kill the Lipglass lipgloss, they’re so sticky and thick.

2. Fenty Beauty

  • Fuck: Killawat Freestyle Highlighter
  • Marry: Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blushes
  • Kill: Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation

I absolutely love the Fenty Cream Blushes so I need to keep them in my collection forever. I would fuck the Killawat Highlighter because I don’t hate it but don’t love it either so I would use it every now and then. The Soft Matte foundation is a kill for sure. It’s oxidizes and looks so cakey.

3. Charlotte Tilbury

  • Fuck: Pillow Talk Eyeshadow Palette
  • Marry: Pillow Talk Matte Lipstick
  • Kill: Magic Cream Moisturizer

This was a hard one! From all the products I’ve tested from Charlotte Tilbury, I disliked the Magic Cream Moisturizer the most. I didn’t hate it but it’s not a favorite either. I would fuck the Pillow Talk Eyeshadow Palette because she’s beautiful and I can’t live without the Pillow Talk Matte Lipstick!

4. Kylie Cosmetics

  • Fuck: Velvet Lip Kits
  • Marry: Creamy concealer
  • Kill: The Grinch Palette

Picking a favorite product was almost impossible because Kylie Cosmetics is one of my favorite beauty brands. However, there’s one product I have been repurchasing so many times and that’s the concealer. I miss it if I’m not using it for a while! Kylie’s lip products are definitely one of my favorite formulas, the High Glosses would actually be worth it to marry too but if I have to pick one formula to fuck it’s the Velvet Lip Kits. They hit different lol! The Grinch palette is a KILL x100. You’ll understand if you read my review.

5. KKW Beauty

  • Fuck: Lip Liners
  • Marry: Eyeshadow Palettes
  • Kill: Baking Powder

Another one of my favorite beauty brands so again, this one was hard. The Baking Powder is a kill for me because it’s actually too expensive for what you’re getting. I would marry the eyeshadow palettes because they’re always amazing and the lip liners are so lovely I had to pick them too so they ended up being the ones I would fuck.

6. Tarte Cosmetics

  • Fuck: Eyeshadow Palettes
  • Marry: Shape Tape Concealer
  • Kill: Vegan Deodorant

I recently tried their vegan deodorant and it’s horrible. My armpit is totally white once I applied it, it takes so long for the product to get into the skin which I think is horrible. Moreover, I started sweating like a minute after (okay this is overdone lol) so it just didn’t work for me. However, I’m obsessed with the Shape Tape Concealer and I also love their eyeshadow palettes. I don’t want to run out of my Shape Tape whereas I can live without the eyeshadow palettes.

7. Nudestix

  • Fuck: Nudies Blush
  • Marry: Magnetic Luminous Eye Color
  • Kill: Magnetic Matte Lip Color

Nudestix is a fairly new brand to me and so far I only tried products I really love. The only reason why the Magnetic Matte Lip Color is a kill is that I could live without it BUT I do like it a lot. The Nudies Blush is so good as well, but the Magnetic Luminous Eye Colors are the ones that surprised me and made me fall in love with the brand!

8. bareMinerals

  • Fuck: Hailey Bieber – eh, I mean Mineralist Lipsticks
  • Marry: Bounce and Blur Powder Blush
  • Kill: Buttercream Lip Gloss

The Bounce and Blur Powder Blush really surprised me and I think it’s a great addition to my collection which I don’t want to see leaving anytime soon. I would fuck the Mineralist Lipsticks because I love a good, creamy lipstick and I would kill the Buttercream gloss because it’s slightly too thick for my likings (even though I don’t really hate it.)

9. Pat McGrath Labs

  • Fuck: Lust Lipgloss
  • Marry: Eyeshadow Palettes
  • Kill: Lip Liners

I haven’t really found a product I hate from Pat McGrath but the product I like the least is the lip liners. They’re not bad but I like a lip liner that’s slightly more creamy. The eyeshadow palettes won’t ever leave my collection, they’re just too stunning! The Lust Lipgloss is so so so glittery, as a makeup lover this looks like p*rn to me lmao.

10. Natasha Denona

  • Fuck: I Need A Nude Glow Highlighter
  • Marry: Eyeshadow Palettes
  • Kill: I Need A Nude Lipsticks

I literally fell in love with the highlighter, but since I can’t live without the eyeshadow palettes (I LIVE for the Glam Palette and the Bronze Palette!) it has to be the one I would fuck. I don’t think the Natasha Denona lipsticks are bad but they’re a kill because they’re not special either.

That’s it! Join us in the comments by sharing your Fuck, Marry, and Kill of one of the above-mentioned beauty brands! Also, don’t forget to check out the posts of my girls The Newbury Girl and Blushy Darling!

Comments (3)

  • Mimi

    January 5, 2021 at 6:32 pm

    I feel personally victimized by your hate towards the MAC Lipglasses haha I need to try the cream blushes, I don’t know why I haven’t but I think there was a shade I really liked so it’s going in the cart next since I also want a lip liner by them XD (to use with Kim KW since I’m trying to love it lol

  • Lottie

    January 8, 2021 at 11:21 pm

    This was such a fun read ? Charlotte Tilbury – Fuck: cheek to chic blusher, It’s good but I like other blushers too. Marry: Flawless finish powder, it’s my all time favourite powder. Kill: legendary brows, it didn’t do a lot for my eyebrows ? Lottie x

  • Sarah

    January 20, 2021 at 6:41 pm

    This was such a fab post to read! It was fun reading your opinions on your favourite and least favourite products from brands. Nudestix is on my radar and I seriously NEED to try the blushers because they look unreal.

    I also think the Magic Cream is overhyped. Whilst I liked it, it’s far too expensive for what it is and definitely isn’t as miraculous as Charlotte Tilbury claims it is. Glad to see you also like Tarte Shape Tape!

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