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  1. Oh this sounds a dream! Looked it up to see if it was a hyaluronic goodie or sneaky one (molecules small enough to sink in!) and it looks as though it’s a goodie! 😀 No wonder you love it so much! One to try I think, definitely. Going on my wish list! That Inkey list Omega Water one has also pricked my beauty ears though. One to have a look at too I think.

    1. Ohhh I hear a skincare expert! 🙂 I love that you checked it and to hear that it’s a goodie. Makes sense that I love it indeed. The Omega Water moisturizer is really great too, especially for the nice price point!

      1. Haha 😀 oh I wish but I have loved beauty for a long time! I recently saw another beauty blogger talking about hyaluronic acid, @thebeautyrecluse on Instagram, and it really intrigued me how they were talking about that actually it’s not one for them. They have more mature skin and really struggling with moisture and even with the hyaluronic goodies (the ones with varying molecular sizes, to aid absorption) the action of the hyaluronic acid brings all the moisture deep in their skin to it’s top layers, creating a plumper appearance and exterior of course but drawing the moisture out of the deeper layering of the skin and they haven’t got much moisturise to start with. They recommend adding in lots of good highly moisturising products and water-based products around the hyaluronic acid so the hyaluronic acid will draw on the moisture from those moisture-boosting products you put on your skin as opposed to the moisture deep down in your skin layers, with is best kept reserved down their for cell action. Super interesting!