12 Greatest Makeup Looks For Fall

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Even though I’m a summer girl, I love the coziness fall brings. Besides that, it includes some of my favorite Holidays too. I like to switch my makeup a bit, to fit the season. The makeup I wear in fall and winter is different than my summer and spring makeup. If you’re just like me and ready to switch things up: in today’s blog post I’m presenting you the greatest makeup looks for fall. 

Since it’s officially Fall, I think it’s time to share some of the greatest makeup looks for fall I found on the internet. Moreover, I will share some of my favorite products I think are very fall-proof. Are you looking for some fall makeup ideas? Then keep on reading.

The inspiration in this blog post is from Pinterest. It’s my inspiration for makeup looks, clothing, decoration, interior, everything! For today’s blog post, I’ve been searching around to find some super cute fall looks. Here are the looks I really adore!

12 Greatest Makeup Looks For Fall

Orange/brownish looks

Greatest Makeup Looks For Fall

Greatest Makeup Looks For Fall

Greatest Makeup Looks For Fall

I think that the orange/brownish looks are my fave for fall. I was always scared to wear orange eyeshadow but once I tried it, it actually made my blue eyes really pop. Since that moment, I love using orange and brown eyeshadows. The looks above are something I wish I could create, I love these looks! The first look is something I can create though, I love a subtle look for school or work and this is something I would go for.

The other 2 looks are heavier for a normal school or workday but still so pretty! Moreover, I really like orange and brownish lip colors for Fall as well! Sadly, orange/peachy colors make my teeth look more yellow but I really love these colors though. Brown is actually super nice on the lips, something I love to wear this time!

Burgundy looks 

Greatest Makeup Looks For Fall

Greatest Makeup Looks For Fall

Greatest Makeup Looks For Fall

Something I have fallen in love with lately is pinkish and burgundy looks. It just has something romantic and gives a warm feeling, which I really like. I’ve been experimenting with burgundy looks and it’s amazing, I would really recommend trying this if you never did. Warm rose or dark burgundy lips are super stunning as well. I never really wear dark lipstick, to be honest, but I really love it when I see other people wearing it. Moreover, the last picture has a burgundy wing, something I really want to try soon! It looks great on her!

Light/no make-up but dark lips 

Greatest Makeup Looks For Fall

Greatest Makeup Looks For Fall

Greatest Makeup Looks For Fall

Even though I think this isn’t something I would try myself, I do think this looks super awesome. It’s especially for the people who don’t really wear (a lot) makeup. If you want to experiment around or just try something new, it’s super awesome to try a dark lip. These girls above all look super pretty with a dark lip. This really makes me wanna try a darker lip too.. I’m not sure if I can pull it off just like these girls, but I’ll try! Anyway, it looks super awesome and I adore girls who wear dark lips.

Colorful looks

Greatest Makeup Looks For Fall

Greatest Makeup Looks For Fall

Greatest Makeup Looks For Fall

This is something I really really love, but I’m definitely not talented enough to create such gorgeous looks. I really love colorful Fall looks! The purple look is my favorite, I really like purple for Fall. The blue and teal colors are really attracting me as well, so awesome. I’m going to practice a lot and hopefully, I’ll ever be able to create such stunning looks. At least I can wear purple lipstick haha. Something that’s a little bit out of my comfort zone but which I think is super cute. As I said before, I also really like orangy lipsticks as well.


My favorite Fall products

So I decided to include some of my own personal favorites for Fall. I don’t own anything listed down below, but some things I have been eyeing for so long. The products I own and have reviewed are linked, so you can check my reviews to see further details.


  • Kylie Cosmetics Ginger & Pumpkin Lip Kits I really like both of them so much! Definitely, two gorgeous Fall shades, which I always wear during the Fall. Ginger has a more brownish undertone, while Pumpkin is orange. Go check them out if you’re looking for colors like this!
  • Kylie Cosmetics Leo & Hollyberry Lip Kits I don’t own one of these, but these are very pretty dark lip colors. Leo is a dark burgundy color, while Hollyberry is a deepened rich raspberry. Kylie Cosmetics has even more dark lip kits with different undertones. I would say, go check these shades out if you’re looking for something darker.
  • KKW Beauty Nude lipsticks & Peach lipsticks both of these lines have very pretty lipstick shades. They’ve very nude colors, but also darker colors if you’re looking for that. You have a lot of options with KKW Beauty. Go check them out to find your perfect shade!
  • Colourpop liquid lipsticks Colourpop has a lot of choices for not much money, so I would really recommend to check them out. I love their Lux Lipsticks, their Matte Liquid Lipsticks, their Ultra Blotted Lipsticks and their Satin lipsticks. All of them have darker shades, peachy shades, brownish shades. So much choice! 


  • ABH Norvina, Soft Glam, and Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palettes I have all three of them and I love them so much. I also think all three can make super awesome Fall looks. You should at least try one of these three palettes! Go check out my reviews and their site if you’re enthusiastic!
  • KKW Beauty Classic Blossom palette I’ve reviewed this palette very recently and really loved it. It’s really a perfect Fall palette. Check out my review to see swatches and my in-depth opinion.
  • Tarte Tartelette Toasted palette I also reviewed this palette recently and it’s amazing. It really has some pretty brown and orange colors in it, perfect for creating stunning Fall looks.
  • Colourpop eyeshadow palettes I definitely recommend trying Colourpop shadows if you haven’t tried these before. Their eyeshadow palettes (and single shadows) are amazing, love the quality and you don’t have to break the bank. If you plan on checking out their lippies, please check out their shadows as well. Their Good Sport palette, Yes, Please! palette, and Give It To Me Straight palette screaming Fall and are all under $20!

I hope you liked the fall inspiration I shared today! Let me know what you’re favorite fall look is in the comments.

Hope to see you next time loves,

xoxo Simone


Welcome to Beautymone! I'm Simone, a 24-year-old living in the Netherlands and graduated in Human Resource Management. I'm dog mama to Bailey, love to organize and I'm a true makeup hoarder.

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