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I’m not going to lie… I was so scared to remove my facial hair. However, the peach fuzz was slowly driving me crazy and got me to a point where I said ‘yes’ when Hollywood Browzer asked me if they could send me their Dermaplaning & Facial Hair Removal Tool. The dermaplaning side of it, trigged me even more to try the tool. You might be like me, scared to shave your face but on the fence if you should do it. You might even have a couple of questions before you dodge the bullet. Well, I did my research, tried it multiple times myself, and have my final thoughts ready.

Hollywood Browzer Dermaplaning & Facial Hair Removal Tool: What Is It?

This Dermaplaning and Facial Hair Removal tool can be used for eyebrow shaping, hair removal, and dermaplaning (removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz). A couple of different versions are available, such as a tool with just one side or like mine with a bigger and a smaller side. But it’s also available in different colors, in value packs, and kits.

This dual-sided beauty tool gives you perfectly shaped brows and smooth hair-free skin while exfoliating the skin at the same time with virtually no pain, redness, or irritation.

The Short Edge shapes the brows with ease and precision.  You can use the tip of the Short Edge to remove the hairs beneath the brow and the straight side of the Edge to give you clean lines above and between the brows.

The Long Edge removes hair and dead skin cells from the face. It removes peach fuzz from the cheeks, upper lip hair, chin hair, knuckle and toe hair, and hair on the back of the neck.

No need to go to the salon anymore for painful and inconvenient hair removal, brow shaping, and dermaplaning treatments.  You can now perform these same exact treatments to yourself in the comfort of your own home!

Hollywood Browzer

The dual-sided tool retails for $25 / €20,95 / £18 and is available on the Hollywood Browzer website. If you use my code BEAUTYMONE20 you’ll get 20% off your order! And I make a slight commission at no extra cost to you. Don’t feel forced to use my code, but if you do use it: thank you so much for supporting me!

Microfibre Puff

Hollywood Browzer also gifted me this microfibre puff which is a handy ‘companion’ to use with your Browzer during Dermaplaning treatments as it keeps the edge of the tool clean and void of buildup between strokes in order to give you the best results possible.  By wiping both sides of the edge on the Microfibre Puff throughout your treatment, you will keep the edge clean and in good condition, while also having somewhere to catch and gather your hair, dead skin cells, and built-up debris. I use this puff with every treatment and I like how it gives me a clear and clean tool before, during, and after.

How Does A Facial Hair Removal Tool Work?

It might sound trickier than it actually is because it’s very simple! You unfold the Browzer, place it at a 45-degree angle on clean, dry skin, and then use short, gentle strokes in one direction using the other hand to hold the skin. That’s it, hair will come off instantly with no pain! Be careful though, because it’s sharp and you can cut yourself – yep, I did this several times lol. I also recommend moisturizing after the treatment, it will hydrate and calm the skin. After usage, wipe it off with the microfibre puff or a dry cloth.

Is this tool only for the face?

The Hollywood Browzer tools are best for shaping the eyebrows (using it above, below, and between the brows) and also removing unwanted facial hair (peach fuzz, sideburns, upper lip hair, and chin hair.) It can also be used to remove hair on fingers and toes, back of the neck (especially between hair cuts), bikini line, and any stray hairs you find. You can also straighten out the hairline if you want to!

How Often Should You Use?

It depends on your preferences and the growth of your hair. So you might use it once a week, you might use it two to three times a week. It’s really up to you! I personally use the tool once or twice a week.

Does Your Hair Grow Back Darker And Thicker?

No! I was so scared of this since my mom used to tell me this all the time lol. The hair will grow back the same way it would if you were tweezing, threading, or waxing. It just might feel different when it grows back because it’s shorter at first obviously, this can feel a bit different than your normal ‘long’ peach fuzz. But I guarantee you, the hair doesn’t grow back darker and/or thicker at all.

How Long Does The Tool Last?

Well, it can last you forever but that’s definitely not recommended since it’ll lose its power over time. Hollywood Browzer recommends replacing your tool every 2-3 months for the best results.

My Brows Before & After

I’ve tried this as a facial hair removal tool all over my face a couple of times and even though I liked the effect of a clean, soft, and smooth feeling face, I like keeping it to just my brows. I have normal to combination skin, but it’s also slightly sensitive and my skin felt a bit dehydrated after using the tool all over the face. It wasn’t really irritating but still felt not happy. Using the tool on my brows works perfectly fine though!

Personally, I really like this tool for my brows. I have dark brown hair and have to really pluck them often to keep them looking sharp and not bushy. However, I still cry plucking my brow hairs lol! I just can’t help it. This tool is literally pain-free and super easy. The hairs are gone within seconds! I do like to use a Tweezer when I have to go really close up to the brows but for everything else, I just use the tool and it’s awesome.

Even though Hollywood Browzer says you can use this facial hair removal tool all over the face with sensitive skin too, I personally wouldn’t recommend it. However, if you’re so frustrated with the facial hair, you can use the tool but your skin might feel a little bit meh for a couple of hours. My skin was ok the next day so it is possible to use this tool with sensitive skin, I personally just didn’t think the peach fuzz was that bad for me to do this frequently. I might still remove the fuzz all over my face every now and then though.

This tool will probably work for most skin types though! I would be careful when you’re having dry skin because it could cause the same effect I had with my sensitive skin but if you use the tool softly and carefully, I think you’ll be completely fine using it! For the brows, I 100% recommend the Dermaplaning & Facial Hair Remover Tool! It’s just so easy to use and way more comfortable than tweezing the brows, in my opinion.

I can tell that this tool is a dermaplaning tool because it does remove dead skin and right after using the tool, as well as the next couple of days, my skin looked slightly more glowy than normal. I also feel like my skincare penetrated more effectively which I really liked. Overall, it’s a great tool! Don’t forget to use my 20% off code BEAUTYMONE20 if you’re planning on grabbing one!

Have you ever tried a Dermaplaning and/or Facial Hair Removal Tool? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I was always told that hair grows back thicker and darker too, so it’s good to know that it doesn’t haha! I wonder where that came from. This tool sounds great, and it’s good to know that it’s pain free because I hate plucking my eyebrows too xx

    Hannah | https://luxuryblush.co.uk/

    1. Clearly, it’s totally made up haha, I don’t know where it comes from but it seems like a lot of people think that hair grows back thicker and darker!

  2. I got on pretty well with my Hollywood Browzr too! I’m not very hairy but every now again, I do use it to remove unwanted peach fuzz 🙂

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