4 Tips On How To Clean Beauty Blenders Quick And Easily

January 2, 2021

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Have you ever wondered how to clean beauty blenders the easy and hygienic way? I know I did! I have been using a beauty blender (or makeup sponge) for years now which means I also needed to clean them. Yes, just like your makeup brushes, you need to clean your beauty blender too! Here are my 4 super easy ways to make your sponge look like it’s new.

How To Clean Beauty Blenders

1. Baby Shampoo

One of the easiest methods on how to clean beauty blenders is washing your beauty blenders with baby shampoo. Another benefit of this is that you might already have this at home! The baby shampoo is soft and doesn’t contain harsh ingredients which are better for your sponges because it won’t ruin them.

You have to wet the sponge, don’t fully squeeze all the water out, and then rub some baby shampoo in. After that, you have to rinse it with water. Do this until the water is clear and your sponge looks clean. You can add some more baby shampoo if needed! After this, let the sponges air dry.

2. Washing Machine

This method is most worthwhile if you have multiple sponges to wash because I won’t recommend throwing in your sponges with your other items unless you have the Makeup Eraser sponge. For other sponges, use a lingerie bag and throw your sponges in it, then throw the lingerie bag in the (empty!) washing machine. Use some liquid sponge cleanser to fully clean them. After this, let the sponges air dry.

This method works even better if you have the Makeup Eraser sponge as I do. It’s the burgundy one in the picture above. This sponge already comes with a wash ball and is made with special “WashTech” which prevents the makeup to transfer to any other item in the washing machine. You can also easily put it into the dryer! In my opinion, this is literally the easiest way to wash and dry your sponge + this sponge is designed for this so no risks of damaging it.

3. Sponge Soap

Nowadays there’s also specially designed soap on the market to cleanse your makeup sponges with. I’ve tried the Coloured Raine Sponge Cleaners before, which I think works amazingly and I use this frequently to cleanse not only my Coloured Raine sponges but all of them if I just want to do a quick hand wash.

Beauty Blender for example sells solid soap as well as liquid soap specially designed for your sponges and brushes. This way you just know it won’t damage your sponges and it’ll help you to easily clean them.

Just use to soap to rub into your sponge and make sure it starts to lather up, then rinse under water. Do this until the water and sponge are all clear and clean. After that, let your sponge air dry.

4. Microwave

This one might sound weird but I promise you it works! Use a microwave proof mug to make a little soap and water mixture. You can use baby shampoo or designed sponge soap for this, just squeeze a couple of drops in the water. Before you put your sponge into the mixture, make sure to wet your sponge.

Once you’ve put your wet sponge into the soap and water mixture, place it into the microwave for one minute. Wait a bit for it to cool down before grabbing it and you’ll see that the water is full of dirt and your sponge is perfectly clean! Just give it a final squeeze and rinse under clean water to make sure all the access is out of your sponge. Then just let it air dry.

Did you know how to clean beauty blenders? If so, which method do you use to clean them? Let me know in the comments!

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Comments (3)

  • Lottie

    January 8, 2021 at 11:26 pm

    Omg I did not know you could put them in the washing machine! I would have thought it would damage them. Also the microwave one is interesting. I normally just use soap and water, sometimes shampoo. But I don’t find it the easiest and doesn’t get out the foundation stains. Lottie x

  • Sarah

    January 20, 2021 at 6:47 pm

    I’ve tried the microwave method before but I had no idea you could put your beauty blenders in the washing machine. That’s a great idea! I just use washing up liquid normally and that works a treat. However, the washing machine method seems even easier

    1. Simone

      February 7, 2021 at 1:31 pm

      It really is so easy, like you basically don’t have to do anything yourself except putting them in and out of the washing machine lol. 🙂

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