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How To Dye Hair ⋆ Beautymone
Published by Simone de Vlaming on January 30, 2021

AD – Gifted | I have never dyed my hair at home, by myself ever before. I didn’t even know how to dye hair at home. I normally let my hairdresser take care of it because I don’t want to ruin my hair. However, we’re in a lockdown here in the Netherlands which means that stores, restaurants, and places like hairdressers and nail salons are closed. Just before the lockdown, I was thinking about dying my hair back to my own color since I’ve had highlights for a while now and I was done with the look of it. I wanted to schedule an appointment with my hairdresser and boom, a lockdown.

It must have been meant to be because quickly after that I was approached by eSalon and they asked me if I wanted to test out their products. Uhm… yes, please! This was the perfect opportunity for me to dye my hair back to my original hair color. Thank you so much eSalon for gifting me these products!

eSalon isn’t the typical at-home dye that you would get at your local drugstore. Nope! It’s a custom hair color kit, made by a professional and personal hair colorist. Sounds good right?! You might be wondering how this works so I’m going to explain the exact process first.

eSalon: how it works

How To Dye Hair At Home With Esalon Products

The first step is creating an account. Here you can add details about your hair, your hair history (such as if you’ve dyed it before), and even add a picture of your current hair color. Moreover, this is also the place to tell about your ultimate hair color goal. So in my case, I added a picture of my hair which was lightened with highlights and my ultimate hair color was dark brown, which is my natural hair color. I wanted it to be a neutral tone, so it wouldn’t be too warm or too cold.

Then your personal & professional licensed hair colorist individually crafts your blend, factoring in everything from your features to your hair type. The woman who created my personal kit even contacted me to give some advice and asked what I thought of it which I think is so nice. It felt so personal and I love how she understood what my wishes are and gave me great advice. This person didn’t even see my hair in real life but she knew exactly what was best for my hair based on the info and pictures I gave her!

I’ve had hairdressers in the past who saw my hair in real life but still didn’t really know how to work with it properly and ended up hurting the health of my hair. So all the credits go to the professional colorists behind eSalon, you guys are awesome!

The last step is basically receiving your custom hair color kit at your doorstep. You’ll get a fully personalized kit, with your name on the bottle too! Moreover, you’ll get very detailed, personalized instruction as well. This feels so nice because you know it’s not just a general, vague instruction but it’s made for you and your wishes.

I probably don’t have to dye my hair again if I don’t want to since I went back to my normal color but if you’re someone who does need to dye your hair often, it’s possible to let your hair color autoship to you every 6-8-10 weeks (whatever your needs are) so you won’t have to think about it anymore! You’ll even get 20% off when you do! It’s also possible to just get your color once or to adjust your color if you want something else. The options are endless!

Since I was so excited to dye my hair, I totally forgot to take proper packaging pictures before dying my hair! I’ll be showing a picture from eSalon so you can see how your custom hair color kit arrives at your doorstep below. I did an unboxing over at my Instagram where you can see how the packaging looks like and all the products I’ve got. I saved it under my ‘unboxing’ highlight!

How To Dye Hair ⋆ Beautymone

In the kit is an instruction as I said, your own color, the developer, 2x gloves, shampoo and conditioner, stain guard, and stain remover. You even get a brush so you can easily apply the hair dye with it if you want to. Everything you need to dye your hair at home. Which makes the process so so so easy!

On top of that, I ordered Classic Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner to make sure I could take care of my hair even after I dyed it. This is optional of course, but eSalon has a variety of hair care products as well as hair treatment and hair styling products. They also sell accessories and tools, such as gloves, hair clips, a digital timer, a brush, a coloring bowl, a protective cape, a stain guard, and a stain remover.

As I mentioned, in your first kit you’ll already get gloves, a brush, a stain guard, and a stain remover but it’s great to have the option to order extra tools if you want to such as the hair clips and the protective cape. And that’s what I did, I also got the protective cape because we don’t have lots of old towels and I wanted to be sure I didn’t ruin anything lol.

How To Dye Hair At Home

Since you’ll get your personal instruction, I’m not going into how to dye hair at home too deeply but I wanted to give you some tips since it was my first time and it’s what I’ve noticed.

Tip 1: I would ask someone to help you with dying your hair, mostly for the back. Even though it is possible to do it by yourself, I found it easier to ask my mom to help me dye the back of my hair. She could also check the back to make sure I dyed all of my hair.

Tip 2: I would suggest getting hair clips if you have long hair. You might have some hair clips at home already, then use these but if you don’t make sure to get them. I used some clips I had at home but quickly figured it didn’t make it easier because they were too big. Next time I’ll be ordering the eSalon clips!

Tip 3: The eSalon cape is awesome! It protected my clothes perfectly since it’s longer than most of the towels I have at home plus you don’t have to ruin any towels if you don’t have older ones. Moreover, it was easy to clean it as well. I’m glad I’ve got this one!

Tip 4: This might be because it was my first time ever, but it can become pretty messy when you dye your hair so make sure to dye your hair at a place that’s easy to clean (for example, in the bathroom or even in the shower). Try to clean it as quickly as possible because you don’t want forever stains on your interior.

Tip 5: I didn’t find the hair dye drying out or hurting my hair but I still recommend treating your hair properly afterward. Not only right after dying it but also the upcoming times you are going to wash your hair. In case you need some hair mask inspiration, here are the 5 best hair masks for damaged hair.

my thoughts

Since this was my first time dying my hair, I was pretty nervous I would ruin it or that I wouldn’t know what to do. However, I didn’t have to be nervous because the eSalon instruction leads you through the process easily and perfectly. It was all very easy and my hair turned out amazing! I’m so so so so happy I decided to dye it with eSalon products and treat them with their products afterward too. I also love the shampoo and conditioner, my hair looks amazing and feels soft and hydrated while the color looks great!

The process of picking out my color and sharing details as well as the contact I’ve had with the colorist was amazing. It’s the most important reason why I trusted this brand so much, it felt so personal & so easy but still so professional. And one of the most important things too, you don’t have to break the bank for the high-quality and support you get!

The products are affordable like you can get the whole customized kit and support for not even $35! Their hair care products and tools are affordable as well which I think is amazing. It’s a very easy way, high-quality, with lots of support for a very affordable price. I 1000% recommend eSalon!

Classic Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner

How To Dye Hair,How To Dye Hair At Home

I also ordered Classic Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner to make sure I could take care of my hair even after I dyed it. The Classic Conditioner is my personal fave! It made my hair super soft as well as healthy-looking. It helped to detangle my hair too, which is great! The shampoo is nice too, but since my scalp is so sensitive for almost all shampoos, this eventually didn’t work for me. However, I do like to apply this on my ends and use my normal shampoo (which my scalp is ok with) on my scalp. If you don’t have a sensitive scalp, I’m pretty sure you’ll like the shampoo!

Do you know how to dye hair at home? Have you ever done it before? Let me know in the comments below!

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How To Dye Hair ⋆ Beautymone

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