How To Install Clip-In Hair Extensions

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How To Install Clip-In Hair Extensions ⋆ Beautymone
Published by Simone de Vlaming on April 30, 2024

Are you dreaming of longer, fuller hair but dread the commitment or cost of salon extensions? You’re in luck! Clip-in hair extensions offer a fabulous, flexible solution to transform your look in minutes from the comfort of your home.

Whether you’re prepping for a special occasion or just want to switch up your daily style, mastering the art of clip-ins is easier than you might think. This article will guide you through how to install clip-in hair extensions at every step, from preparing and sectioning your hair to securing it in place for a flawless finish.

Get ready to unlock the secrets to effortlessly enhancing your hair’s length and volume with clip-in extensions. Immerse yourself in the experience and discover how you can achieve salon-worthy hair without stepping out your door.

Essential Tools For Installation: What You Need

Make sure you’re prepped before you start the installation process! To make this all easier, you just need a few tools and hair extensions, of course. These essentials will have you clipping in those extensions like a pro.

I’m using the clip-in hair extensions from Irresistible Me for this post. They have many different options, such as just one color clip-in extensions, as I reviewed before (check my Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review here), but they’ve added new styles, including ombre and balayage. The clip-in hair extensions I got are the #2-6 light ombre. Besides the hair extensions, you need the following:

The hair extensions were gifted by Irresistible Me but without obligation to post certain content. I use these extensions because I really like them.

A Comb And Brush

First things first, a good comb and brush are non-negotiable. You’ll need a brush to detangle your hair before you can even start to think about installation. A smooth mane ensures an easy and seamless installation of those clip-ins.

You’ll need a comb to help you section your hair. I find that a comb is the easiest to use, but if you can do it with a brush, that’s fine, too!

Clips to Divide and Conquer

Small hair clips or sectioning clips will be your allies when dividing your hair into sections. They help you work on one area at a time, ensuring that each extension is placed perfectly. Plus, they prevent those already-styled sections from mingling with the ones you’re working on. Clips are a must to avoid tangling and potential damage to the hair.

The Might of the Mirror

I guess you already know this, but ensuring you have a good mirror setup can make or break your clip-in installation try. It’s impossible to apply hair extensions if you don’t see sh*t haha.

A large mirror to see the back of your head or, even better, a three-way mirror will work wonders. You’ll want to see your handiwork from all angles to ensure the clips are placed in their spots.

Hairspray – Your New Best Friend

A small tip that can help if you have thin hair and you’re afraid that the extensions will glide out: Spritz a bit of hairspray at the roots before teasing to give your extensions something to hold onto. Look for a light-hold spray to avoid a crunchy situation.

I find that the Irresistible Me hair extensions don’t glide out of my hair. I do have thick hair, though but I also think this has to do with the high quality of the hair extensions.

Preparing Your Natural Hair

Before diving in, we need to prepare our hair. Like our natural hair, but you also want to lay out your extensions. I like to lay them out on size and open the clips for the easiest installation. After this step, we’re focusing on our own hair:

Detangle Your Hair

This step is crucial, or it can end up being a tangled disaster (and painful, too). Start by gently brushing your hair, beginning at the ends and working your way up to the roots. Before moving on, your hair should be as smooth as a cheesy pickup line (like this one lol).

Decide On The Style

Do you want straight hair, waves, or curls? It might be a smart move to decide on the style before you start. You may want to straighten or curl your natural hair before you start the installation process. It’s unnecessary, but you may want to consider curling your hair extensions before applying them.

You can style the hair after installing the hair extensions, but this process is often a bit harder. You have to avoid pulling the extensions, and it’s harder to reach all the hair, in my opinion.

Section & Prepare for Install

Grab that tail comb (or any comb, really, but tail combs have that finesse) and start creating clean lines in your hair. Think of your head as divided into top, middle, and nape zones.

Here’s a pro tip: Start with the lowest section at the nape of your neck. Clip the rest of your hair out of the way. This initial section is the foundation of your extension masterpiece. It’s where you’ll clip in the first wefts.

How To Install Clip-In Hair Extensions: Step-By-Step Guide

Those long, luscious locks have always been a dream of mine- and I have quite long and thick hair already, but I always wanted 2011 Miley Cyrus hair. These clip-ins fulfill my dream! So, if you also dream of this, let’s turn that dream into reality!

Starting with the Lowest Weft

Start by sectioning off a thin strip of hair at the nape of your neck. Scoop up a comb and create a straight line (as much as possible; mine is also a bit jiggly) or a U-line from one ear to the other, clipping the rest of your hair up and out of the way. This is where your first weft comes into play.

Tease the roots a little with your comb for an extra grip if you want to—but it isn’t necessary. Then, open those clips if you haven’t already done so and align the weft with the roots, pressing firmly to secure. I use the 4-clip extensions as my first “layer.”

Re-Section and Prep Hair For Second Clip-In

Next up, you’re moving on up, literally. About an inch from your first masterpiece, you will section off another layer of hair.

Repeat the teasing ritual if needed. Then, bring in your second clip-in, ensuring it feels as secure as the first. I use another 4-clip piece.

Working Your Way Up

Each layer presents an opportunity to add more volume and length. However, the number of pieces you install depends on your personal preference and hair type. You may need more or fewer pieces than I do, so this is where you need to check in the mirror how it looks and where/if you need more pieces.

Adjust the size of the wefts as you move up, ensuring that each piece blends seamlessly with your natural hair. The higher you go, opt for 3 or 2 pieces, and finish off using one piece for sections you feel you need.

Securing the Side Pieces

Last but certainly not least, let’s not forget about those side pieces. They’re the cherry on top of your glamorous sundae, framing your face and blending everything together. Section off areas near your temples and prepare them just like before—section, tease, and clip.

The video is by Go Sleek Hair Company.

Blending Clip-Ins For A Natural Look

Let’s jump into how you can master the seamless integration of your clip-ins with your natural hair, making it look like you were born with those voluminous locks.

For this section, I decided to show you the results with straight hair and curled hair. Straight hair blends easier with my natural hair, but this might be curls for others. Either way, I wanted to show you both so you can judge yourself.

Styling Tips for Seamless Integration

Have you ever watched a magic show and wondered how the magician pulled off a trick? Well, blending clip-ins is somewhat similar, minus the rabbits and hats. Here’s how to make the magic happen with your hair:

  1. Color Match Like a Pro: First, ensure your clip-ins perfectly match your hair color or intended color. Slight variations can give away your secret. If you’re unsure, use the Irresistible Me Recommendation Quiz. If you still ordered the wrong color, know that you can dye the hair extensions.
  2. Cut and Layer: Sometimes, clip-ins can look a bit too perfect. An odd sentence, right? But it’s true. Consider getting them cut or layered by a professional hairstylist to look natural. This will help them blend seamlessly with the different lengths in your natural hair. You can even ask them to dye them if the color doesn’t fully match if you’re afraid to do it yourself.
  3. Style Together: Once your clip-ins are securely in place, style your hair as you usually would—curl, straighten, or wave. Styling your natural hair and extensions together helps unify the texture and shape, creating an indistinguishable blend between your hair and the extensions.
  4. The Root of the Matter: If you’ve got thinner hair, teasing the roots before clipping in your extensions can provide extra hold and volume. This helps conceal the clips and adds a lift that integrates the extensions more naturally.
  5. Mind the Gap: Make sure to evenly distribute your clip-ins around your head to avoid any gaps. A common trick is to follow the U-shape of your head when applying the extensions, ensuring a balanced and natural silhouette.

Managing Different Hair Lengths and Textures

Mixing short hair with long extensions or blending straight extensions with curly hair might sound like a recipe for disaster, but it’s totally doable with a few tricks up your sleeve:

  1. Strategic Placement: For those with shorter hair, place the clip-ins low on your head to ensure the top layers of your natural hair can sufficiently cover the clips. This helps the extensions to flow more naturally from your hair.
  2. Curly and Wavy Textures: If your hair isn’t the same texture as your extensions, don’t fret. Apply the clip-ins, then use a curling iron or straightener to style your natural hair and the extensions together. This creates a unified texture, making it difficult to tell where your hair ends and the extensions begin.

Just a reminder, the hair extensions are ombre, so the bottom is indeed lighter than the top. As my natural hair also has some sort of a natural ombre effect, I thought these extensions would look good- and they do indeed blend well with my own hair color!

And no, I’m not leaving the house with one straight side and one curly, if you may be wondering. This is for this guide only, haha.

Troubleshooting Common Clip-In Installation Issues

Let’s get real: sometimes, getting those clip-ins to cooperate feels more like wrangling a wild beast than performing a simple beauty routine. You’ve got this, though! Let’s tackle some of those pesky issues together so you can transform your hair with minimal drama.

Visibility: Playing Peekaboo with Your Extensions

Nothing screams, “I’m wearing extensions!” more than a clip making a surprise appearance. Avoid this fashion faux pas by ensuring you’re not clipping too close to the hairline.

Leave enough of your natural hair on top to act as a concealing layer for your extensions. A little strategic placement goes a long way in keeping your secret safe.

Mismatched Lengths: The Tale of Two Tresses

So, you’ve got your extensions in, but instead of seamless, goddess-like tresses, you’re looking more…choppy. The key to blending is layering. If your natural hair is significantly shorter than your extensions, consider having them cut or layered by a professional.

Tangled Tresses: A Knotty Situation

Extensions love to tangle but fear not. The solution is surprisingly simple: brush, brush, then brush some more. Before installation, ensure your natural hair is free of knots.

Once your extensions are in, gently brush them together with your natural hair to promote unity in your newfound length. Just be gentle – those clips are strong but not invincible.

Video by Kayley Melissa


Now that you’ve got the scoop on installing clip-in hair extensions, you’re all set to elevate your hair game from the comfort of your home. Don’t forget to check out Irresistible Me for one of the highest-quality hair extensions I’ve ever tried- for a very, very good price point!

Also, they’re currently having a Mother’s Day sale, and you can get up to 50% off their products, including their clip-in hair extensions! However, they also sell tape-ins, wigs, toppers, and ponytails, so there are endless options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can put in clip-in hair extensions yourself. It may take some practice, though, but it’s definitely possible!

It’s not that hard if you prepare and section your hair. Actually, once you get the hang of it, clip-in hair extensions can be applied in a matter of minutes.

You can wear them all day; however, sleeping with them is not recommended. Take them off before you go to bed, and reinstall them in the morning.

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