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  1. Ooo this was SO fascinating to read! Now that you’re ordering from Sephora & Ulta, can you take advantage of the reward system, too??

  2. I’ve been waiting for you to write this post and it’s so smart yet so simple. You’re an absolute saint for sharing this and I fear you might have opened a can of worms for me as now I know how to access brands and products that I wasn’t able to before. Thank you SO much for sharing, I’ve pinned this tab and will be investigating shortly x

  3. Oh my gosh, I had no idea this was even possible. You are an absolute angel for writing and sharing this! My daughters are always complaining that they really want to buy stuff from certain stores in the US but they don’t ship here. And now, there is a way! Massive massive thank you!

  4. Hi I was wondering if you know of any websites that do this reversed. I live in the US and was wanting to order makeup from Essence and the items are only available in Germany.

    1. Hey Virginia! Do you know if Essence in Germany ships to the UK? MyUS does have the option to ship to a UK postal address and then ship it to the US. If they don’t, I saw this website: EshopWedrop.com which seems to offer this! I haven’t used this website before so I can’t share my experience but might be worth checking out! 🙂