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Normally I’m not able to keep packages closed for a while to do a huge unboxing. Thanks to my vacation I wasn’t able to open the packages that were deliverd. So when I got back home, there were 5 packages waiting for me to be opened! Are you ready for this HUGE Makeup Unboxing?!

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It actually felt like Christmas when I got home and collected all my packages. I’ve never had so many packages waiting for me and I was super excited. Moreover, I made my first ever Youtube video! If you would like to see me unboxing the packages, you can check out my video here. This blog post is an addition to the video, for the people who like to see a more in-depth view of the products. 

HUGE Makeup Unboxing

HUGE Makeup Unboxing | Beautymone
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I’ve got two packages of Kylie Cosmetics, one with the new Summer Collection and one with a haul I did when they had a sale. I also ordered products from Colourpop and Tarte, which was my first online Tarte order (and I already want to do another one lol). The latest order I did was at a local beauty store, Douglas, which sells some of my favorite brands like BECCA.  

Colourpop Package

HUGE Makeup Unboxing | Colourpop Lippie Balm & Liquid Liner

I actually did this order a while back, but it got lost during transit. The Colourpop Customer Service is amazing and sent me a replacement package. I ordered three Lippie Balms since I really liked the first one I tried (it’s actually in my Empty Makeup Products blog post). Moreover, I really wanted to try the Liquid Liner in black since I love liquid liners. You’ll see I ordered another liquid liner later on in this haul. I might be doing a Beauty Battle to see which one is my favorite!  

Tarte Package

HUGE Makeup Unboxing | Tarte Shape Shape Concealer
HUGE Makeup Unboxing | Tarte Tarteist Pro Lash Glue

Normally, I have to pay customs when my packages from outside Europe arrive in my country. So to make sure I wouldn’t have the biggest custom charge (the more I order, the higher the charge) I just ordered two products. One of them had to be the Shape Tape concealer since I’ve been dying to try it! The other product is Tarteist PRO lash adhesive which is a black fake lash glue. I’m actually very new to wearing fake lashes so I thought it would be nice to have black lash glue since I’m definitely not a pro in applying them and I don’t want to show off the white glue to the world lol.  

Kylie Cosmetics Summer Collection

HUGE Makeup Unboxing | Kylie Cosmetics Summer Collection 2019

This package was the hardest one not being able to open. I was very excited about this since it contains two new Kylie Cosmetics products. The Lip Blush formula is new and the Eye Glaze formula is new. I’m not going much into detail because I’m working on a separate blog post where I’ll swatch the products and give my thoughts. But one thing, the packaging is so cute and my overall impression is very good. 

Douglas Package

HUGE Makeup Unboxing | Douglas order with Too Faced Eyeliner, Too Faced Primer, BECCA Champagne Pop, BECCA Lipstick Truffle and Yves Saint Laurent Mascara
HUGE Makeup Unboxing | Douglas Samples Too Faced, Benefit and Collistar

This was actually a huge order, but Douglas had a 25% discount on everything and so I had to go for it. Products from Too Faced and BECCA are almost always not included in a sale but this time they were so I couldn’t pass this. Moreover, they also gave me samples from Benefit, Too Faced and Collistar! 

I didn’t have the BECCA Champagne Pop highlighter in my collection yet and I have been wanting it for years. When BECCA launched a limited edition with all Champagne Pop products and special packaging, I just knew I had to get it. Moreover, I really wanted to try another BECCA lipstick since I was looking for my perfect nude lipstick, so I got the shade Truffle

Then I had to get a normal version of my Yves Saint Laurent mascara. I tried the waterproof version on my vacation and I fell in love so I had to get the normal version. I actually think this is my new favorite mascara! 

Last but not least, are my two Too Faced products. I love the Better Than Sex Mascara so I really wanted to try the Better Than Sex Eyeliner to see if it’s just as good. Moreover, I already tried the Too Faced Cooling Matte Skin Perfecting Primer, which I liked, but heard that the Hangover primer is even better so I got the spray since the cream one sold out. I like a spray so I don’t mind trying it this way. 

Kylie Cosmetics Discount Package

HUGE Makeup Unboxing | Kylie Cosmetics Kybrow, blush, eyeshadow palette, concealer and lip liner

This order contains mostly back-ups. I love the Kybrow pencil and gel, so I got a back up of them (just in time, because my pencil is empty!). I got a back-up Kris Jenner Give Me A Kiss lip liner since it’s one of my fave lip liners and a Gypsum concealer back-up. The Pink Flower blush is new to my collection (I ordered it before but it sold out and I got refunded), just like the Halloween 2018 eyeshadow palette. The palette was 50% off and yeah, the addict in me had to buy it lol. 

What is the latest product you bought? 

Hope to see you next time loves, 

xoxo Simone


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  1. 8.4.19

    Ahh so many amazing goodies – can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Shape Tape as I’ve still never tried that concealer!

    My last buy before my No-Buy was the Jouer Molten Glow Highlighter. It look so stunning and I’ve heard it is a great dupe for the ABH Amreezy highlighter.

    • 8.4.19

      Oh my God, I need to try that Jouer highlighter! I love the Amrezy highlighter so a dupe is always a good idea lol.