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The Ilios Lighting Ring Light With Mirror is a gift sent from above. You have no idea how long I’ve been looking for the perfect makeup mirror with a ring light or another type of perfect lighting.

It’s been such a long search; I settled with a mirror and some lightbulbs from IKEA. Does it work? Yes. Do I wish there were better options? 100x Yes. Do you recognize the lighting struggle?

How does it sound to find a makeup mirror with a ring light in three different color modes, five different dimming levels, and a 5x reversible mirror on the other side, approved by makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic and Kim Kardashian herself?

I thought I was dreaming, but… it exists! And I’m so excited to show you everything the Ilios Lighting Ring Light With Mirror has to offer! What you can expect to find out:

  • Why I think you need a ring light mirror
  • What I love about the Ilios Lighting Ring Light With Mirror
  • Showing you exactly what’s included when you get the mirror
  • Every color mode and five dimming levels were tested so that you could see the effect
  • Why do content creators need this ring light for makeup content (or any type of video content)

And if that isn’t enough already, I have a special discount code for you! Keep on scrolling for all the deets.

Ilios Lighting Introduction

Ilios (pronounced as Ē•lē•ōs) means sun (a star that the earth orbits/sunlight, daylight in Greek and was founded by Kelly Mondora.

“Kelly has leveraged her decades of experience building lighting for the film and photography industry to offer a higher-quality alternative to the sub-standard makeup mirrors currently on the market,” stated the website.

Kelly wanted the well-respected perspective of a makeup artist, so she reached out to Mario Dedivanovic, who we all know as Makeup By Mario.

Mario has been in the makeup industry for years and years, is Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist (and many more celebrities!), and has his own beauty brand ‘Makeup By Mario,’ which launched in 2020.

Kelly then folded in photographer Jerry Ghionis to gain insight from the photographer’s perspective. Jerry is widely celebrated as being among the top five best wedding photographers in the world. Moreover, he also shares his knowledge through photography training, online and offline.

This combination is truly incredible, as all three of them have lots of knowledge! Three industry experts are bringing perfect light to the beauty industry.

And I couldn’t be more excited! As you may know, I look up to Mario and his expertise, so I was excited to hear he was a part of the process.

What Is The Ilios Lighting Ring Light With Mirror

Ilios Lighting Ring Light With Mirror

According to the Ilios Lighting website, “The Beauty Ring is the first all-in one makeup mirror and ring light combination designed by lighting experts and perfected by celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic.”

It retails for $259 ($233.10 if you use my code BEAUTYMONE10) and is available at IliosLighting.co Its easy and intuitive design includes five brightness settings and three color modes offering perfect lighting for makeup, skincare, content creation, and more. It can truly transform your morning makeup routine. The three color modes are Warm, Cool & Blend.

  • Cool – Mimics daylight, ideal for makeup application & skincare.
  • Blend – A perfect mix between cool & warm.
  • Warm – Mimics candlelight.

On top of these three modes, there are also five different brightness levels. This means you can influence the amount of light you want to work with. Thanks to the mirror’s signature light diffusion, you can bet it’s far brighter than any other mirror you’ve tried.

And if you want to get up close, you can easily turn the mirror around and be magnified 5x so that you can easily see every detail in true color. For example, I love to use the brightest light and a 5x mirror to shape my brows.

This makes it so easy to pluck all the hair! I use the normal mirror, mode Cool or Blend, and level 4 brightness for makeup application.

I often play around with these settings, though, depending on the weather and/or the available (outside) lighting.

Discount Code: BEAUTYMONE10
Works on any purchase. If you use my code BEAUTYMONE10, you get 10% off your entire order!

Now a little extra bonus for my fellow content creators: The Makeup Mirror includes a phone holder! You must just pop out the mirror and shove the arm out easily.

The smartphone arm is built-in, meaning no loose parts to deal with or extra clutter on your vanity. It’s now a ring light mirror with a phone holder; oh my gosh!

I truly LOVE this feature as it’s super helpful for us content creators because having good lighting is often so hard to find.

Ilios Lighting Ring Light Modes


Material: Aluminum & Polycarbonate
Mirror: Distortion Free Float Glass 
Magnification: 1x & 5x Reversible
Lux: Up to 10,000
Power Modes: 5 Brightness Levels
Color Rendering Index: 98 CRI (mimicking true daylight)
Kelvin: 5500K Cool / 4400K Blend / 3200K Warm
Power Supply: 12v 3a / 100-240v
Cord Length: 8′ (2.4m)
Size: 21″ x 15″ x 6.4″ (53.3 x 38.1 x 16.2 cm)
Weight: 6.5 lbs. (2.9 kg)
Warranty: One Year Against Manufacturer Defects


If you purchase the Beauty Light alone, you’ll get (1) Ring Light, (1) 1x / 5x Reversible Mirror, (1) Tabletop Base, (1) Phone Holder (1) Power Cord. It’s optional to purchase the magnetic 10x mirror, light stand, and travel case if you want to.

Discount Code: BEAUTYMONE10
Works on any purchase. If you use my code BEAUTYMONE10, you get 10% off your entire order!

3 Color Modes Demonstration

5 Levels Brightness Demonstration

I wanted to show the difference between the five levels of brightness, but this was pretty hard to capture properly. I decided to take 15 selfies (lol, such dedication), so you can see the different colors and brightness.

Ilios Lighting Makeup Mirror Review

I imagine you’d be like, ‘Jeez, $259 for a mirror?’ and yes, it is quite an investment, BUT you’ll get so much in return! First of all, start by using my code BEAUTYMONE for a 10% discount to save some money.

On top of that, the quality of this mirror is so good and well-made; it looks amazing and is super sturdy. It’s an investment for years and years to come!

Moreover, you’ll get a double-sided mirror and a phone holder in one, it has the perfect lighting that’s adjustable to your preferences, and you can charge your phone with the USB portal on the backside of the mirror. What do you want more?!

I love the three types of light modes so that you can play around depending on the current light situation or your personal preferences.

My favorite mode is Blend, which is the perfect combination of cool and warm lighting. I love to use mode Cool for precise makeup application or doing my brows.

If I take a flatlay or film a reel with the mirror, I tend to use the Cool mode. If I film myself, I use Blend most of the time. I still like to play around with this, though, just as the brightness.

The brightness levels I like the best are 3, 4, and 5, which are the brightest ones. If I do my makeup, often 3 or 4 is enough lighting (if it’s light outside) for perfect application.

I like five the most for content creation or if I want to see every pore, hair, or blemish on my face. I seriously feel like this mirror + light is what my esthetician uses, too; like so professional is the Ilios Mirror.

If you’re a content creator, you probably recognize the lighting struggle. Lots of us invested in ring lights, softboxes, you name it! This Makeup Mirror is literally perfect for daily use ánd content creation, so that’s a huge win-win and 2 for the price of 1.

Discount Code: BEAUTYMONE10
Works on any purchase. If you use my code BEAUTYMONE10, you get 10% off your entire order!

What I also really like, is that the phone arm is a permanent part of the mirror and that you can easily hide it or use it whenever you want.

Even the actual phone holder, which is a loose part, can be hidden at the back of the mirror. In the photo above, you can see what the back of the mirror looks like, where the arm and USB portal is, and also how to store the actual phone holder.

The best part of this all: it means no loose parts and a clean vanity, which I truly like!

Final Verdict On The Ilios Lighting Makeup Mirror

From the moment I got this mirror, I fell in love. It truly is the perfect mirror and ring light in one.

You can tell that three amazing, knowledgeable people came together to create the perfect lighting for beauty lovers and content creators because they’ve thought about every little thing possible.

I really haven’t found anything negative about this mirror! I would 100% recommend getting this Ilios Makeup Mirror if you’re open to investing in the perfect lighting.

I promise you; you won’t regret this purchase. Again don’t forget to use code BEAUTYMONE10 for 10% off.

10Expert Score
Ilios Lighting Ring Light With Mirror
From the moment I got this mirror, I fell in love. It truly is the perfect mirror and ring light in one. You can tell that three amazing, knowledgeable people came together to create the perfect lighting for beauty lovers and content creators because they’ve thought about every little thing possible. I haven’t found anything negative about this mirror!
Ease of Use
  • Easy to use, lots of lighting options
  • Perfect for doing your makeup or creating content
  • Phone holder included, as well as a USB port for charging your phone
  • It’s a bit of a financial investment

Frequently Asked Questions

In this case, Ilios Lighting made it super easy for us already. Once you purchase the mirror, it comes in a box with all the parts you need, and it’s super easy to put together. Next, you have to plug it into a power point, and voila, there is your light! With the buttons on the mirror, you’ll be able to adjust the settings to your preferences. It’s that easy!

This kinda depends on how you look at it. Because of the lighting, you can easily see all pores, uneven skin tone, blemishes, or any other skin problem you may deal with. However, I do think it makes you look better in photos and videos though! Good lighting is so important for correct makeup application and content creation.

Yes! They ship internationally using FedEx, and transit times range from 2-7 days which is quick. On top of that, Beauty Light is multi-voltage, which means it can be used worldwide. They even include the appropriate plug adapter based on the country they ship to. What a service!

shop the post internationally

Ilios Lighting products are also available at Dillard’s and Beauty Bay. Mind you, my discount code only works on the Ilios website.


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