My Thoughts On The Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Lipstick Scandal | First Impression

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I like to support YouTube influencers if I can and so I was excited to support Jaclyn Hill with her new cosmetics line Jaclyn Cosmetics. I’m a lipstick lover and her nude collection looked stunning, so when the lipsticks launched I was able to get two of them and I was so happy. But then… the grossest pictures and stories started to circulate on the internet and the whole launch became a huge scandal. In today’s blog post, I’m going to share my thoughts on the Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics lipstick scandal and I’m going to insert pictures of my own lipsticks. 

First of all, I haven’t tried the lipsticks on my lips and I didn’t swatch them either. I’m not providing swatches today since I’m not sure if they’re safe to use and I won’t risk my health. Let’s talk about my thoughts on the Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics lipstick scandal.

What happened?

I’m not going to share the whole drama again, if you want to know more about it all then I recommend checking out Tea Spill’s video here. But if you’re a part of the beauty community I think you already saw a lot about this drama. Basically, when everyone started receiving their lipsticks, people were experiencing black holes, fuzz, hairs, weird spots, graininess, particles in it…. well I think that’s enough to say it’s very bad.  

You might understand I started to slightly panic since I ordered them as well. I followed everything around these lipsticks. In the meantime, Jaclyn came out with a video on her YouTube channel saying the lipsticks are safe to use and that she’ll provide a refund to whoever got less than perfect lipsticks. 

My Thoughts On The Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Lipstick Scandal

Even though Jaclyn said they’re safe to use, I’m not really believing they are. I’m not using them before I’m 100% sure they’re safe and right now, I’m just not sure at all. However, I’ve seen lipsticks looking way worse than mine, I’m still terrified. I mean, if one of them is contaminated then I think all of them are. 

I’m very very very disappointed in Jaclyn Hill since this is actually infecting people’s health and that’s just not okay. I’m actually believing the theory about the lipsticks being old and if that’s true, then it means Jaclyn only cares about money and not about people’s health which I think is horrible. 

I just really hope that this isn’t the case. And moreover, I’m not here to bash on Jaclyn. I would’ve commented like this on whoever would’ve done this. I just hope Jaclyn is able to step up from this mistake but for me, this was the first time and last time ordering from her brand.  

The Actual Lipsticks

So I finally got the lipsticks in the mail and I was so scared to even open them. I didn’t know how they would look like and those pictures circulating around didn’t make me very happy. In the end, I think I’m pretty Lucky since I’ve seen way worse. But that doesn’t mean mine was perfect. They weren’t. I ordered Amazeballs and As If, both very stunning lipsticks. When seeing them in real life, I would’ve loved to use them though. 

After opening Amazeballs, I immediately saw a huge spot on the lipstick. I’ve seen other people having this issue as well. I don’t really know what it is. It kinda looks like it melted but also it doesn’t? It’s just a weird huge spot that I’ll show you in the picture beneath.  

My Thoughts On The Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Lipstick Scandal | First Impression

However, they don’t smell bad (it has a slightly candylike smell to it which I don’t think is bad at all) and overall it doesn’t really look bad. Just that one huge weird spot.

The next one is As If and it contains some black holes, little fuzzies and is a little damaged. I’ll show you my pictures beneath. 

My Thoughts On The Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Lipstick Scandal | First Impression
My Thoughts On The Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Lipstick Scandal | First Impression

As you can tell, it’s not really bad. It has some black holes on the front and is slightly damaged. It has some small fuzzies on the tube and the lipstick but I’ve seen worse. Also, this shade doesn’t smell bad at all. 

Overall thoughts

Even though my lipsticks aren’t looking that bad I’m still worried about the safety. I’ve also sent these pictures to the Customer Service and asked for a refund. I’m not going to play around with my safety and I hope that you’re not either if you’ve also bought these lipsticks. Better safe than sorry! 

Once again, I don’t want to bash anyone. I just hope Jaclyn can make this right and I just hope the lipsticks are truly safe. For now, please don’t use or buy the lipsticks. Be careful and just wait a while to see how this goes. 

Did you buy these lipsticks? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

Hope to see you next time loves, 

xoxo Simone


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