KKW Beauty Baking Powder In Translucent Review

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Even though I don’t bake my makeup, I really like setting it with powder. This way my makeup stays on longer, won’t look oily and doesn’t crease easily. Atleast, that’s what a setting powder is supposed to do. Today we’re testing out if this KKW Beauty Baking Powder is a good setting powder, as well as how the formula works for my skin and if it makes my makeup long wearing. Curious to see my thoughts? Then keep on reading! 

Recently, KKW Beauty came out with a 3 step concealer kit. It contains a concealer, a baking powder, and a brightening powder. If you decide to buy the bundle, it’ll include 2 dual-ended brushes as well. The products are available individually as well.

I have to admit I first wanted to buy the bundle but the moment I found out that the products don’t contain a lot, I decided to go for just one product instead and test it out first. Also, I’m really loving my Kylie Cosmetics concealer, so I didn’t really feel the need to try another formula.

Since I haven’t used a lot of baking powders yet, I thought it would be nice to try one. I was most excited about the brightening powder but wasn’t able to get it. This baking powder came second om my list, so I went for the KKW Beauty Baking Powder in Translucent.

Just like the other products, KKW Beauty came out with 4 different shades to match multiple skin tones. I went for baking powder Translucent because that’s the lightest shade and I was sure it would match me.

KKW Beauty Baking Powder

KKW Beauty Baking Powder In Translucent Review

It’s a typical translucent setting/baking powder and it feels very smooth. The packaging is pretty small, which doesn’t really bother me when using the powder but I do prefer a bigger packaging like the Kylie Cosmetics setting powders.

I used this powder the morning after a night with less sleep and I had bags under my eyes. I didn’t expect this powder to do really much to my under eye bags because I thought it would only set my concealer. But I was so wrong! My bags almost fully disappeared! How awesome?! It helped my makeup stay on all day and I barely noticed any creasing. Only a little bit around my smile lines after a whole day of wearing makeup, which isn’t bad at all.


KKW Beauty Baking Powder In Translucent Review

Product Information

This is what stated on the KKW Beauty website:

Silky pressed powders infused with fine brightening pearls which add radiance under the eyes and help to create a fresh and awakened look.

The KKW Beauty Baking Powders are $18 each and contain 0.123 OZ. / 3.50 g. To be honest, I do think it’s a bit overpriced for the amount of product you get. Let’s compare to the best selling setting powder out there, the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. This one retails for $38, which looks like it’s way more expensive but you’ll get 1.0 OZ / 28.4 g.

This means that you’ll pay $5.10 for one gram with KKW Beauty meanwhile you pay $1.34 for one gram of the Laura Mercier powder. If you could buy the KKW Beauty Baking Powder with the same amount of product as the Laura Mercier one, you would need to pay $144.84. That difference is insane and shows you that the KKW Beauty Baking Powder is overpriced.

Even though I enjoy this powder a lot, there are way more affordable options out there and powders which maybe look expensive but contain way more product (such as the Laura Mercier one). This is why I wouldn’t recommend the KKW Beauty Baking Powder.

Hope to see you next time loves,

xoxo Simone


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