KKW Beauty Classic Blossom Collection Palette & Blush

I’m literally obsessed with everything KKW Beauty came out with lately. The palettes look great, the lipsticks look awesome and now there’s even blush! So I think Kim Kardashian is really doing a great job with her brand. Moreover, I couldn’t wait to buy something from the Classic Blossom Collection and here it is!

KKW Beauty first came out with the Classic Collection, a collection with neutral shades and very Kim Kardashian like. The Classic Collection contained a palette, 4 lipsticks, and 4 lip liners. I recently did a review on the palette, a lipstick and lip liner. You can check out this review here. Anyway, I was very happy with how these products performed and I really loved it all.

Lately, I have been loving pinkish/berry kinda colors and surprisingly KKW Beauty revealed the Classic Blossom collection. This collection is based on the love Kim has for cherry blossom trees. I really love the campaign photos they came out with. Very feminine and very pretty with the cherry blossoms. So I was sold the minute I saw this palette! But KKW Beauty also included their first ever blushes. I love how the brand is expanding their products. The collection includes a palette, 8 lipsticks, 3 lip liners, and 3 blushes.  I also really like the lipsticks and lip liners but for this review, I only ordered the palette and one blush first. Even though I really like all the blushes, I decided to choose one to test out if I like the formula before I would buy all of them. Moreover, I do think that Karma might be too dark for me.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the individual products!

Classic Blossom Collection – Grace Blush

First of all, here’s the packaging of the blush. It’s pretty simple, it has the signature pinkish color and has see-through details as well. The container itself is pretty small but I don’t really mind that. It super travel-friendly this way and the packaging feels very steady. On the back of the container, you can see the name and how much product it contains.

Here’s the actual inside of the blush. The color looks very stunning. However, I do think this is only wearable for fair to light skin tones. It might be too light for darker complexions. But that’s probably why KKW Beauty made 3 different colors, to cover all different skin tones.

The blush is a pink rose with light gold pearls. I don’t really see anything of the pearls in the pan, it looks more like a matte blush. However, I don’t want a blush to be super shiny (that’s why we have highlighters right?) so I’m fine with soft pearls.


The left picture is taken with natural light and the right picture is taken with a flashlight. This blush is buildable, which is normal for a blush to not be very pigmented in one swipe. The color is very pretty and you can see a little bit of the light gold pearls. I don’t really see the pearls on the face but what I said before, I don’t need a very shiny blush.

The blush is pigmented and if you dip in too much, you’ll have very much product on your brush. The first time I used the blush I was too excited and dipped in three times, that was a little too heavy on my cheeks haha. However, this means that you don’t need a lot of products and that means even though this blush is small, it’s not empty very quick. Little goes a long way, right?

Classic Blossom Collection – The palette

The packaging of the palette is identical to the Classic Collection palette. Again, it’s the same pinkish nude color. Very simple design, very minimalistic but very luxurious. The names are on the back. Even though I really like the packaging, it’s not easy to see from a distance which palette you’ll grab if you have both the Classic palette and the Classic Blossom palette. You have to open it before you can tell which one it is.

The actual inside of the palette is breathtaking. I love the colors so much! It’s giving me fall vibes but you can wear this all year round in my opinion. Again, also this palette contains a huge mirror. Sadly the palette hasn’t the shade names in front of the palette which I know a lot of people prefer. However, the palette looks stunning in the pans!

Shade description

Chi – Matte light pink
Japan – Matte pale baby pink
Baby – Matte light saddle brown
Tree – Matte soft pinky beige
Samurai – Metallic vibrant rose gold
West – Metallic icy rose gold
Cherry – Metallic cranberry
Season – Matte deep purple with purple shimmer
Blossom – Metallic red-brown
Hanami – Matte Burgundy
The names are cute, however, I liked the names in the Classic Collection palette more because it made me really think about the West family. I see some references to the family in these names as well and that’s cute. Anyway, overall the names are cute.


The left picture is taken with natural light and the right picture is taken with a flashlight. From top to bottom: Chi, Baby, Samurai, Cherry, Blossom, Japan, Tree, West, Season and Hanami.

All of them swatches very smoothly and felt very soft. The last two shades, Season and Hanami, are a little bit patchy but I promise it looks a little bit worse on the pictures than in real life. The metallics are so buttery and pigmented, I do think I love them the most. Moreover, the mattes perform very well and pigmented as well. The shades in this palette are absolutely amazing and I’m so happy I bought this palette! The shadows blend very easily and you can create so many beautiful looks with this palette.

The KKW Beauty palettes are definitely one of my favorite palettes ever. The quality is amazing and it’s really worth your money.

Product information

  • The blush contains 0.12 oz. / 3.35 g and retails for $18.
  • The palette contains 10 x 0.06 oz. / 10 x 1.70 g and retails for $45.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t tried any KKW Beauty products yet, I think you definitely should try something! My favorite products are the palettes, the blushes and also their lipsticks. However, all the products I own from KKW Beauty are my favorite products and I almost use everything on a daily base. This collection is truly amazing, I’m in love with the products I already got but I’m going to buy more for sure.

Hope to see you next time loves,



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