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This KKW Beauty Mrs. West Collection felt super special to me since it’s all about the wedding of Kim and Kanye. Kim did this collection to celebrate her 5th wedding anniversary and I really think that’s awesome. With this collection, it’s possible to recreate Kim’s wedding look. Moreover, the collection also contains exclusive pictures of their wedding (well pictures of Kim though) on the packaging. 

The KKW Beauty Mrs. West Collection is a limited edition collection and almost everything is sold out already. Only the lipstick and lipgloss are still available. If you like these, I recommend being quick though because this collection is not going to restock ever again. 

KKW Beauty Mrs. West Collection Products

Kkw Beauty Mrs. West Collection | Review

I really wanted the whole bundle because I actually like every single product in this collection. Moreover, I just really loved the picture of Kim on the bundle packaging and I’m a sucker for some pretty packaging lol. I’m actually going to put the packaging as decoration in my room though since I adore it and it fits my room perfectly. 

Alright, the products in this collection are the following: 

  • Mrs. West eyeshadow palette with 6 shades 
  • ‘Love’ creme lipstick 
  • ‘Love’ lip liner 
  • ‘Soulmate’ lip gloss
  • ‘Forever’ highlighter 
  • ‘Flower Wall’ blush 

KKW Beauty’s packaging is normally soft pink but for this collection, it is actually in a very gorgeous off white shade to match the wedding theme and her wedding dress. I already love Kim’s normal packaging, because I like the simplicity but this off white packaging is actually so stunning. It’s matte as well and I just adore it. 

I bought the bundle for $100 which I think is a fair price for the products you get in this collection. The only thing that bothers me is that I still have to pay $14.95 shipping costs and I would love to see free (international as well as domestic) shipping above a certain amount of money. So Kim, if you see this, can you please make that happen? 🙂 

Where Can I Get KKW Beauty? 

KKW Beauty is only available on its website www.kkwbeauty.com.  

The Mrs. West Eyeshadow Palette

Kkw Beauty Mrs. West Collection | Review

I love KKW Beauty’s eyeshadow palettes, I actually own all of them. The pigmentation and color schemes are always exactly what I like. So is this gorgeous palette. I love these shades! Very romantic and classy shades, with some metallics and mattes to create a perfect look.  

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Forever Highlighter & Flower Wall Blush

Kkw Beauty Mrs. West Collection | Review
Kkw Beauty Mrs. West Collection | Review

The highlighter and blush are pretty small, just like these are always this size. But they’re very pigmented so you don’t need much and they’re very travel-friendly! Both the shades are very suitable for my skin tone and I really like the look of them. 

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Love Lipstick and Love Lippencil

Kkw Beauty Mrs. West Collection | Review
Kkw Beauty Mrs. West Collection | Review

(Sorry for my nails, I just don’t have time to get them done…) 

I thought they would’ve been more pinkish but I do like both the colors. KKW Beauty’s lip pencils are definitely one of my favorites since they’re very creamy. The KKW Beauty lipsticks are pretty but I don’t really like the smell, they smell like cheap makeup and so does the inside of the component look like as well. I think that’s a bummer because the lipstick itself is very good and doesn’t deserve a cheap look. 

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Soulmate Lipgloss

Kkw Beauty Mrs. West Collection | Review

Even though Kylie’s High Glosses are my favorite glosses ever, I do like the KKW Beauty ones as well. They’re not sticky and I like the applicator. This one is a very pretty light peachy pink shade and I think it looks great on top of the lip pencil or lipstick and lip pencil.

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Kkw Beauty Mrs. West Collection | Review
Left to right: Soulmate Gloss, Love Lipstick and Love Lip pencil.
Kkw Beauty Mrs. West Collection | Review
Top to bottom: Flower Wall Blush and Forever Highlighter
Kkw Beauty Mrs. West Collection | Review
Left to right: Just Married (Matte Deep Sable Brown), May 24 (Matte taupe brown), Field of Dreams (Matte dusty rose), Mrs. West (Metallic rose gold), Etched in Stone (Matte soft pink) and PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!! (Metallic pale champagne gold).

I’m not really sure what caused that little spot in the shade Just Married, but it just didn’t want to swatch on that part on my arm. I don’t think it’s the shadow but just a weird spot on my arm that wasn’t feeling to get swatched lol. The shadows all performed very well, very pigmented as you can see and they’re so easy to blend. I truly like the colors and the metallic rose gold shade, Mrs. West, is my favorite one. This palette is an awesome go-to palette and I love it! 

Both the blush and the highlighter swatched very easily and the pigmentation is very good. I always need to watch out using a KKW Beauty blush on my face since it’s sometimes slightly too pigmented and I will look like a clown if I dive in too much lol. The highlighter had a little fall-out when I swatched it but nothing really bad. 

I didn’t expect the lip pencil to be this dark since I thought it would match the lipstick. However, I think it’s a good mix with the lipstick and lipgloss to darken it up a bit and make them a bit more of a nude shade. The lipstick and lipgloss are pretty light though, so I don’t think these will fit all skin tones. I’m going to play around with the products and see if I like other combos with other products too. But the lipstick, pencil, and gloss itself are very pigmented and nice products. 

As I said before, the bundle is sold out but you can still check it out on the website here. Moreover, I would recommend checking out the lipstick and gloss if you like them. 

What do you think of this collection? Let me know in the comments!

Hope to see you next time loves, 

xoxo Simone


  1. I love the look of the highlighter and blush and all the lip products! They look so soft, but still so pigmented!

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