KKW Beauty: Powder Contour & Highlight kit

Kim Kardashian is a beauty icon to me, cause she is always looking flawless and looks like she ‘woke up like that.’ I love how natural she looks, even though she is still wearing makeup. When she announced her makeup brand KKW Beauty I was super excited! I’ve waited a while with buying stuff to see what people thought about it, but to be honest, I just needed her make-up in my life!

The first product I bought two weeks ago, is her Powder Contour & Highlight kit. It arrived here two days ago and of course, I had to write down my thoughts as soon as possible! The kit has 4 big pans with 2 highlighters and 2 contour shades. I bought the light kit, because I’m pale haha, but there are 2 other versions as well: a medium kit and a dark kit. I love that she made 3 versions so that every skin tone has its own perfect kit!

The picture is from KKW Beauty

When you buy the kit, you get a two-sided brush as well. One with a rounded side and one with an angled side. The rounded side is for applying highlighter and the angled side is for applying the contour shades. I saw a lot of hate about this brush, but to be honest I really liked it. It applied easy and didn’t look smudgy at all. The rounded brush can be a little too big for applying highlighter if you like a subtle look, but for me it’s perfect.

Here’s the beauty itself….

So stunning wow!! As you can see it really has HUGE pans. They contain 4x 0.26 OZ/7.5 gram. You definitely get a lot of product for your money! As you can see there’s a huge mirror in it as well, which is pretty easy for traveling or if you don’t have a mirror with you. I didn’t expect really blinding highlighters, because Kim has more of a natural glow but girl I was wrong! These babies are blinding! A really big plus: they’re buildable so if you’re not really into glowing as f*ck, you can do a natural look as well.

The right contour shade actually is a perfect natural contour shade to me! It doesn’t make you look muddy gladly. The left contour shade is more like a bronzer to me, cause of the warm undertone. But that’s definitely fine cause this kit is everything in one for me. I actually used both shades as eyeshadow and it looked good surprisingly, so that’s also an option to use this kit for!

Here are some swatches! Left is taken with daylight and right is taken with my lamp on. As you can see it’s perfect for light skin tone, It doesn’t look too dark but just natural. I do think it’s so gorgeous!

The product

This is what is stated on the KKW Beauty website:

Contour, shade, sculpt and highlight with the KKW Beauty Powder Contour & Highlight Kit. The soft, buildable powder formula makes application easy and blends effortlessly for a seamless look. The pressed powder quad features two matte contour shades, ideal for sculpting hollows of cheeks, hairline nose and jawline, and two shimmer highlight shades for brightening and adding glow to cheekbones, cupid’s bow, nose, corners of the eyes, collar bones and any areas you want to add radiant shimmer. Layer the two shimmer highlight shades for a more intense glow. Use the angled brush to apply and blend the contour shades, and the rounded brush to apply the highlighter shades.

The price 

I bought this beauty when it was on sale on Valentine’s Day, I guess it was around $32 but I had to pay $14,95 shipping costs for international shipping. A total of $46,95 which is 38 euros. In the Netherlands, we have to pay customs so when it arrived I had to pay another 18 euros to get it delivered.  The normal price of this product is $52. That’s 42 euros and the shipping costs are 12 euros. When you live in Europe I might be possible that you have to pay customs so keep that in mind.
Moreover, I do think this kit is worth every penny I’ve spent on it. It’s literally amazing! I can’t wait to buy the créme contour stick and her upcoming collection with her make-up artist Mario!
I already own her créme lipsticks which she made for Kylie Cosmetics. If you like seeing an article about these lipsticks, let me know!

Where to buy? 

This kit is ONLY available on her website www.kkwbeauty.com
Please watch out with fakes going around everywhere. These fake products are really dangerous!
Hope to see you next time loves,

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