KKW Beauty Sooo Fire Eyeshadow Palette | Review & Swatches

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Kim Kardashian is the queen of natural makeup. She’s barely wearing something super bright. But with the KKW Beauty Sooo Fire Eyeshadow Palette she definitely came out of her comfort zone. Normally, her brand matches her image perfectly but this palette is finally a pop of color between all the very neutral looking products. I’m excited for this palette and in today’s blogpost I’m sharing my thoughts, swatches and more. 

Since the first time I’ve used a KKW Beauty palette, I’ve been raving about the quality. I’ve reviewed the KKW Beauty x Mario palette, KKW Beauty Classic palette, and KKW Beauty Classic Blossom palette. Not to mention Kim did two little mini palettes: one in her Glam Bible Bundle and one in her Mrs. West Collection. Both mini palettes were amazing as well. 

In the meantime, KKW Beauty launched three new palettes and I’m pretty sure I’m going to pick them up too but I’m actually waiting for Black Friday. Anyway, I was excited I finally got my hands on this palette! I told myself I had to wait since this palette was actually part of the KKW Beauty summer collection. But my spendings got a bit out of hand in July and August.

The palette was discounted during the 2019 Labor Day sale so I ended up buying the palette. 

KKW Beauty Sooo Fire Eyeshadow Palette

KKW Beauty Sooo Fire Eyeshadow Palette | Review & Swatches

The KKW Beauty Sooo Fire eyeshadow palette is still close to a neutral palette, but it has some pop of colors with the yellow metallic and the two orangy shades. However, I can imagine this is not a typical color palette for people who love making bright and colorful looks. 

The palette contains 10 shades net wt. 10 x 0.06 oz. (10 x 1.70 g) and retails for $45. 

Shade description 

KILAUEA: Matte soft peach
CRATER OF HEKLA: Matte warm soft golden brown
FIRE: Matte burnt orange
FIERY ERUPTION: Metallic rich fiery red
PELE’S CURSE: Matte rich brick brown
BURNT & BRONZED: Metallic golden bronze
LAVA: Matte brick orange with orange pearl
MOLTEN MAGMA: Metallic orange ginger
GOLDEN EMBER: Metallic bright yellow gold
VOLCANIC HAZE: Matte true brown with gold pearl

KKW Beauty Sooo Fire Eyeshadow Palette | Review & Swatches

The palette swatched very easy, pigmented and not patchy at all. However, I do need to mention that my swatches aren’t as bright as the swatches on the KKW Beauty website. In the end, the pops of color aren’t even that popping. I’m pretty sure you can wet your brush to make sure the brighter colors pop more though. 

Overall, the palette blends very easily. You can create beautiful looks with it and it’s just very easy to work with. 

My favorite shade in the palette is Fiery Eruption. It’s such a beautiful metallic shade in a gorgeous color. 

I would recommend this palette if you’re a neutral lover just like me. This will give you a warm look but not a super colorful look. If that’s what you’re looking for, I think you’ll be disappointed in the shade range. However, the quality and pigment are very good. 

See you next time loves, 

xoxo Simone


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  1. 10.24.19
    Zandra Castillo said:

    I love makeup! I am so happy I found this blog. I will definitely have to try this eye shadow palette.

  2. 10.24.19
    Katrina said:

    I’ve never used any of her products before, but this palette looks beautiful! I’m loving all the warm tones that are in trend lately. They’re so fun. These glitters also look so pigmented in the pan! I’d die to test them out. I might have to check out one of her palettes one day.

    • 10.24.19

      I really recommend trying one of KKW Beauty’s palettes, all of them are very beautiful and pigmented. I really love the warm tones too, fits this season perfectly!

  3. 10.24.19

    Whoa these shades are so up my alley! I need to get my hands on this x

  4. 10.24.19

    Gorgeous shades! I’ve never tried any of KKW beauty but this palette looks nice.

  5. 10.26.19

    I really like how you described this as being great for a neutral lover because had seems so accurate. The color story seems like like a neutral colorful palette.

    • 10.26.19

      I think this palette can give a bit of false hope when you see the pans/the packaging. It’s definitely more colorful than a normal KKW Beauty palette but I’m pretty sure a colorful palette lover would be disappointed. Neutral colorful is the best way to describe it I guess lol.