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Kimoji Cherry ⋆ Beautymone
Published by Simone de Vlaming on December 24, 2019

How cute does this Kimoji Cherry fragrance look?! Ordering fragrances online has been a risk but after refraining myself for so long, I just had to try a couple of scents. The Kimoji Cherry is one of the KKW Fragrances I’ve bought recently. I really hope KKW Fragrance will come to more stores for people to smell it first. I know KKW Fragrance is available at Ulta now (I don’t think all the fragrances are available though) but we, international customers, want to smell them in person too! However, I ordered the KKW Fragrance Kimoji Cherry perfume to see if I would like it and today I’m going to share my thoughts. 

I’m someone who loves sweeter scents, I don’t like floral scents. How this Kimoji Cherry fragrance is described on the website, I felt like I would actually like this one. So I ordered based on the description. I also bought the KKW Fragrance x Kylie Jenner Pink Lips one, which I really like. Would this Kimoji Cherry one be something I’d like? I tested it out. For we dive into my thoughts, let’s start off with the description of the scent. 

KKW Fragrance Kimoji Cherry

Kkw Fragrances Kimoji Cherry Review

Cherry is the smell of sweet temptation… a deliciously composed fragrance featuring juicy red cherry, luscious raspberry and sweet strawberry paired with romantic cherry blossom and gardenia petals… the base lures you with the innocence of vanilla, woods and musk

Opening: Juicy Red Cherry, Luscious Raspberry, Sweet Strawberry

Heart: Cherry Blossom, Gardenia Petals, Vanilla Orchid

Finish: Whipped Vanilla, Blonde Woods, Musk

The Kimoji Cherry fragrance contains 50ml and retails for $45. Check out the KKW Fragrance website if you’re interested in buying here. 

I have to admit that I was a bit scared because this fragrance contains flowers which I normally don’t like. But the Whipped Vanilla, Musk and Sweet Strawberry have persuaded me. 

My Thoughts

I actually really like the Kimoji Cherry! I was pretty scared and thought I would like this one the least. It’s a fresh but sweet smell and you can definitely smell cherries. I’m not obsessed with how this wears though, because I feel like it’s not that longlasting.

It’s definitely more an Eau de Toilette instead of Eau de Parfum. I would actually see teenagers wearing this since it’s not too heavy and still fresh and sweet. Also, I do think the packaging would be more suitable for teenagers but I like how this looks like an actual emoji. 

Overall, I really like the smell. I’m a bit disappointed in the wear time since I think is around the 1-2 hours max. Because of that, it kinda makes the fragrance expensive to me. Moreover, I also feel like this packaging is pretty wasteful since it’s plastic. 

Since I see more disadvantages than benefits, I wouldn’t purchase Kimoji Cherry again. However, I’m still going to use this fragrance until it’s empty. 

Did you ever buy a fragrance online before you smelled it? 

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  1. I enjoyed your blog post about KKW fragrance kimoji cherry review. I wanted to try one of her perfumes but wasn’t for sure which one to pick. Definitely going to get this fragrance!

  2. The KKW fragrances always have such cute packaging but I would totally be bummed if a scent wore off after only 2 hours.

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