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Published by Simone de Vlaming on January 14, 2020

The moment I saw the KVD Vegan Beauty Lolita Por Vida Eyeshadow Palette, I knew it was made for me. I felt like it had my name on it since it truly contains all the types of shades I love the most. As you might know by now, I’m a sucker for brownish/neutral shades but I also love some burgundy type of colors and pinks/purples. This palette seems to be the one! But… does it perform well? Let’s put the KVD Vegan Beauty Lolita Por Vida Eyeshadow Palette to the test. 

KVD Vegan Beauty seems like it hasn’t really been doing so great lately for obvious reasons. I think that’s one of the reasons why Kat Von D announced in January 2020 that she left the company. Everything she released over the last few months has gone on sale with a really short span of time. I’m actually really surprised she’s coming out with a Holiday Collection, especially this Lolita Por Vida palette since it’s not really a Holiday palette in my opinion. 

However, I’m a huge fan of the colors in this palette and I just needed this palette in my life. I’ve never used KVD Vegan Beauty eyeshadows before so I’m not familiar with the formula. I did test out the KVD Vegan Beauty Everlasting Liquid Lipstick before and the Tattoo Liner is my favorite eyeliner for sure.  That’s why I wanted to give the palette a shot and see if I liked the formula. 

KVD Vegan Beauty Lolita Por Vida Eyeshadow Palette

Kvd Vegan Beauty Lolita Por Vida Eyeshadow Palette Review

The palette contains 18 shades with 4 different finishes: matte, shimmer, foil, and super-glitter. The KVD Vegan Beauty Lolita Por Vida Eyeshadow Palette retails for $49.50 and is available on the KVD Vegan Beauty website as well as in Sephora. 

The Lolita Por Vida Palette, as well as all the KVD Vegan Beauty products, is cruelty-free and vegan. 

Calling all lovers of our iconic shade “Lolita!” If you can’t get enough of our #1 chestnut rose shade, prepare to obsess over our biggest Lolita Palette yet: The Lolita Por Vida Eyeshadow Palette! Fall in love for life with 18 romantic shades in matte, shimmer, foil and super-glitter finishes.

Just like “Lolita,” our #1 lip color, all the shades in this vegan eyeshadow palette were created with just the right balance of undertones to look beautiful on a range of skin tones. With everyday warm, neutral and mauve tones, you can add dimension with smooth mattes, glitz it up with shimmers and instantly foil your lids with creamy metallics. Finally, romance your look by topping it off with “Reina,” a reflective metallic super-glitter, for unforgettable sparkle. And of course, finish with a lipstick from the Lolita familia: “Lolita II,” “OG Lolita” or the beloved “Lolita.”

And the romance doesn’t end there—the shades are named after Spanish terms of endearment and the vegan eyeshadow palette logo features beautiful hand-drawn lettering.


Kvd Vegan Beauty Lolita Por Vida Eyeshadow Palette Review
Left row: Preciosa (shimmer cream), Sonrisa (shimmer duo-chrome turquoise peach), Muñeca (matte purple-toned taupe), Cruz (shimmer rose bronze), Romantico (shimmer purple), Cariño (matte eggplant), La Lupe (matte burnt orange), Dulces Sueños (foil copper), Enamorada (matte soft peach).

Right Row: Reina (metallic glitter rose), Esperanza (matte soft pink), Luna (foil rose gold), Amorcito (matte tan), Silvia (matte peach cream), Juanita (matte red-brown), Destino (shimmer peach gold), Rosario (shimmer wine), Lolita Por Vida (matte rose wine).

I’m not sure what I expected but for some reason, this palette disappointed me a bit. Especially the 6th shade from both rows is pretty patchy. A lot of the shades in this palette are very close to my skin tone. This doesn’t make the palette wearable for “a range of skin tones” as stated in the description.  

I expected the 3 big glittery shades in the middle of the palette to be super pigmented and super glittery but only Reina is glittery and not poppin’ as I thought it would be. 

It is a very wearable palette for my skin tone and I like the colors in the palette but it doesn’t “WOW” me as I thought it would do. It swatched pretty easily – I had to put in some work to let the light shades show up on my similar skin tone but I always have that with those light shades. Only 2 out of 18 shades are patchy which isn’t super bad (it isn’t good either since none of the shades should be patchy) and I didn’t have a lot of fallout on my face. I did have some kickback in the pan though, which is good to mention I think. 

Kendo - Kat Von D


It’s definitely not a bad palette. I had some points of criticism but overall it’s definitely a nice palette for people with a similar – pale to light – skin tone. I don’t think this palette is going to work for medium to dark skin tones as most of the colors in this palette will be too light. 

If you like a neutral palette, with no extremely metallic shades and the neutral matte shades for a daily look: this palette is going to be lovely for you! If you’re more of metallic or glittery shades and maybe some pop of colors, this isn’t going to be what you’re looking for. 

What do you think of this palette? Let me know in the comments. 

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  1. What a bummer that this didn’t live up to your expectations – it looks beautiful in the pan. I’m happy to be able to buy from KvD again – so I’m tempted currently to get the Shade & Light Palette while it is on sale at Sephora!

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