Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2019 Collection

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Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2019 Collection ⋆ Beautymone
Published by Simone de Vlaming on January 9, 2020

This post is a little bit late but my parents gifted me the Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2019 Collection for Christmas this year. I had to wait until Christmas Eve before I could play around with the collection and it was hard lol! But after testing the products for a while now, I’m ready to share my thoughts about this year’s Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2019 Collection! 

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Every year, I’m always so excited about the Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Collection. I’ve bought the Holiday 2018 Collection last year too. I feel like the Holiday Collections as well as the Birthday Collections are always the biggest and best collections out of the whole year. And they’re limited edition. During these collections, Kylie isn’t afraid to drop some new products too. This year was no different. She included some new products in this collection too. Not totally new products though, since we’ve seen her primer and setting spray before but Kylie did launch new formulas for example. 

The Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2019 Collection contained 13 products, which were sold separately as well as a full collection bundle and a favorites bundle. Here’s the list of products included in this collection:

  • Dear Santa Palette: $48⁠⠀
  • 6 Piece Mini Lip Set: $36⁠⠀
  • Naughty List Lip Kit: $29⁠⠀
  • High Gloss Trio: $36⁠⠀
  • Red Kyliner: $18⁠⠀
  • 2x Shimmer Eye Glaze: $20⁠ each⠀
  • 2x Lipstick: $17⁠ each
  • Highlighter & Blush Duo: $20⁠⠀
  • Brush Set: $35⁠⠀
  • Illuminating Face Primer: $28⁠⠀
  • Illuminating Setting Spray: $26⁠⠀
  • Full Collection: $320⁠⠀
  • Favorites Bundle: $170 (Includes Brush Set, Highlight/Blush Duo, Palette, Lip Kit, Gloss Trio, Coming To Town Lipstick & Icy What You Mean shimmer eye glaze)

Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2019 Collection Products I’ve Bought

Christmassy Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2019 Collection Review

[blockquote custom_class=”Blockquote” txt_color=”#000000″ size=”18″ line_height=””]Who else is on the NAUGHTY LIST this year? Sorry, Santa, we can explain.. [/blockquote]

Actually, as I said earlier, I didn’t buy them myself. Well, I did buy them myself but my parents ended up giving these as Christmas presents. I did choose and buy the items myself so I knew I was getting them but my parents paid for it and my mom got the package from the post office so I wouldn’t see it before Christmas. It still felt like a surprise, even though I knew I was getting them, once they’re actually in your hands it’s still different than on pictures and stuff. So I got spoiled this Christmas! How about you? 

The products I’ve bought are the following: 

  • Dear Santa Palette
  • 6 Piece Mini Lip Set
  • High Gloss Trio
  • Highlighter & Blush Duo
  • Illuminating Face Primer⠀
  • Illuminating Setting Spray

Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2019 Review & Swatches

I’ll be talking about all the products separately and show you swatches. At the end of this blog post, I’m sharing my overall review + grades of the whole collection. Let me remind you that the Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2019 Collection is limited edition and sadly sold out by now. However, Kylie Cosmetics mostly brings back (some of) the items during the year so I would recommend following the Kylie Cosmetics socials (Instagram @kyliecosmetics and Twitter @kyliecosmetics) and/or Kylie Jenner on social media (Instagram @kyliejenner and Twitter @kyliejenner) to make sure you won’t miss it when they’re coming back. 

Dear Santa Eyeshadow Palette

Christmassy Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2019 Collection Review

I love the color scheme of this palette. It’s brighter than most of Kylie’s palette which I think colorful palette lovers will appreciate. Moreover, the palette is very pigmented and I haven’t found any inconsistencies when it comes to the formula. All the shades are pigmented, easy to apply and very blendable. The Dear Santa palette contains 3 different formulas: pressed glitters, metallics, and mattes. I love this combination for a Holiday palette especially since this is the season of glitters in my opinion. None of the shades were patchy, I barely had any kickback in the pan and I didn’t have any fallout on the fave expect for the pressed glitters. I, for some reason, always have fallout on my face with pressed glitters (am I the only one?) but because I know this I work with setting powder which helps me swipe the fallout away pretty easily. 

In my opinion, this is definitely one of Kylie Cosmetics’ best eyeshadow palettes! 

6 Piece Mini Lip Set

Christmassy Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2019 Collection Review

The 6 Piece Mini Lip Set comes with 5 matte shades and one metallic shade (Kylie Klaus). The variety of colors is very nice, you have some nudes in here but also your pops of color. The top 3 shades are my favorites but I think Keep The Receipt is such a cool, vibrant color as well. Santa’s Real is a gorgeous red and Kylie Klaus is a perfect lipstick topper. I wouldn’t wear a metallic lipstick on its own because it’s not that flattering on me. However, I love applying a metallic lipstick in the center of my lips and just mix it in with my lipstick. It’ll give a subtle glitter to the lipstick and I like that effect! 

Also, this lipstick set is the quality I’m used to from Kylie Cosmetics. No inconsistencies, perfect matte, quick-drying, lightweight and isn’t drying my lips. I love Kylie’s lipstick formulas the most and this set isn’t an exception. 

High Gloss Trio

Christmassy Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2019 Collection Review

As you might know, I own all of the Kylie Cosmetics High Glosses and I wouldn’t if I hated them right? I’m obsessed with the High Gloss formula so I didn’t have to think twice about getting the High Gloss Trio. The shades in this set are absolutely stunning, the best gloss formula as always and I love the glitters in the glosses. It’s hard to capture them in pictures but Wish Come True has golden glitter in it, Must be Magic also has golden glitter in it, and Ho Ho Ho! has blue and pink glitters in it. Very lovely!

Highlighter & Blush Duo

Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2019 Collection ⋆ Beautymone

Even though Kylie Cosmetics sells blushes and highlighters, we have never seen a duo before. I think it’s a cute idea and most of all very easy to take with you while traveling or in your purse for a touch-up. However, I don’t think that touch up is necessary since both the products stayed on all day. I’m obsessed with this duo! I really love the blush shade, since this is my favorite type of blush color, and also the highlighter shade is one I normally would grab too.

The pigmentation of both products is very good, but I have to mention that this highlighter is more of a buildable highlighter. It’s not blinding right away but you can definitely build it up to being blinding. I personally don’t mind this, because this means I can wear this Blush & Highlighter Duo to work as well as an event.

Illuminating Face Primer & Illuminating Setting Spray

I actually already enjoyed the Kylie Cosmetics Hydrating Face Primer & Mattifying Setting Spray. I’m still using both products almost every day! I was curious to see if I would like these illuminating products as well and if I would actually see a difference. I totally see a healthy glowing base when I’m using the Illuminating Face Primer, which I have been obsessed with since I’m using this one. I don’t really see an illuminating effect after using the Illuminating Setting Spray though. However, it does keep my makeup in place all day which I think is the most important. For comparison, I’ve tried the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dewy Set Setting Spray and I didn’t really see a luminous effect when using that one either. I’m not sure if you’re supposed to see a real difference but I just can’t tell. Do you see a difference? 

As you can tell, this Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2019 Collection is a success to me! I really enjoyed all the products and I hope Kylie Cosmetics is going to bring back at least the 6 Piece Mini Lip Set in full-size versions and the Illuminating Face Primer needs to become a permanent item!

Have you tried anything from the Kylie Cosmetics Holiday 2019 Collection? 

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  1. I was honestly so heartbroken to miss out on this palette! Your swatches look insanely good and it sounds like this was a great palette in terms of consistency.

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