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After waiting for 2 months, my Kylie Cosmetics Kourt x Kylie collection finally arrived! This collection is in collaboration with Kylie’s sister Kourtney Kardashian and I couldn’t be more excited about this one. I really like the Kardashians/Jenners so, of course, I had to get this collection.

Kylie Cosmetics is my favorite brand of all time but lately, I have been having problems with shipping. In the past 4 months, 5 packages got lost. I don’t know if this is a USPS problem or a Kylie Cosmetics problem because they both blame each other, but even though my packages got lost I’m super satisfied with the Kylie Cosmetics Customer Service.

Every time my package got lost, I’ve emailed Customer Service and they always replaced my packages super fast and they’re overall very helpful. In the end, I only have to wait for my products a little longer (something like 2 months instead of 2/3 weeks) which is a little bit annoying but it’s fine. It makes me even more excited to finally get my products and I’m even happier with the products.

Kylie Cosmetics Kourt Collection

Kylie has been doing collaborations with her sisters in the past, she did 2 collections with Khloé Kardashian and one with Kim Kardashian. She did a collaboration with her mom Kris Jenner for Mothers day this year as well. I personally love the Kardashians/Jenners so I like to collect products from these collections. The Kourt x Kylie collection vibes are really my thing! It gives me kinda beachy/spring/summery vibes and I’m so into that.

The collection contains 3 eyeshadow palettes and 3 velvet liquid lipsticks but I ordered 2 palettes and 2 liquid lipsticks. I wasn’t really into the green palette and the liquid lipstick Rad so I decided to not order these.

Here’s a little closer view of how the packaging and the products look. Do you get why I think of summer and beaches? The holographic on the carton packaging is really pretty and I even like the font the chose for ‘Kourt.’ I think Kylie and Kourtney did a really good job on the packaging! I got the pink palette and the blue palette and the velvet liquid lipsticks French Kiss and Minnie.

The palettes itself have a simple packaging with the 3 different colors, pink, blue and green. All pastel colors which I really like. Even the lipsticks have matching pink, blue and green packaging which I think is a cute detail. I love how the palettes are mini and still have a mirror in it. It’s super easy to take them on a trip with you because you can make gorgeous eye looks and still have enough space for other products in your makeup bag.


Here’s the pink palette. Sadly one of the eyeshadows broke during its transport but I fixed it with alcohol and it still works perfectly. It doesn’t really look pretty anymore but I’m more than happy that I still can use this pretty color. This palette contains 3 metallic shades and one matte shade. I saw some Youtubers even use these eyeshadows as a highlighter, which I still have to try.

I would’ve preferred 2 matte shades and 2 metallics to be honest because you would’ve had more variety to make looks. I see myself grabbing the blue palette for another matte shade to create a look with the pink palette. It’s not a big deal because you can easily mix this palette with a palette you already have or another palette from this collection.

From top to bottom: Diamond, Poosh, The Queen and Gluten Free. Left is with natural light and right is with flash. First of all, I like the names! I think they really fit Kourtney’s personality. The colors are stunning and swatched really well. They also perform really good on the eyes. As I said before, I do think I would’ve liked another matte shade in this palette though. I didn’t have much fallout when I used this palette.

The broken shade ‘The Queen’ had a little bit of fallout but I don’t know if this is because it has always been like that or that it’s like that because it came broken. I don’t really mind fallout to be honest but I did want to mention it for the people who don’t like it.


And here’s the blue palette! This one is definitely my fave. This palette contains 2 matte shades and two metallic shades. Thankfully this palette arrived perfectly fine. The colors inside are more on the bronzey side but with a pop of colors because of that yellow metallic shade. I wasn’t really sure if I would use that color but when I tried it, I actually really liked it! I’m happy that this palette contains 2 matte shades instead of one to create more dimension. The colors look super pretty in the pans!

Top to bottom: 1944, In The Reign, Calabasas, Bible. Left is natural light and right is flash. The first 3 shades swatched so pretty and felt really buttery! The only one I had a little bit of trouble with while swatching is Bible but it performed well on the eyes. Also, Bible had a little bit of fallout while swatching it and using it with my brush. That’s a little disappointing. I love how pigmented these colors are and they apply really well besides Bible which is a little bit more patchy. They’re overall smooth and great quality.


Last but not least, the velvet liquid lipsticks! I really love Kylie’s matte lipsticks but the velvet formula is my favorite. They apply really smooth, feel really good on the lips and stay on for a long time. They do give off a little bit because they’re like a normal lipstick but as I said, they’re still long wearing. As you all might know by now, I love nudes so I had to get French Kiss! Minnie is more out of my comfort zone because I’m not wearing these types of colors that much but I was really I love when I saw campaign photos so I was ready to try it.

The top one is French Kiss and the bottom one is Minnie. As I said before, it’s Kylie’s velvet formula and this is what the website says about them:

The Velvet Liquid Lipstick has high intensity pigment for a full coverage lip. This long wearing, ultra pigmented liquid lipstick contains moisturizing ingredients that glide on for a creamy matte look that does not dry down.

I totally agree! They’re super pigmented as you can see and feel really creamy. They look kinda matte as well but you can still see a little shine. It’s something like a normal lipstick.
This collection has to be one of my favorites so far! I really like the Kris Jenner collection as well but you’ll see a review about that collection pretty soon.

Product information 
The collection was immediately sold out the moment I got it but after a while, Kylie thankfully did a restock and the products are still available now. Only the pink bundle sold out but you can still get the products separately.

The prices: The palettes are $24 each and the liquid lipsticks are $16 each. There are bundles as well. If you want all 3 palettes and 3 liquid lipsticks it’s $108. If you want the pink bundle, the blue bundle, or the green bundle it’s $38 for each bundle.

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