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  1. The palette is so gorgeous and I love the tone of the lipstick but I never use lip liner, especially if darker than the lipstick! Not my look XD

  2. I love the look you created! You look gorgeous. Those false lashes are divine. I love ones that get longer towards the end as I think it gives your eyes a very flattering shape. I’d definitely love to try these out!

    I’m in two minds as to whether I like the eyeshadow palette. I feel like the colour story doesn’t make sense. I absolutely adore nude shades, but I feel like some more pops of colour or maybe even a silver or metallic copper would bring this colour story to life? To me, this palette is nude with a few pops of colour. However, the look you created is amazing, so maybe I’ve got it wrong lol

  3. I love nautical stuff, so the packaging really speaks to me. The eyeshadow palette definitely sticks out as the star. I’m said to hear the pigmentation is lacking, but you were able to work with it and create a beautiful eye look.

    xoxo Amanda | theaestheticedge.com