Limited Edition Kylie Cosmetics Sailor Collection Bundle

Kylie Cosmetics Sailor

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This limited edition Kylie Cosmetics Sailor Collection was supposed to be the summer collection and launch somewhere in June but because of COVID, it got postponed. Even though it should’ve been a summer collection, it’s a collection perfect for all year round by the look of it. Do I still think the same after swatching and using the products? Let’s find out together!

I’m a sucker for packaging so when brands have a specific theme going on, I get way too excited. That’s why I like Kylie Cosmetics and Colourpop so much, they often come out with very exciting themes for their launches.

This time, Kylie Cosmetics decide to go for a Sailor Collection as the yearly summer collection and the packaging is, obviously, sailor-themed. I love it! The packaging is full of whites, navy blues, and reds as well as stripes and anchors.

Kylie Jenner did a photoshoot for this collection but for the packaging, they’ve chosen a cartoon-like version of Kylie. Even though I’m not sure (and I can’t find it anywhere), it looks like the cartoons are made by the same artist who did the Kylie x Jordyn Woods Collection.

Kylie Cosmetics Sailor Collection Bundle

The limited-edition Kylie Cosmetics Sailor Summer Collection Bundle includes 5 different products and retails for $115, valued at $125. In the meantime, the bundle sold out and I don’t think there’s going to be a restock. However, at the time I’m writing this there are still some products available separately.

The bundle includes the following products:

  • Sailor Collection Pressed Powder Palette – $44
  • Kiss Me, Sailor Matte Lip Kit – $29
  • Private Island High Gloss – $16
  • Shadow Sticks Sandy Cheeks & Rock the Boat – $18
  • Shady Lashes – $18

Kylie Cosmetics is a cruelty-free brand. The lashes in this collection are synthetic and vegan.

Shady Lashes

The first-ever Kylie Cosmetics lashes! I’m excited that the brand keeps expanding its range of products and I can’t wait for them to launch a permanent range of lashes.

I’m not really a false lashes person, as in I LOVE them but I’m not an expert in applying them lol. However, for the sake of this blog post, I did a full look using the whole Sailor collection, including the lashes. Scroll down to see what I’ve created!

Anyway, the lashes are nice and comfortable and look pretty natural. The band is thin which I personally like. The lashes have a tapered effect that still looks natural but gives a little more cat-eye like effect. So far I really liked wearing them!

Shadow Sticks Sandy Cheeks & Rock the Boat

Another new product by Kylie Cosmetics is these Shadow Sticks. The Shadow Stick Duos are a multi-tasking shadow stick that can be used all over or as an eyeliner to create any eye look and have a metallic finish.

Rock the Boat is metallic rose gold with gold pinpoints and Sandy Cheeks is metallic gold with pink pinpoints.

I’m getting into shadow sticks more and more lately! I really loved the Nudestix Rose Gold Set a lot so I was excited to try these Kylie Cosmetics ones. The formula is very creamy and they glide on the arms and well as the lids easily. Even though they apply so easily, they are going to stay in place anyway which I think is great. They leave a gorgeous metallic glance to the eyes and are long-wearing as well. I really enjoy them so far!

Private Island High Gloss

The Private Island High Gloss looks super bright in the tube but it actually leaves a soft, sheer pinkish/reddish shine. As you might know, the Kylie Cosmetics High Gloss formula is my all-time favorite lipgloss formula and so this High Gloss did not disappoint. If you want to read my full thoughts on the high gloss formula, please check out my review here.

Kiss Me, Sailor Matte Lip Kit

I really like the Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lip Kits as well. I own pretty much all of them at this point. I’m a sucker for nude lipsticks so we all know how excited I was for this one! I think the cap with the anchors is super cute and I love that the pencil packaging is navy blue. The liquid lipstick is a soft nude mauve and the liner is nude brown. You can wear them together or separately.

The combination of the lipstick and lip liner looks different than when you’re wearing just the lipstick and I personally like that because you basically get 2 lipsticks for the price of one. In fact, you could wear the lip liner alone too so you would have 3 different lipsticks!

Sailor Collection Pressed Powder Palette

Kylie Jenner herself is wearing more neutral colors on her eyes and mostly nude lipsticks, that’s probably why the brand includes lots of nudes and neutral-colored palettes. I personally don’t mind this since I’m not wearing bright colors a lot either but I can imagine that some people think it’s boring or quite the same every launch.

Even though this palette still contains a lot of neutral shades, such as browns and pinks, I like how they’ve added some color to this palette as well. The bright red shade and navy blues make this palette stand out even more.

When I swatched this palette, I wasn’t super obsessed. I loved the color scheme but I felt like it was lacking pigment. This is a good example of why swatches on the arms aren’t always as reliable because I really liked the palette when I applied it to the eyes. The shadows seemed way more pigmented and the glitters also showed up prettier and less patchy.

In the pictures below I’m wearing the full Kylie Cosmetics Sailor collection as following: the eyeshadow palette (I used the shades Come Aboard, Go With The Float, and Total Catch), the eyeshadow stick in Rock the Boat, Shady Lashes, Kiss Me, Sailor Lip Kit and the Private Island High Gloss on top.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this Kylie Cosmetics Sailor Collection and the look I’ve created!


  1. The palette is so gorgeous and I love the tone of the lipstick but I never use lip liner, especially if darker than the lipstick! Not my look XD

  2. I love the look you created! You look gorgeous. Those false lashes are divine. I love ones that get longer towards the end as I think it gives your eyes a very flattering shape. I’d definitely love to try these out!

    I’m in two minds as to whether I like the eyeshadow palette. I feel like the colour story doesn’t make sense. I absolutely adore nude shades, but I feel like some more pops of colour or maybe even a silver or metallic copper would bring this colour story to life? To me, this palette is nude with a few pops of colour. However, the look you created is amazing, so maybe I’ve got it wrong lol

  3. I love nautical stuff, so the packaging really speaks to me. The eyeshadow palette definitely sticks out as the star. I’m said to hear the pigmentation is lacking, but you were able to work with it and create a beautiful eye look.

    xoxo Amanda | theaestheticedge.com

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